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  1. Graendel would mind rape people. Mesaana would have children killing their own parents. Lanfear started releasing the dark one. Semirhage forced people to tortue people.
  2. He sends thousands of men into battle and watches them die but when a woman warrior dies he has to stop what hes doing and remember her face. This and that he wouldn't kill women forsaken even though the women forsaken seemed to do the worst things during the AOL really rubbed me the wrong way.
  3. When you first read about trollocs what did you think they were? I myself thought they were like half troll half orc looking guys. Not beastmen.
  4. I just read the series from beginning to end and have to say for the first 3 books I read every word. But as I started reading the rest of the series I found myself speed reading the series due to the fact that nothing really happens in every book except for like 2 things with the rest of the book being filler. You can seriously skip like 300 pages worth of words every books and not really miss anything to do with the plot. Its just to much detail and repetition. It was funny the first time Nyn pulled her braid or Rand, Perrin, and Mat said they wish they knew how to talk to women. What I think RJ should have done was make it a 5 book series and then started another series about the AOL from the beginning to the breaking of the world with some stand alone books filling in the gaps after the breaking but before the present.
  5. If RJ had taken out all the tea pouring I think it could have been a trilogy.
  6. Would it have been possible for Nyn to heal Rand if she used the Sa'angreal while he is holding power with the other half of the Sa'angreal.
  7. They talk about how in the age of legends war they all used balefire and ended up wiping cities from existance. So they made a truce aout balefire. So pretty much the forsaken won't do it because they know what will happen and think they will rule the world. As for everyone else it seems like only a handful know how to make balefire.
  8. Everyone from two rivers is so arrogant. The only one that has a reason to after the whole snake guy thing is mat because of all the war knowledge. I mean really everyone in the main cast is like 20-30 and everyone else is years older.
  9. For main characters you don't really read alot about them. While Egwene, Nyneave, And Elayne seem to get way more time.
  10. Not really about what you guys are talking but its about Lans bond with Nyn. Say the both surive the final battle. Would Nyn be able to extend Lans life?
  11. So I just started reading the wheel of time and am at book 7 and have a couple questions. Would the taint have happened if both sources of the power were used in the sealing or would both sides have ha the taint? Is it just for irony that the whitecloaks seem to mostly follow darkfriends and forsaken. Does anyone know if there was ever a map prebreaking of the world? Also could I get a link to a nice large detailed map I can leave open on my computer as I read the books. When I was reading the books I had more questions to ask but forgot. Remembered a couple questions. How old can a user of the one power be? Because Cadsuane is over a 1000 years old and was considered the strongest since the breaking pre eye of the world. Why are the women so mean to Matrim he always seems to do tje right thing and goes out of his way to help people even if he says he doesn't.
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