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  1. :-D Don't know if you play Animal Crossing but...Poncho the Bear names each of his abs and the final one is called Negative Juan. I just thought it was the best name ever. Thanks!

  2. Thats got to be the best name Ive seen on here so far!

  3. ^ My personal favourite. You know it leads to trouble!!!
  4. Agreed. I've always thought Lan got the 'madness' though not to a greater degree. I've asked this here before but I like to believe that the bond between Moiraine and Lan was severed as if she'd died. The only thing that kept Lan from snapping fully was that Moiraine had arranged for their bond to be passed upon her death to the other sister (can't remember which). I presume Moiraine did that once she knew what her fate was. I am curious as to why the sisters don't use this tool more often. They could have the bonds switch to another sister when the right conditions arise to prevent losing some good soldiers. I do believe the bond was severed as in a 'death' and I believe that only his bond passing on prevented him going into a rage. It was nice of Moiraine to arrange for the eventual passing to Nynaeve, it probably would have been awful for her to try to control a warder that had death rage in him... I can't decide if I make sense.
  5. I personally didn't think about how similar their returns were because there's plenty of stories where the mentor/wise guide etc dies to come back in some way. This to me wasn't more specifically like Gandalf's than any other death/return. A lot of people like to mention the two stories in the same breath but I really don't see the similarities because every text influences every other way back to the Bible and beyond. I'm not really a LotR fan and watching the films and knowing they're there means I never have to read the book again, but on the other hand I can't wait for WoT to finally finish so I can start the reread!
  6. Why I dislike Faile. Hm. She has no personality. It's that simple. She's one of those characters that I wonder what her motivation is or what her actual grand plan is. We met her and she was trying to prove her independence and running away from her father or whatever, and then takes it upon herself to wind Perrin up. She finally gets her talons into him and bullies him around trying to control him. I think mostly it's the stupid Saldean women. She wants Perrin to fight back to show he's a man but she wants to control everything. They have this burning conscious desire to be dominated but control everything at the same time. It's to me. She really annoys me. I was hoping that when she got kidnapped she'd meet a grisly death and Perrin would be in a rage and turn to the darkside. Instead he had to rescue her when Rand needed him. Bleh.
  7. I started them about three years ago, read the first three back to back and then began the eternal hunt for the next ones - they had to have the illustrations on the cover or I didn't want them! I couldn't put them down, same with finally getting my hands on ToM - I just had to keep going, because I HAD TO KNOW. Time between books definitely gets your head spinning and I think that's the great things about books in general, they get the imagination fired up. The great/worst things about the WoT series is that there is so much going on that threads are left loose for books. I still get wound up that Mat's mission was teased for a good three/four books before finally concluding! The only thing I can say for anyone picking them up now or when the series has finally finished - lucky buggers!
  8. That's a good point Smittyphi. My interpretation of that was that the connection was severed as it would in death, and that's why Lan went a bit nuts and had to be treated like a bomb about to go off. That's why I am leaning more towards her actually 'dying'. I know she wasn't stilled (though if the Finns were sucking away her power, I imagine she eventually would be), but she may have died by being sent to another dimension.
  9. Oh yeah! I hope Moiraine is right there at the end with them, after all, it was her who started this journey for them all that time ago! I can't wait to see Egwene's reaction to Moiraine's reappearance, and also Siuan's!!! I have a question though, is Moiraine still Aes Sedai? I'm assuming her 'death' means she has been freed of the three oaths. If she's got half a brain she'll tell them to shove it instead of reswearing!!!! I can't wait to see Rand's reaction. I had once hoped Moiraine would show up in time to put dark Rand back on track, but it seems Rand has done that himself. Dark Rand really needed her. Once upon a time Moiraine was THE Aes Sedai, but we've met so many incredible channelers since her "death" I wonder what Moiriane could possibly do to stand out, to be Moiraine when we readers have been getting to know (and love?) all the characters that have stepped into that void and stepped up to the challenge over the many books since. I suppose for me it's the list of womens' names that runs (ran?) through Rand's head (he's not done that for a while!). Moiraine was the first that hit him. I just remember him going on a bender and one of the Maidens (Sulin?) about to snap all her spears in front of him and telling him there was a queue of Maidens outside ready to do the same so he better man up and get some honour. Honestly, I'm glad Rand found his way out of the darkness, Lews voice has gone and it was something he learnt himself, through a varying array of emotions. If someone like Moiraine was there to whip it out of him, he would have just snapped, never channelled the TP (scary) and probably be on a leash to one of the Forsaken/Chosen. Look at Cadsuane, she couldn't talk him off a ledge into hell, she's a bully who learnt her place eventually. I think Rand has a particular respect for Moiraine, especially in retrospect, because she not only brought him into that life, she was teaching him in her own tough love kind of way to learn and adapt. Admittedly she tried to bully them all at first, but I think at the point of her death, her character had evolved into someone hugely different from the woman we met in The Eye Of The World. And it sounds like Perrin and certainly Mat are seeing that about her.
  10. I wouldn't want to be any of them I don't think. I would like to hang out with Mat though, he's a laugh, and I'd love a foxhead medallion. But I'd also love to channel saidin and saidar, just to know what that feels like.
  11. Oh yeah! I hope Moiraine is right there at the end with them, after all, it was her who started this journey for them all that time ago! I can't wait to see Egwene's reaction to Moiraine's reappearance, and also Siuan's!!! I have a question though, is Moiraine still Aes Sedai? I'm assuming her 'death' means she has been freed of the three oaths. If she's got half a brain she'll tell them to shove it instead of reswearing!!!!
  12. @ Metal Head - what you said makes alot of sense regarding Thom and Moiraine's intel on each other. After all, Thom taught Rand the Game of House, and he's no doubt influence Mat and Perrin too! He's someething of a legend isn't he??
  13. It's interesting to hear everyone else's thoughts on this particular subject. I view it as not that the women think men are inferior, but that they feel the need to control them via manipulation or simple bullying. I didn't think of it in terms of women chanelling and there being no male channellers for several years so they naturally took the upper hand. I just feel like the women treat the men like children who can't be trusted on their own. And I think this arrogant behaviour is part of what makes the Black Tower so scary, it's like it's a reaction to the White Tower, to just fight back. And the fact that Taim is clearly a nutter...
  14. I'll be honest, I DID NOT see it coming! I only started the books about three years ago and raced through them, and now I'm all up to date and still a bit confused or forgetful about things, so this was perhaps one of the things that passed me by. But am I right in thinking that there was something she was going to tell him about a relative of his? That's what I thought their connection was about. Anyway, everyone is getting it on so why shouldn't they. I'm often quite creeped out by the fact that Siuan and Gareth have gotten it on even though she looks like his 'granddaughter' I know she is mentally aged but still...must be nice for him to have access to such a young body...
  15. I agree. But I think Mat's the best thing since sliced bread anyway! Even in loss he's gracious. The coolest cat by far!
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