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  1. I thought it must be something like that I just didn't remember it ever actually being stated. Thanks.
  2. Not specifically a character and I may have missed something about it (only read AoM once so far) but what about the Ways? Do they ever get cleaned up and the ogier get to use them again? Not only that but what in the name of the light is "The Book of Translation"? Just some thoughts. And again I may have missed these answers somewhere.
  3. I just want to say, very well said. I enjoyed reading everyones posts and I like this being on the front page :). I would just like to add (and I state here I've never made a "theory" public before) That I've always seen Min's viewings as written in stone. She doesn't see things around all people and doesn't see everything. What she does see is what will happen. All else is up in the air. When she knows the "meaning" of a viewing that is even more certain. I use the viewing of the sparks and darkness around all our favorite characters as an example. This is a viewing of a group. That she knows represents the fight with the shadow. The fight IS happening and the fight WILL end. The result is that fight is still up in the air so she can't see the end. More to the point here is that even if the DO can "affect" the pattern it is still the pattern that Min can see, whomever is pulling the strings. Just my thoughts. :) Again I loved reading all this, and thought I would add my two cents. Thanks for putting it all together I looks like it took some time. :P
  4. When I saw the title on the home page I was like "Oh snap I better be in this!" :P just kidding I love all these tattoos. Ive got the wheel and snake on my right calf. Really cool idea for fan art friday! :)
  5. Caemlyn is supposed to be all hills I thought. Other than that these are pretty cool. My favorite is the heart of the stone though. Very cool that one.
  6. I want to do the sword and dragon in the same spots as well. :P I love the Ji'e'toh tattoo also. I got my first WoT tattoo last night. :) but cause I'm a forum retard I cant figure out how to post it here. :( it is at: my hello thread
  7. zyklon


    Hey thanks :) I did not know there was a thread for that, and yes its on my calf.
  8. Hello everyone! I have been a long time fan of this website but only just recently registered. I have read the Wheel of Time since I was 13 and I have loved it ever since. I had this tattoo done last night. I had wanted one for a very long time. Its now the biggest tattoo I have.
  9. These are awesome. I laughed so hard and the Asmodean one.
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