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  1. I agree 100%. This part along with Oliver blowing the horn were the highlights of the book by far.
  2. In the ending that BS wrote, Moridin was not redeemed in any way shape or form. He was pure evil and there was nothing unclear about that. The theme of redemption is throughout the series though and I do suspect that RJ had originally planned for some form of redemption for one of the forsaken. Moridin is a likely candidate because of the reasoning behind his choices for turning to the dark and due to the link between Rand and him. I would not have been surprised to see a last minute redemption if RJ had written the ending himself. That being said...it is a fact that throughout the ser
  3. You would imagine wrong. While all of the content is officially approved by Team Jordan, Mr. Sanderson had taken (and needed to due to lack of notes/info) many liberties in writing the last two books. The parts that RJ wrote (or mostly wrote) are very clearly a different author. I believe he wrote the majority of the epilogue. He also wrote the portion of the prologue with the town in the Blight I believe...I forget if that was the last book or the second to last book though. It's been awhile since I've cracked mine open and I've more or less just taken to pretending the series stopped
  4. I think a lot of people are forgetting that they need to take the ending with a grain of salt. It is Brandon Sanderson's ending; not RJ's. We can see hints of what RJ wanted if we pay attention to the details, but a lot is awash with Sanderon's own theories and designs. My sense of things is that the DO was never going to break free and remake the world. He never could break free and annihilate the world. The DO was merely a force of nature outside of the pattern that evil men could use to help spread their malice. He never could break free and take direct action in the pattern. Rand
  5. Leave the books unwritten after RJ. Instead just release as much information as possible (including all the material he had written that was intended for the final books) about how the series was meant to end. A companion book, encyclopedia, etc. would have been a great end to the series rather than have it tarnished the way it was. So many changes that I would make to the series actually depend on the ending. An ending that was entirely fan-fiction for the most part. It's hard to say how things would have turned out if RJ had written the final few books himself. Already mentioned
  6. It's a standard G-rated romance. The only issue I really have with the whole thing is Elayne. Rand never had any substantial time spent with her other than a few weeks. That bit was entirely ridiculous IMO. Avi and Rand's relationship developing is some of the best writing in the whole series IMO. Min and Rand is a bit boring because it's so typical.
  7. The only person who pulled that off well was like Sammael =P ha I don't know...that always bothered me. When I saw it once or twice I was like, OK, this is just a super leisure scene and it's showing off how comfortable these guys are. But later on, that seemed to become the "goto pose" for how important people sat in chairs and it is just absurd. I mean seriously...try to sit in your chair like that right now. You end up looking like a fool.
  8. If my memory serves me properly (and it may not, I haven't read that part in quite awhile), Sammael just showed up during particularly important battles where Rand's ashaman were pushing through his wards and defenses. He would show up, kind of shove them away, and then leave when it was secure. I don't think Rands forces had made a concerted effort to invade yet and were more or less just testing boundaries along the perimeters. Also you need to keep in mind that the Ashaman were very new at this point and were relatively weaker and untrained at this point in the story. For the most part,
  9. Ares, There is nobody who would ever smack Putin/Obama/etc. in public and call them a child in front of others while belittling them and talking down to them at every opportunity. It is patently absurd for anyone to behave that way. The only exceptions could be their wives or mother maybe? And even that is stretching it. Like I said, behind closed doors amongst Rand's utmost inner circle, this behavior is not too jarring. It is ridiculous when she acts that way towards Rand with others around though. It is one of my only pet peeves with RJ's writing. The other being how so many r
  10. While the WT is certainly a fallen institution the above is not all AS. Just like any other group of people there are great ones, average ones and terrible ones. Your average AS is mainly just out in the world working for the greater good. That said the WT culture needs a major overall. Ya you're right...however I disagree that your average AS is just out in the world working for the greater good. The average AS is out in the world working for the White Tower's goals; sometimes its for the greater good and sometimes not. And I think that is clearly one of the problems with Aes Sedai
  11. Actually, jed, I think you are wrong on the whole thing about Nynaeve benefiting from being a novice. Quite to the contrary, Nynaeve represents what a real Aes Sedai should be. The White Tower ruins people and turns them into the horribly flawed human beings we see run around as Aes Sedai in the series. A bunch of manipulating, secretive, holier than thou, liars. I felt that one of the core themes in the book is that Nynaeve was developing into what was closer to a real Aes Sedai from the AoL and less one of the childish idiot Aes Sedai in the modern age. Who knows now, but I often fel
  12. The only thing about Cadsuane I didn't like was how she acted towards Rand in public. She can call him boy and talk down to him all she wants in private because that is their understanding, but it was just flat out unrealistic and absurd for her to treat him that way with others in the room. Nobody would ever act that way in the real world.
  13. Nynaeve has pretty much attained Forsaken level skill in OP by the end of the series. I mean she definitely has a ton left to learn no doubt, but her strength and skill have elevated her significantly above the rest of Randland that she probably belongs in the AoL channeler category more so than the modern Randland category. Notice that there are others who are stronger than Nynaeve, but their training/skill is so far beneath even Nynaeve's that they are insignificant during the series and nowhere even near Nynaeve. I tend to subconsciously lump channelers into two categories in this ser
  14. I think we all just imagined Fain dying falling into a pit of lava screaming precious anyways
  15. Fain was certainly more than the fandom making a big deal out of nothing. Part of the reason the ending of aMoL was so disastrous was because of how Fain's ending was handled. Like I said before, he didn't need chapters devoted to him...he just needed an ending that didn't feel like it was tossed in there casually after totally forgetting about him. He literally did not fit into aMoL AT ALL despite implications that he would somehow play an important part in the ending. He was the third side to the whole Good vs Bad thing and I have no doubt in my mind that RJ had intended for him to play
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