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  1. So your implying his taveren nature is now perhaps stronger due to the transformation in VOG. Interesting. So you think he could break both circles by exerting his good-naturedness and will upon the women to just up and break the circle on their own volition. I must agree that it is somewhat likely that his Tavereness has increased in a hugely positive manner and may have done so as to be capable of effecting people into doing what is right and in his favor. I still dont fully believe it but it does make some sense, however, I still propose that Maradon was a unique viewpoint into the depths of what the new Dragon can exert in raw power and just find it hard to believe that people in power just below him, such as Logain or Rahvin or even ishamael(not moridin)could have exhibited the same moves. I think Moridin would be able to do so but only because these two are specially linked to an outward manifestation of the fight between light /dark. Not because they are simply the worlds two best male channellers.
  2. I would like to point out something unquoted from page 86 of The Towers of Midinight by Egwene after encountering the newly improved and Godlike Rand A'lthor Dragon Reborn. Egwene:"I doubt we could have held him. There's something about him . I ..I had the sense he could have broken that shield WITHOUT A STRUGGLE." Ok, so now I hope all of you would like to expurgate all of your half valid points after I expound this theory and idea of mine a little further. First off let's try and recall this encounter in its entirety. The Dragon, post VOG, all of a sudden appears in Tar Valon , seemingly the ABSOLUTE last place one would have found him and equivalent to having him appear at Shayol Ghul itself( perhaps a bit of an exaggeration but not by much considering). The dangers involved to the most important living entity to the Last Battle casually, almost negligently(from others perspective not the Dragon's) entering the domain of people who have since nearly the prologue of the series been antagonistic, even downright deliberately hostile and controlling, is for lack of a better word gargantuan not to mention it implies insanity in this person involved, unless he has all of a sudden progressed or been altered far beyond his thought of limits and potentials as a channeler. So for Rand A'lthor to casually show up in Tar Valon and allow himself( not knowing the results if he does so since the tower's inclinations are unclear and all too obviously been negative so far, the box, but maybe knowing the ramifications perhaps) to be so to speak quarantined from leaving due to TWO full circles , 26 Aes Sedai, not to mention a hundred warders, leaves little doubt and adequately a strong conclusion to be inferred that he is far beyond these concepts that have up till this moment been absolutely binding(for any male channeler Aol or not) and supersede them due to something inherently gained through his transformation on top of dragonmount, namely that he must be now the Light's dark ace in the hole beholden to no one and all powerful and only suspect in power when referred in context with Moridin , who will likely show in the next book his equivalence in power from the darkside. Only these two men could this point be adequately argued for since each of them is its side's representative for the Last Battle, thus inferring that both will have abilities far exceeding any male channelers thus far and to such an extent as to seem God-like in comparison. Give me ANY reference or quote stating that a full circle, 13, is lacking in adequate resources/power to hold ANY male Aes Sedai NO MATTER HIS POWER OR ABILITIES( including Forsaken)not to mention TWO full circles, something only exhibited in the Towers of Midnight. To perform such an incredible feat( breaking two circles of 26 aes sedai)is to be perceived as preposterous, unless one has gained the gifts of a power beyond anything thus seen and perhaps godlike but not referring to divine intervention, not meaning as some have argued just more intelligent weaves from LTT which defeat norms of aes sedai and likely would still be easily stopped by two full circles. When Egwene states that she had the sense he could have broken said two circles WITHOUT A STRUGGLE she is making a very profound statement in terms of his power, abilities, and confidence to do so since VOG. I'm not denying Moridin's equivalence to the Dragon Reborns new found power but merely stating it IS FAR beyond what we have ever seen or even considered and would only be granted to the two chosen ones destined for combat in the Last Battle. Thus my vote will be that, minus the statements in the poll to denote infinite access to the power and endless stamina in using it which are insubstantial as arguments to say the least and absurd reasoning and logic lacking evidence, I think Rand has achieved something perhaps unprecedented( perhaps not since we have no evidence of prior turning's of the wheel) or at the least something far beyond any male channeler can achieve with out being one of the two destined to fate to battle one another with duality like entities at the end of times. Dare you to provide such an extensive explanation as to be consciously able in awareness to diffuse this argument or lay it aside as merely an uncorrelated synopsis on this idea. I rest my case. :)
  3. Ok i would love to know why i have yet to see someone mention the fact that Mat is in no way one person or his original self trained in the two rivers. To put this bluntly have you forgotten that mat is the sum of perhaps a thousand individuals( high number I know but u get my meaning) due to the fact of his escapade into the fox/snake world and received memories of at least dozens if not hundreds of former soldiers throughout ages past and is now the sum of all that knowledge. Hell he takes on the gholam SINGLEHANDIDLY in the Towers of Midnight, likely a feat beyond almost any other character even Lan, and not only holds his own but puts the monster back a step, a godlike feat in itself. So far everyopne has been slaughtered by the gholam one on one. However, like mat said "when you want to see what a man is truly capable of you push his back into a corner to fight for his very life". When Mat's battle became truly dire and desperate against the Gholam, Mat was forced to maximize his full fighting potential, compelled by fate you could say, and actually laid a bit of smackdown on the most dangerous melee fighter in existence, one who can move fluidly without bones so to speak at speeds beyond human. So i would love to see an argument 1: against how the memories of hundreds of dead veterans matter little in a fight against lan(highly unlikely) or 2: how in any way possible could someone prove that lan would last long against a gholam alone much less get the better of the fight. Now i know its a little unfair because mat had terangreal, but still the gholam is the fastest fighter in existence hands down as it was created that way to perform assassinations in the AOL. Even with the foxhead terangreal Mat had serious issues. Saay you give these terangreal to Lan you really think he would defeat a gholam. Substantiate your point with facts if you believe so but i doubt much evidence is out there to do so. One last thing to add: why the heck are you people speaking about how the pattern would effect this fight and alter the outcomes. This whole topic is assuming a hypothetical fight not involving anything but the two men and their skills, not the pattern, not tarmon Gaidon, nothing else. Explain away
  4. 25 male here. my favorites are hands down including light and dark characters.they are in order of how much i like them Light: Rand, Mat, Moraine, Lan, Nynaeve, Bashere,Aviendha, Thom, Rhuarc, Flinn, Talmanes, Logain, Bryne, Dark: Ishamael/Moridin, Lanfear, Asmodean/ Mazrim Taim, Mordeth,Shadar Haran, Sammael, Aginor, Graendal Dislikes: Faile, Cadsuane, Tuon, Elaida, Moghedian, Weiramon, Alanna, Neutral: Perrin, Egwene, Elayne, Demandred( personally i think he will be in top 3 or 4 if he pulls godliness in AMOL), Galad, Gawyn, Min,
  5. I voted for Towers of Midnight and mainly did sop because of all the plot line tie ups that really made it enjoyable to see conclusions to some very tricky themes that had been going for a while. I include the whole Perrin and whitecloak/ andor theme to have been very well done and highly entertaining as well as tied up appropriately finally. I always wanted to know how perrin would eventually have to own up to those two deaths in eotw. Also th scene where bornhald saves him was absolutely stunning. Also the scene and battle at maradon was by far the most epic scene in te series to date and gives insight and elucidation into how rand might act during tarmon gaidon. The copying of the terangreal and the agreement between mat and elayne about the dragons was very intriguing. The death of the gholam was a fitting and awesome conclusion as well as the epic adventure through the tower of ghenjei and rescue of moraine was by far one of the better parts in the series. Not to mention the fight of the white tower in the world of dreams mixed with perrins fight with slayer really uped the anty int terms of pace, action, and development. The meeting between rand and egwene was priceless to see her put in her place. At last but not least was the intro with Fain and the ending scenes with redveiled aiel, cameyln burning, lanfear showing up in rand's dreams, and the possible fall of lan at tarwins gap combining to make this by far the most intriguing book in the series i think as well as the most action-packed and insightful. The best books will leave amazing cliffhangers at the end to ensare you perfectly for that last one to come and this was done as brilliantly as ive ever seen. Props to Jordan for all his brilliant ideas and to Sanderson for being able to implenment them with such finesse. anyway my two cents
  6. well i just reread the paragraphs on it and there is no mention of any maidens of the spear . but i now believe u are correct thre were only three males made and one is gone so obviously they couldnt be 3 otehr male gholam so i am wrong. i had forgotten they werent all males. thanks guess they really are an unknown
  7. no actually there were six as stated somewhere i know for sure . i will have to find the quote from graendal i think in lord of chaos when it first shows up or maybe crown of swords
  8. But what if it isnt a 13x13 what if it is just compulsion. and bt i dont really believe he isnt a DF i just dont want him to be, though it would still be cool his death better just not suck. i personally think it is compulsion because they act a lot like the otehr compulsed ppl shown earlier except u see it closer up by ppl who know the compulsed individuals personally . first time we have seen a person compulsed by someone close to that person to notice strange differences?
  9. well ive never seen anyone ask this or throw it out there. but i was wondering if anyone has come to the idea that the three aeil we see at the end of TOM are actually three of the remaining gholam created by AGinor. because if they are the light side is in for a hell of a trip trying to kill them. please enlighten me
  10. Anyone think there is any hope he is not a DF? just hoping but feel free to blow me out of the water haha. i had always thought taim was a badass kinda sucks if he turns though there does seem to be a lot of evidence to spurn my hope lol
  11. I think it could go either way with him having turned later after he got too jealous of Rand just like demandred did against lews therin or he could have always been one. but what i want to know is why no one believes that the weird things going on at the black tower is actually just compulsion being used and not people being turned at all. i say this because no one really got a close look at a compulsed person from a perspective like that of androl or pevara. comments?
  12. Ok well no one seems to have mentoned this theory so im gonna throw it out there as it was my initial notion when i first finished TOM. I believe that the three suppossed red-veiled "Aiel" are actually three more of the five total gholam created and that is perhaps shown by one: the graceful way he talked of them moving, two their sharp teeth, and the fact that one ripped out his neck with his mouth. so what does anyone think
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