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  1. I'm glad they let you keep working, Jean. And according to DM, you're still not back in the States yet, so it must be a really long commute.
  2. The Taco Bell in my area is supposed to be closing down in August. According to the scuttlebutt I heard from a shift manager, their lease is up, and the building is such a pile of crap that the company is walking away from it and finding a new location.
  3. I wasn't really surprised much by Ned's death by itself, given the way he bungled everything leading up to it. He was practically begging for stuff to come back and bite him in the ass. The way it happened surprised me as I wasn't expecting any of the plotters to offer him any kind of way out. Nor was I expecting Joff to override that deal once it was made, since as I noted, he has no legal authority to override his regent-mother because he is underage. If an underage king was judged fit to rule, he wouldn't have a regent anyway. I'm definitely planning on blogging the other books too, as well
  4. "A wise ruler takes advice, but should never be seen to take it. Let them think you know more than you do. It will not harm them, and it will help you." Elayne, TSR "Do not trouble trouble till trouble troubles you." Siuan, also TSR "Borrow trouble and you repay ten-fold." Nynaeve, also TSR "When you are weak, the best choice is often to hide." Moiraine, TDR
  5. I'm finally coming into the home stretch here. Chapter 64 (Danaerys VIII): Like I said, there was just about no chance that Drogo would follow Mirri's instructions, no matter how good for him they were. And that's even assuming that she is being honest here (more on that later). He's just too prideful, too macho, to do what a strange woman tells him, especially if it involves not doing things he likes. So the poultice fails to do any good cause he tore it off after it burned. I'm guessing it was meant to do the same sort of thing a fever does: heat up the body, or at least the infected are
  6. I don't think that looks all that much like Riker.
  7. No, scroll up in the thread. After Crossroads of Twilight.
  8. Several of those place sound worth visiting, but I would like to see Dublin and Cork the most.
  9. It was published in Jan. 2004, in between CoT (Jan. 2003) and KoD (Oct. 2005). The paperback edition I own has a preview of KoD at the end, which I didn't bother reading with the rest of NS. I didn't read the preview until I was in the middle of TSR.
  10. Ever since I joined DM, I've seen a lot of discussion in assorted threads about when is the best time in the series to expose yourself to the prequel novel. But I can't recall anyone ever asking when people really did read it, and can't find anything in a search. It's been something that I'd been curious about for a while. In my case, I read NS before any of the other WoT books. I was new to the series and didn't know any better. At the time, I didn't feel like I had much choice. I was on vacation visiting relatives, and finished the one book I'd brought with me. So I walked a few blocks away
  11. Basel downs a gshot of oosquai and blinks bleary-eyed at the picture. Well, giraffes mean Africa, so it has to be an African country with mountains. Kenya?
  12. I do a majority of my reading in a comfy chair in the living room. When I was a kid, I would read in bed. As I got older, I began having serious trouble sleeping after going to bed if I had been reading there. I heard somewhere that doctors or sleep scientists or someone had determined reading in bed makes sleeping hard, because you are conditioning your body and/or mind away from thinking of bed as the sleeping place.
  13. Chapter 60 (Jon VIII): OK, so now we go back to Jon. His actions in dealing with Othor's undead corpse seem to have redeemed him after the attack on Ser Alliser. The Watch, and the readers, learn that Barristan escaped, killed two gold cloaks and managed to get away from King's Landing. I knew he had more mileage in him as a character; I'm betting he shows up in Book Two. Jon hears about Robb calling the banners, and feels guilty about staying with the Watch. I don't blame him, in his shoes I'd be conflicted too. At least he has Alliser out of his hair. I think even the Old Bear was getting si
  14. I don't see what would be wrong with Sanderson doing prequels and outriggers in the world of WoT, once the main series is done. RJ had planned for New Spring to be the first book in a prequel trilogy, and the novel version of NS sort of leaves things hanging at the end. When I read NS, I got a definite impression that RJ was trying to leave himself an opening for more stories before TEoTW. RJ also planned for two or three outrigger books. How much work he actually did on any of these is a key point, but even a story idea would make for a good starting place for Sanderson. If RJ himself planne
  15. Without anything cultural to go by, I suppose I just need to guess someplace with mountains. Canada?
  16. I would take Thom to Vegas to check out the shows. Within a month, he would be headlining and Wayne Newton would be out of a job. And I would take the book Basel to an Irish pub somewhere.
  17. Chapter 57 (Sansa V): This is one of those chapters where all kinds of things happen. Sansa has been given freedom of the castle, but is plainly still a prisoner in all but name. Joff holds his first session of court and comes in after being introduced as Joffrey of the Houses of Baratheon and Lannister. So in this, he is keeping to the preference he set with his coat-of-arms. He seems to pretty much think of himself as only a nominal Baratheon. I still wonder if he knows about his real parentage, or if he simply feels a closer connection to his mother's House than he does to his "father's" Ho
  18. There are considerably more than five sentences. Displaying your inability to count is not a reply.
  19. I just wanted to slap Robert upside the head. Ned too, for that matter.. The two of them were the good guys, but Robert was a total dope, and Ned was totally oblivious to everyone maneuvering around him, even when he was warned about it.
  20. Apparently, I would make a good Brown Aes Sedai in the books.
  21. I would like to see what Nyn cooked for Lan. I bet if GRRM were writing this, rather than Jordan, he would have spent a full paragraph per meal that she made him just to describe the food.
  22. Fine, but some sort of spoiler tag within the post would still be needed. There are those of us who would like to discuss the books who still haven't read the whole series, and want to do so without spoiling what they haven't read.
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