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  1. Light, I can't understand a thing with all those abbreviations, I'm really not good with this. Anyway, my favorite books are The Gathering Storm and Towers of Midnight, it's a tie. The characters are more interesting, there's a lot of action and stuff happening. It really is a good change from the previous books. And there's the part with Rand on Dragonmount at the end of TGS. I could relate so much to his feelings in that moment, I didn't think I would ever feel so close to Rand. So emotionally speaking it's a very important scene to me.
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    Muahahaha, sounds good to me *evil grins*
  3. Fair enough! You're making very valid points, but then again, we're only speculating on languages we don't know (because they don't technically exist), after all xD The theory I like the most is the one about Rand and the others not speaking Modern English, and as you said RJ could not have written the book in the common tongue, or else I don't think his series would have been very popular then xD Maybe the Forsaken had super-powers to learn the common tongue, or maybe the languages were still quite similar despite all those years, like Latin and Spanish. But since we can't really see for ourselves, we'll have to keep speculating
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    But but but... cookies.... Me likes cookies
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    Hahaha, excellent =D
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    Thank you so much! I had read a few topics about groups, but I was still lost xD Well, still am, but I guess I'll figure it all out sooner or later. But geez, this place is HUGE O_O It's the Tower of Ghenjei! Oh well, I'll manage xD
  7. Yes, very true! Well, yeah, French was an example just like that. It depends on the language. If we take Spanish for instance, those two languages are still very similar (I studied Latin and Spanish, and I often mix them up accidentally), so if it were a similar case in WoT, then yes it would be easy for the Forsaken to learn the language. But the thing is, it is not =P I mean, well maybe it's just me and I suck, but I didn't really see similarities between the Old Tongue and English in the books, so that's why I don't see how they could just pick English up and learn it in no time. Unless the characters speak a language that is not English, of course. It would make more sense this way, since I can't see how Tarmon Gai'don can phonetically evolve into The Last Battle, loool. But Shakespeare and that King James dude belong to the early modern English, don't they? It's still very similar to today's English. I think it's not old enough. People can hardly understand Mat when he speaks the Old Tongue, it's got to be more different than that. Maybe Old English then? That one's funny =D
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    I'd sell my soul to the Dark One for a cookie. I still don't understand how your groups work though. How do you join one?
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    I have no bloody idea what's happening exactly on these fora, but if you say you have two warders, then fine, I believe you xDD
  10. Female, 25! Well, my favorite characters changed a lot during the series, especially now with Sanderson's books. So I'll go with my favorites after reading Towers of Midnight Favorite: (I love those emoticons, haha) Least favorite:
  11. I had a nightmare too with the Gholam, it was terrifying xD And it ended up with me being eaten by the Gholam xD I've always wondered if it would work well. If I ever pick up martial arts again, maybe I should try... HAHAHAHA, same here! Trying to convince myself that I'm a frigid Aes Sedai works well while dealing with angry customers at my job. Must remind myself not to sniff or scowl or lift my chin though
  12. Hmm, not really. If a Latin speaker tried to learn French, he wouldn't understand a single thing, even though they're both Romance languages, and he would have a hard time learning it because those languages don't work the same way at all. So it doesn't mean anything. The Old Tongue was spoken fluently how long ago? Centuries, a few thousands of years ago? Languages evolve too quickly to remain the same; aside from a few similarities, not much will remain after a thousand years. The Old Tongue and English are way too different as we could see in the books, therefore a Forsaken could not just "pick up" English like this just because he knows the Old Tongue. No offense to you dear, I'm just too passionate when it comes to languages xDD That being said, I don't really know how they learned to speak English; some people here have good theories though.
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