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  1. I agree on the Tinkers. There has got to be some big reveal left with them although I can't guess it. There is also the matter of one of Perrin's original viewing by Min -- flowers blossoming all around him -- that has to tie in to the Tinkers and Perrin saving Rand twice somehow. I've always been partial to the theory that re-finding the "Song" is the key to re-sealing the Bore though.
  2. Gosh... I started reading this series when I was thirteen. I'm mainly ready for it to be over and have some closure in my life. Other things. 1. Demandred to do something badass. I have been waiting for this for YEARS, and he sort of has to make up for general absence from the proceedings over the past 13 books. My dream is for him to ride in leading the mainland Seanchan army, having plunged the empire into disarray and taken power, right as Rand and Tuon are about to go at each others throats. He also has an army attacking from the opposite end of the continent, maybe Shara or the Land of Madmen on the other for a nice anvil and hammer attack. And to top it off the Muradians spring up in the middle of the Tuon and Rand forces to add to the chaos. I would love it if Demandred has been courting all three elements to basically bring together the single most powerful collation in history right when Tuon and Rand were not expecting it. It would force the two to unite and would defiantly throw a spotlight on Mat to counter these multiple fronts. And most importantly it would justify Demandred doing NOTHING on screen for years on end if that is what he was pulling behind the scenes the entire time. It would also kick off Tai'mon Gaidian with a bang. 2. Moraine to knock some sense into Rand regarding Lan. This one is pretty much a given. 3. To figure out the endgame of Fain and Lanfear. This are pretty much the only two characters I cannot figure out how they play into the final battle, but I can guarantee the battle will turn on the actions of at least one of them, maybe both. Maybe I like this since it's one of the few things I can't "call." Being surprised will be nice! 4. To see what Sarah Conner, sorry, Aviendha must change in the past to avert a terrible future. 5. The epilogue. It's pretty clear this is how it's going to end: Rand (switched into Mordin's body) -- see every damn prophesy of "two becoming one" and the dragon "standing above his grave and laughing" -- having rid Tai'daishar back into the Westwoods of Two Rivers years before -- see foreshadowing in the Shadow Rising about the horse bringing him home again -- living as Tam al'Thor's long lost son from his travels years earlier (don't laugh, and remember that Tam used to have jet black hair). Rand has been gentled to save him -- see Sanderson's TDR Chap 27 foreshadowing about "the only way to save him" -- and now lives as a peaceful farmer with Min. They have children that Min was not able to foresee in herself. Every Winternight they have a special reunion. Wards are set on the farm and several groups travel in. Elayne and the twins from Caemlyn. Aviendha and her quad-spawn from wherever Rand had settled them. Mat, reports in on the re-conquering of the Seanchan mainland and sending his best from his snotty wife that no one else likes. Nyneave from New Mailker with her baby son king-- sans dead Lan. Moraine with Thom in tow. Lord Perrin chooses to ride with his wife. Egwene will be the first one in and I suspect we will see it from POV. The group gathers to mark the anniversary of the night their lives changed forever. They remember fallen friends and old times. As dinner finishes Loial makes an unexpected visit and drops off a copy of his Chronicles of the Dragon. The Ogier are about to open the Book of Translation and he wants to wish his friends a final farewell. The group reflect on a new age starting, and Rand lights the pipe Min saw appear over his head after Dragonmount.
  3. I would heavily bet on an epilogue -- likely something in the Two Rivers, and likely involving Rand and that smoking pipe Min saw appear over him when he returned from Dragonmount.
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