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  1. - Somebody annoys you and you think of balefiring them out of existence.
  2. So, what exactly DOES this phrase mean? I can never tell if its good luck, bad luck, or just ridiculous amount of luck either way. Some examples that kind of confuse me are: In New Spring, Lan mentions that the 2,000 Aiel would 'need the Dark One's own luck' to not defeat the wetlanders. I imagined this was supposed to mean bad luck in this instance. Another, when Mat is doing his epic gambling night in Tar Valon when he kills the two men, he walks into a tavern to play dice. He continuously wins until somebody says "the Dark One's own luck" and Mat goes crazy basically, and storms out. I imagine this has to be good luck. So, thoughts?
  3. So, first of all, to vent a little bit. The challenge question is quite annoying, because I dislike Perrin to the point that I didn't want to answer his name, and Rand would be too common (I'm a little OCD about not using common/popular things!) so I put in Matrim. Then, it said my answer was invalid, so I reread the question. Then I ran to my bookshelf, grabbed tEotW, and looked through it to see if Matrim was spelled with two t's. It isn't. Then I was wondering about it for awhile, tried spelling it with two t's anyway, then with two m's on the end. Finally, thirty minutes later, I figured I would try Mat. Of course that's the correct answer >.> Anyway, now that that's over with, I'm a Russian-American currently living in Florida. Been a WoT fan for a while now. Basically, I was in Barnes and Noble one day, looking for a nice sci-fi book to read (I hadn't read much fantasy besides Narnia at this point, certainly no epic fantasies like WoT) I saw tEotW, thought it looked thick enough for some nice AR points (my teachers like to set ridiculously high goals for my points. Its aggravating. >.>) and decided to buy it. Of course, annoyingly, there is no information for the book on the back, front, or insides of the paperbacks (TOR! I DON'T CARE ABOUT WHAT THE NEW YORK TIMES SAYS, TELL ME WHAT THE BOOK IS ABOUT!) so I had a hard time getting my dad to let me buy it (he won't buy anything if I don't know I'll enjoy it/finish it) but eventually it worked, and I'm glad I didn't read the first two chapters or whatever before buying it. It starts. So. Slow. Dear god, I think it took me a month to get to page 50 because I couldn't read through the ridiculous amounts of description and relative lack of story for the first bit. But, after getting to about that point, I finished it in about two weeks, tore through tGH, then I got to tDR. Another relatively slow book for the beginning, at least in my opinion. I managed to push through it and get to tSR, at which point I went on summer break and stopped around page 300 for three months, then picked it back up, which kind of renewed my ability to get through the books in a reasonable amount of time. Currently, I'm taking a break from LoC to read NStN, trying to catch up before AMoL! I have a few questions about the series which I will be dumping to the discussion board in a few minutes, but anyway, that's me. Hope to see ya'll around!
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