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  1. I have read and re-read the WoT series probably about 5 times now, i am currently working my way through ToM, and i am loving how Brandon Sanderson has picked up probably one of the most intense and complicated series that i have read and ran with it, he is doing a marvellous job of finishing off the series. i have been an avid fan of Jordan and the WoT series since 2001, and i cannot wait to find out what the future holds for the Two Rivers Crowd. I have two favourite characters in the books which are Mat and Perrin, i love Mat's attitude and Perrin's ability to talk to wolves. As soon as i am done with ToM i will go back and do another re-read from scratch.
  2. Hi all. So, this is what you get for working online day in and day out. I probably spend about 10-11 hours a day working on my laptop, and this is the first time that i even knew about a website designed after one of my favourite series that i have ever come across, WoT has altered my reading experience more than any other saga that i have read, and i have read a few, The Drenai Saga, Riftwar Series, just to name a few. My name is Darrell Bam, and I come from Bedford View in Johannesburg South Africa. Here's to a long and prosperous gathering among WoT fans.
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