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  1. TheShadowRises, Thanks for your feedback on our designs. We have a list of future products a mile long, but everything we produce is driven by what customers want. So the more people that request something the more likely we are to produce it. Though we do have plenty of ideas for products such as what you suggested above, there hasn't been much interest expressed to us for designs about the Shadow. Thus the lack of products. If you know others that want similar products please have them contact us on our FB page or by e-mailing us at Contact @ Taverentees.com (Spaces added before and after @ to avoid spam.) May the Light shine on you, Ta'veren Tees
  2. Happy Birthday! Tai'shar Dragonmount!
  3. @TheShadowRises - Sorry the design you voted for didn't win the poll, but this design won by a pretty convincing margin. That doesn't mean that we won't eventual make those other designs, just that we made this one first. @Shadow'sbane - The symbols are correct. The serpent and flame are all that are meant to be represented. The Flame of Tar Valon is in silver. We had to use a color that would show up on all shirt colors (including white), so we went with metallic silver foil. We know the series well enough not to make a mistake with iconic symbols. We wouldn't release anything that didn't have Team Jordan's approval, and they certainly wouldn't let us release anything that was incorrect.
  4. Ta'veren Tees will selling Wheel of Time shirts in the Dealer's hall at tables A23-A26.
  5. We love JordanCon! Can't wait to see everyone again next year! 'Til then...get $5 off an order of $40 using coupon code 5offof40 on www.taverentees.com - try it out on the new "Toss the Dice" shirt Kristen Nedopak shows off in the video, plus one more tee! (Coupon expires May 6)
  6. Yep - you can submit shirt ideas, no problem! If you visit our site, you'll find a page called "send a pigeon" and you can let us know what sorts of things you'd like to see by using the email address listed there. Shirts are $22-$30, plus $2 for 2XL and larger! Thanks! Ta'veren Tees www.taverentees.com
  7. @Mattyh and Greg (and anyone else viewing from afar)- we've fixed the international shipping issue and you should now have a USPS International Shipping option! @Necrosage - we can't wait either!
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