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  1. I don't know how effective a stasis box would be. I guess it would really depend on the progress of the waking world. If technology surpasses the usefulness of the channeling then what good would aes sedai be? Look at our world. Sure we cant create fire out of thin air the wave of our hands but we can shoot fire with a flame thrower. we cant make the ground explode with the snap of a finger but toss a grenade and *boom* same effect. We cant heal by touch but we have pills and doctors with same capabilities just not the immediate return. To someone 2000 years ago what we have now would seem like magic. Sheesh not to mention the language barrier. how would they communicate without weeks, months or years of steady work. Our society would probably lock them up and melt their brain with psych drugs. I think stasis box usefulness would be limited to no more then 500 years.
  2. Hello all, My name is Ray, I'm 32 years old, born and raised in Northern California. Growing up I wasn't really a reader. I completed books purely for a passing grade in school. I was always into RPG type games in either the fantasy or sci-fi genre. It wasn't until I became friends with my teacher in tech school that I really started reading for fun. He'd give me books to read, usually shorter series or stand alone novels. I'd make my way through them kicking myself for not reading more growing up. It was a wonderful thing finding a focus for my overactive imagination. After graduating, my reading tapered off. He had given me Eye of the World to read but with the introduction of friends, parties & recreational drug use I could never get past the first few chapters. I must have had that book for a couple years. At 21 I had my son, 22 I got married. The parties now over, the friends widdled down to a few choice companions and me unboxing crap into our new apartment. I found Eye of the World and set it aside determined to get through it. Over the next 4 years life was a simple mix of fatherhood, work, being a husband and reading when time was spared. During this time I read Eye of the World through The Path of Daggers. As usual in life things get "complicated" and I soon found myself looking for a place to live. Few months after that my job was shipped overseas to India and now I was in some serious trouble cause unemployment couldn't pay the rent, child support and give me enough money to live on. Luckily I have some wonderful friends that were willing to let me take up a room and get myself back on my feet. Once things settled down I purchased the next 3 books in the series. Winter's Heart, Crossroads of Twilight & Knife of Dreams. I tried and tried and tried..... and tried... to get through Winter's Heart. Not sure if I wasn't in the mood or just that it seemed like a book full of redundancies that had already been covered but man I had trouble getting through it. It wasn't until I started a new job and met some of my co-workers who were into reading similar generas. I was able to get a co-worker hooked and decided myself to reread the series. This time I made it through Winter's Heart. By this time Sanderson had finished The Gathering Storm and I pushed through Crossroads of Twilight & Knife of Dreams. I finished The Gathering Storm shortly after Towers of Midnight was released. In a weeks time I had Towers of Midnight finished. Depression set in when I saw the release date of the final book, so I started looking online for other means of WoT information. So here I am. Anyways that's a simplified version of my life story. I know... Terribly exciting hehe Take Care, Ray Just Another Thread in the Pattern
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