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  1. Some of the Sanderson criticism was unfair. HOWEVER..... I feel like he was self indulgent in focusing on characters who appealed to him personally at the expense of the whole cast. Perrin/Faile Androl/Pevara Those stand out the most to me. At the end of the day I'm thankful a story I started as a teen was brought to a conclusion no matter what 'faults' I might have found.
  2. Sanderson writes as Asexual ,across his books. Jordan was to put it mildly,kinky. This manifests itself not just in 'adult'interactions but all interactions with the opposite sex come across as leaden and throws the characters 'dynamics' completely off IMO.
  3. 99% of Fantasy artwork is terrible imo. The WOT cover art is like an Aryan Nation teenage boy's wet dream.Incredibly White ,chauvinistic and tacky. Thank god by the time I got around to WOT I had learned not to judgea book by its cover.
  4. EOTW is the best written imo. It's greatest strength is restraint. I understand how difficult this would be to maintain throught the epic but EOTW was so compelling, it reeled everyone here in and kept us reading.
  5. Did anyone else mourn their lack of a catch up/truimph moment? Siuan devolved from a determined and strong willed woman to irritated,flirty handmaid as the series went along but really,she and Morriane had as much hand in the victory of light as anyone. But yeah, I would have loved a brief scene.
  6. I'm probably in the minority but it sucked majorly. Rambling irrelevant backstory fanboy fiction.
  7. Reading some of these replies I feel like I read some other story. It sucked . After all the hype and hoopla I imagined the deleted scene would be an epic description of Demandred's adventures in Shara. Bah.
  8. I wish Moiraine had more airtime.A page of what happened after being rescued then walking into the tent would have been nice. At least a high five with Siuane as well.
  9. Androl not only stole logain's thunder, he made characters like flinn and narishma completly forgotton. It was basically sanderson putting his mark on the series and getting rid of established jordan characters. pathetic Androl didn't steal Logain's thunder - Logain's 'thunder' was (and will be) in the rehabilitation of male channelers with the rest of the Randland population, started with rescuing those refugees. Based on Q & A sessions, the majority of things that Androl did were ear-marked by RJ for one Ashaman or another to do (I doubt that he 'stole' the jobs from
  10. I'm pretty sure this is revealed in New Spring. Thank you Matthew that was very helpful of you.
  11. I'm pretty sure this is revealed in New Spring. Rina Hafden of the Green Ajah. In NS Moiraine takes a note into the Green Ajah quarters and sees Rina watching Elyas spar with her other Warder in the corridor. Edit: She is still his Aes Sedai. Rina has masked the bond but not broken it. Thanks.Wish there was some kind of resolution in AMOL btw Elyas and his Ace Sedai.
  12. Dunno if this classifies as RAFO but: - Who the hell was Elyas's Ace Sedai?
  13. Slightly dissapointed but at least it has an ending. RIP R.J,I wish you were here to end this. I can't believe how long I've been reading WOT.
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