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  1. So I recently just complete CoS but I have one question. You know how Rand remembers the name and face of every maiden of the spear (every woman for that matter)who dies fighting for him? If he kills Liah with balefire he essentially rips her from the pattern as if she doesn't exist (according to my understanding of Balefire please correct me if I'm wrong) He tears the very fabric of the pattern and erases all memory of her. Yes he does this in mercy of course, better then Mashadar for sure. So anyway my question is how can remember Liah if he rips/erases her from the pattern?
  2. When you ask someone what the greatest fantasy series of all time is and they say "Lord of the Rings" and you look at them as if they didn't learn to read in grade school When you insist so much that your cousin should read the series so much that you re-buy the whole series on kobo and give them your entire paperback series (and now he refuses to give it back) When you wonder if the taint of saidar feels like the flu When you wish you could ward yourself in the library to quietly read tWoT
  3. lol I didn't get rid of all human relationships I just read a played video games instead of cheating and other nasty things...
  4. I've got back to reading now that my midterms are over and I wish Min would hurry up and reunite with Rand with the Hall's envoy it's been 5 chapters of silence for Min( still good chapters except Pedron Naill can go to the Pit of Doom he so boring..)
  5. I do disagree about Pedron Niall. He is one of the few Whitecloaks (Geofram Bornhald is another exception) that I somewhat enjoy reading. Geofram Bornhald I do enjoy reading as well by I'm only about 350 pages into LoC and there have been only about 3 or 4 chapters around Pedron Naill and all have been so boring with the exception of the 5-6 pages fro Morgases POV mainly making fun of Whitecloaks :)
  6. So I'm reading LoC and I love Morgase but I hate whitecloaks. I know they are gunna end up playing a huge part later in the series. But I'll read like 4 chapters then stop reading after i finish a whitecloak chapter around Pedron Naill. They are so dull. I generally just don't like whitecloaks but I despise the dullness Pedron Naill brings to the series(so far at least...) Galad is about the only thing I can read about the whitecloaks without wishing the chapter would end ( believe you and me that is not something a WoT reader usually wants) Does anyone else find the Whitecloaks to be their least favorite faction in WoT? I've immersed myself back into WoT after my gf (now ex-gf) kicked me out of her life for going away to college and reading WoT and playing videogames.. Oh well thank you WoT for providing the best and longest fantasy series I know of that keeps my mind off the troubles of life
  7. Blood and Bloody ashes...a Charlie Sheen joke..The last battle is here time to support Rand as Charlie Sheen some similarities between the two. Charlie Sheen said he isn't bi-polar he is bi-winning! Rand said he isn't LT but he uses his Lt personality to win all the Battles he is in hence he is Bi-Winning! Charlie Sheen said he has Tiger blood and is a powerful warlock. Rand also has blood that he didn't know he had to begin with hence Aiel blood..and If you think about it the Aiel are exotic and usually killed and bragged about(if your lucky enough to kill them first)so Aiel blood could be tiger blood and he channel the one power because he is the dragon reborn..so one could conclude he is a type of warlock. Charlie Sheen goes hard and smokes 7 gram rocks because he is Hardcore. Rand smokes bloody casks of two river's tabac whenever he is being a warlock and bi-winning. So if you think about it while reading the books EVERYONE wants two rivers tabac it's the best stuff and hard to get and expensive and i guess if your a drug user(which I am not and don't support) i guess its like cocaine for Randland. Charlie Sheen said he has fire breathing fists. Rand shoots baelfire out of his hands. CHARLIE cough I mean RAND is gunna win the last battle!
  8. I wasn't expecting people to agree with Min I've noticed that people are bashing Min and Egwene quite a bit. However bashing Egwene totally fine by me I dislike her after I read the Dragon Reborn. But still GO MIN!
  9. I'm about a quarter way through LoC but there are some things I have been pondering since FoH. So I pieced together that Aviendha is the 3rd women in Min's viewing after there spontaneous night in the middle of the Seachan arctic. So I'm going out on limb and I'm pretty sure he going to get hitched to Aviendha because he already talked about marrying here (no spoilers please!) but out of the 3 women If i were rand I'd pick Min. She not afraid to love Rand (anymore..) like Aviendha and she isn't so needy that she asks other women to hawk over him like a guard dog like Elayne. Don't get me wrong they are both awesome characters but I still like Min. I'd pick someone who is laid back as Min. But the Aiel are complex culture that I don't completely understand (yet...) and Elayne is royalty and if I were Rand I tried to forget I was the dragon reborn as soon as the last battle endedc(assuming I survive) and build a farm hidden away in the Two rivers with someone who isn't Aiel or the future Queen of Andor aka. Min Farshaw. Post your opinions on Rand's Ladies and who you would choose and why? Summary for me = Min. Not royalty, not Aiel. A fun and enjoyable character who only wants a simple life.
  10. I get an itch any time I'm not reading WoT! I come on dragonmount instead of paying attention to my marketing prof.
  11. Slayer I find Perrin the most interesting of the Ta'veren from Two Rivers. The wolf dream chases between him and slayer were quite interesting.
  12. The only frustration I've had with the WoT series so far is when to read the prequel New Spring. I say it is a frustration because I have been buying the paperback box sets (I'm up to LoC but I own 9 of them) but I also found New Spring sometime ago. The problem is i don't know when to read it! It's a prequel so should I read it now while I'm on book 6? or wait? A friend of mine who is also a fellow WoT reader said I should wait till reading CoS because that is when it was published. Anyone have some thoughts on this frustration?
  13. WoT blows my mind! I'm not finished the series but joining a fan site wont hurt Hi everybody!
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