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  1. I really enjoyed book 7 and don't get the hate for it. Back to Shadar Logoth, battle with Sammael, Rand and Moridin connecting via balefire -- lots of goodness there. Honestly, the serial position effect combined with the agonizing wait for each book does make it hard to recall the middle books, but I remember enjoying each one, and am looking forward to a full reread now that the series is complete. Can't help but wonder if Jordan would've been able to finish the series himself though if those middle books had been trimmed down by 3...
  2. Rand and Egwene at the end of Eye of the World. I had tears in my eyes and that was when I knew I was hooked. I had no idea I'd be reading the series for 20+ years of my life, but that was an incredible scene for me. In many ways, I see that as a pivotal moment where they both broke away from the lives they thought they would live back in Emond's field and truly set forth on their fated paths. In many ways, it was very sad, especially the fear Rand must have felt and the pain/sadness Egwene must have felt for him. Rand was so isolated, so alone at that time. The Dragon Reborn, a sheepher
  3. The LoR movies cut out some "boring" parts (i.e., Tom Bombadil parts early on) and I thought it made the story better :shrug: WoT is my all time fav series, but I would pay a LOT to see it made into a movie or tv series. To do that, it would need to be abridged. There were definitely some slower parts that could be looked at. I've read the series a bunch and am still a bit "huh?" on the whole Bowl of the Winds arc. I get that it was important-ish, but I dunno. In general, I think it could be leaned down to something that could be presented in a 6-8 season tv show, which would be abs
  4. Perhaps off topic to the current debate, but relevant to the thread title: I was a bit disappointed that "good and evil" was framed, in the end, as evil (and hence the dark one) being necessary for humans to have free will/choice. Instead, I felt it would have been more fitting to frame it as that humans ARE both good and evil and have to wrestle with it. THEREFORE, if you take away the dark one (and hence evil), you take away something essential that makes humans human and reduce them to the automatons that we see in Rand's failed attempt at Creating/Visioning the future without a dark one.
  5. I always enjoyed Fain as a villain. When he was last seen heading into the Blight with Mashadar tendrils and obviously quite bad-@$$ powerful, it was pretty disappointing to see Mat put him down so easily. To have him ending up not having much impact at the Last Battle made him seen like a major red herring in the end. I really enjoyed reading theories on these forums about how Rand might push Taim into the Bore and use him a la how he cleansed Saidin. I think that would have been a pretty fitting outcome for Fain. I mean, he WAS introduced asap in the first book and had a major recurring
  6. I don't care whether it was RJ or BS, Logain's glory being foreshadowed for years and years and then happening off-screen while doing next to nothing during the freakin' LAST BATTLE is lame imo
  7. Androl not only stole logain's thunder, he made characters like flinn and narishma completly forgotton. It was basically sanderson putting his mark on the series and getting rid of established jordan characters. pathetic Androl didn't steal Logain's thunder - Logain's 'thunder' was (and will be) in the rehabilitation of male channelers with the rest of the Randland population, started with rescuing those refugees. Based on Q & A sessions, the majority of things that Androl did were ear-marked by RJ for one Ashaman or another to do (I doubt that he 'stole' the jobs from
  8. Sure, but at the expense of more established characters in the series imo. Where was Androl in the first 10 books and why am I reading so much about him in the last one, by comparison?
  9. Androl and the Black Tower resolution was one of the hugest disappointments in this series that I've been reading for 20 years. During all those years of waiting in anticipation for the next book, etc., during many re-reads, I came to fall in love with many of the primary and secondary characters. Logain's glory had been foreshadowed for many (real life) years now. Once the Black Tower arc started to develop, I was sure that it had to end with Logain facing Taim in an epic, epic showdown, with Logain coming out on top. What happened instead? Logain gets captured then rescued by some gu
  10. I think that Caemlyn will be the impetus that brings the three Ta'veren together again and also Rand and Elayne together again. I agree though that Rand is also needed at the WT. So, I could see Rand, Mat, Egwene, and the Seanchan arriving to save Caemlyn. A lot of ducks would have to align in a row though; but, given that it is the last book, ducks lining up in a row is what should be happening imo. I think some of the critical questions for the three ta'veren are: 1) Will Mat go to Caemlyn or the WT? If he goes to the WT can he then get to Caemlyn in time? 2) Same question for
  11. Lan at the gap. But, the whole book, really :)
  12. The Aes Sedai symbol doesn't have the black spot in the white half or the white spot in the black half. It is based on yin/yang, but not identical. Look at the banner on the cover of tPoD. The guy got it wrong in this painting. Ah, for mourning. Fair enough. What are you talking about? The above are my first reactions to the painting. If you have something to comment on with regard to those reactions, then I suggest you offer it, because your post comes across as provocative and juvenile. Maybe he didn't get it wrong. Maybe the change in the symbol is represen
  13. I think it would be more compelling if Taim WAS Demandred, than to have everything Demandred did be offstage and only really appearing en force in the last book -- *unless* he is a bamf in the last book :)
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