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  1. I have a theory that the holy grail would be a sa'angreal and that Robert Jordan intended the word sa'angreal to resemble sangraal. I don't know if anyone's pointed that out before.
  2. I'm only about halfway through the series right now, but I was wondering, is it ever explained why Lews Therin came to be called the Dragon or what the word meant in the WoT universe before it was applied to Lews Therin? In other words, I'm wondering if "Dragon" in the Age of Legends meant dragons as we know them, or whether there's yet another layer of separation between their mythology and ours.
  3. That would explain why so many of their legends are based on (or the basis for?) our own. I always liked this theory but I didn't know if it was the official interpretation.
  4. Does the Wheel of Time universe have a name? I'm currently halfway through The Shadow Rising and I haven't seen any name given to the world. Is it named later or does it remain unnamed throughout the series?
  5. Hi, I'm relatively new to the series. So far I'm a third of the way through book 3 and one thing's really intrigued and confused me while reading. I remember Ba'Alzamon telling Rand that the two of them have fought countless times, and each time Ba'Alzamon has won. Does that mean that there were other iterations of the Dragon before Rand and Lews Therin, or is Ba'Alzamon lying?
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