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  1. Could you believe Legos on steroids? Witness and behold. (www.minecraft.net has been offline for quite the while, so just google around.)
  2. So I joined this forum yesterday and I haven't yet looked around much. However, I seem oddly drawn. I have a very critical eye to the designs of websites, and I very much love the design here. But that's getting away from the point. Anyways, Hi! My [screen] name is Kestral and I'm a fantasy nerd. I love the Elder Scrolls and Lord of the Rings, and I'm beginning to love WoT. I also love Dragon Age, for it is a incredibly rich fantasy world with great game play. I also seem to classify many types of nerds, but the biggest, in my opinion, would be Fantasy vs. Sci-Fi. They are both good genres, but I'm sure everyone holds one genre over the other. I like Star Wars and I loved Mass Effect, but I always thought the more fantasy stuff likened to me more. Fantasy breaks the boundaries of the world and creates a new one in its place. On that note, I also like to make thinks. I loved Legos as a kid, and now I love my Minecraft. I'm also an amateur writer, but I've been very lax on my writing as of late. I'm also an amateur in web design and development and I've dabbled in programming. And that's the basics. I guess I'll take more of a speculative look around.
  3. About in the beginning of last month, I picked up the first three books of the Wheel of Time, interested in what the series was about. What was funny, though, is that I actually confused it with the Discworld series by Terry Pratchet, and I wasn't aware where I heard of the Wheel of Time. I was sure that I heard it before when I started listening to Blind Guardian, who has made a few songs about the series. Needless to say, when the books arrived I was taken aback a little. I read that the series is numbering in at least more than 10, and when the books seemed like big, fat bricks, ominously eying me down with their incredible size. 800 pages. 800 Pages of in a small book for only the first book of the series. In a series of 10 or 11 or 12 and whatnot. I'm only near the halfway mark of Eye of the World, and I haven't touched the Great Hunt or the Dragon Reborn. I like it though. I like the lot of it. I like Rand and I like Mat, and I surprisingly like Perrin. (Up until this point in reading he hardly had a part) I like Nynaeve, I like Egwene, and I like Lan. And I especially love Thom. I also like Moraine. I want to know more about Logain, Tar Vallon, the Father of Lies, Fades, everything. The story is gripping but I have some lurking fears about the series. I was talking about the series with my math teacher, a man I dub as the "King of All Things Nerd." He'd give you a structured opinion on Star Wars versus Lord of the Rings and the pros and cons of each one and leave you walking away with some thought. He'd also pick up that you are reading Lovecraft and Call of Cthulu as soon as you mention "Non-Euclidian Geometry." He'd take away your fantasy book while you're reading it during his lesson and comment how good of a series it is. The guy is awesome as both a nerd and teacher. However, he told me something that I don't doubt. The books get a lot of filler, he said. Starting around the third book, he says that it gets ridiculously filled with stories of fishing trips that never amount to anything and 6 pages detailing a woman's dress. And now, when I look at the books, I try to imagine just how much filler there is. It scares me a little. This behemoth of a pocket-sized book, one of thirteen, is certainly good. I can't even imagine how a story can carry on for 13 books that are this size. That is the point of reading something, I figure. Find out where the story goes and all, but if the story is moving as slow and molasses, I don't know what to think. Of course I haven't gotten to that part yet. The group of companions have only recently broke at Shadow's Waiting and I only know that Rand is the Dragon Reborn because it's painfully obvious. I also know of the tav'eren being Mat and Perrin, and I also know that Egwene has some destiny of some sort. But needless to say, I want my fears affirmed or quelled. As someone who has read the Wheel of Time, what do you think? Do the books become inundated with filler, or is that a thought stirring inside me?
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