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  1. I would love to see.... 1) Perrin kill Slayer. I just feel that it is gonna be extremely intense, Hammer to the FACE!!!
  2. I felt that Masema's death was PERFECT. I mean, he was a crazy, out of control creature who had way too much power. It reminds me of Star Wars and how Mace Windu (Sp?) said that he had to kill the Emperor because he had too much power to go to court. Masema would have continued to be a thorn in Rands side and most likely would have eventually tried to kill Rand or something. I don't particularly like Faile but I felt that this was perfect for her. Let's face it, Rand and Mat are deadly but Perrin still has a lot of softness in him. He needed someone to do the dirty work.
  3. Hey everyone, new here but been a long time lurker. I think she will most likely go to Rand and first, ask him to marry her. She is a wise one now (or will be really soon) so she is at a high enough level to feel comfortable asking Rand to marry her. Afterward, I think she will try to impart how dangerous the Seanchan are to the Aiel and either... 1) Try and get some sort of treaty with the Seanchan 2) Convince the Aiel to dedicate an all-out-attack on the Seanchan Obviously, Rand will be against #2 but if she reveals what she saw to him he just might let her do it.
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