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  1. First one is complicated, been working on that one for about 3-4 years. There are 11 main dimensions, all having complicated names, so I won’t post them here, and they are part of an overall dimension called an Eternity (also the series name). The main character lost his memory, and he is part of a race that doesn't age that I call crystalions. Each separate realm has three gods, called a Creator, Destroyer, and a Guardian. Thousands of years ago, there was a war called the War of Archium (Title of prologue) that sealed away the Destroyers into a weaponized, inanimate form, and the Guardians into a Crystallized gem, where their power could be wielded by others. One of the lower realms tried to conquere all the other realms, including the main realm where the crystalions live. This series is mainly about the main character regaining his memory, and traveling across the multiple dimensions with his comrades, chasing a prototype crystal created to be able to match the power of actual Guardians, and was the first man-made life-form. They go through all 11 dimensions(including ours, which I call the Luster realm, and it is the year 2067 on Earth) the main character slowly regaining his memories and events that keep happening that they take part in. Currently got 157 pages of the first book done. The next series is going to be called The Elemental, takes place in 2020, and later 2320. It’s about a man whose family all died in a car crash, him being the only survivor at the age of 16. He was adopted into his best friend’s family, and got pretty close to his sister, who is a few months younger than himself. He was always shy around her, but one summer when she returns home from a vacation, she brought home a boyfriend, who the main character hates because of jealousy. He leaves the house and moves to New York after the boyfriend proposes to her. He arrives in New York City, previously heard of a small job where scientists at a Nuclear Particle Accelerator (NPA) are taking test subjects to test out a new engine called the Warp engine, which is said to surpass the speed of light, and need volunteers to see if multiple people can pass the speed of light without any symptoms, so they can implement it into a jet engine. A few days after they apply and are accepted, they went to the NPA to test out the engine, but before they got into the machine, something bad happened and the sirens were going off, a few seconds before the NPA blew up, wiping out all of New York in a nuclear blast. Turns out, the main character survived, but finds himself in an empty plain of grass, and a few areas which could have been buildings, but were worn down to much and blended in to well with the surroundings. He is found by a woman that looked about his age, by a vehicle whose model he didn’t know, and was taken back to her apartment. Turns out, he was in the year 2320, November 2nd, two days before his birthday, and exactly 300 years into the future. By the way, forgot to mention that ever since the NPA blew up, the world has been in an endless eclipse, which 5 years later caused World War III, and the world has ever since then been in darkness. What caused this is unknown until later in the book, that every three hundred years, there is a secreted battle by beings of light and darkness, called Elementals. The winner of this battle takes control of the Earth until the next battle, but can never reveal themselves to the normal inhabitants of the planet. The loser of this battle chooses a human Herald to gain the powers of an Elemental and become one. Currently got only about 48 pages of book one done. I haven’t worked on the third series at all, so I won’t post anything till I have confirmed what will happen in this series. The few fanfictions I am writing were requested by a few people from online societies that I am apart of an don’t mine writing about them, even if they are all games. The first one I started a few months ago, which is a minecraft fanfic, but I have changed it up quite a bit to take place past modern day, to where the world is nuclear powered, but some dark being I am calling the Dreadknight, which invaded and destroyer a nuclear facility that power the US and had power veins going through the whole underground of the country, basically destroying everything on North America by the blast and radiation. The radiation spread, and before this all the world leaders were also assassinated by this Dreadknight, so the world was in chaos, and the rest of the nuclear powered facilities were destroyed, killing all but a few of the remaining inhabitants of the world. (This is where the Minecraft part comes in) The radiation killed most of the minds of people, turning them into what people started to call zombies, and reanimated the skeletal remains of already dead beings. It also changed amphibians to grow greatly in size, and humans that still have memory that got infected gained elemental powers, formed a group they call the Creeper Gang, and tried seizing the world for their own. They wore bandanas to symbolize what element they were best with, and had explosives strapped to their chest that when they feel all hope is lost, they will detonate it by striking their chests. The Enderman(a monster in the game) took me a while to figure out, but I just decided to make it all Sci-fi and make them aliens seeing a world up for grabs since their world is dieing. The Nether(Hell) is also in it, and they are in a civil war with themselves after Lucifer, their leader, was assassinated by the Archangels from the Aether(heaven) and blamed it against two separate sides of the Nether, lead by Lucifer’s brothers Mephisto and Baal. So the point of this fanfic is to hunt down the Dreadknight and secure the world basically. Another fanfic which I got a request a week ago, is based on an MMO game called Shaiya(Look it up if you must) haven’t got much on it yet though, sorry to say. Sadly, I will be going out over the weekend and won’t be able to get on Dragonmount, so I will talk to you Monday ^^
  2. DM Name: dimlight25 (if not just dimlight) Interests: Writer, novelist (Currently writing three book series and a few requested fanfictions) Email (Optional): dimlight25@yahoo.com , arthrux@gmail.com (These are my forums emails ;) )
  3. You guys have very good points here. I haven't even thought of some of these, and they all make some sense. Now all we can do is keep talking about the good days when this was all new to us and wait for MoL. Can't wait. I am gonna feel like the times when books like LoC came out xD amazing
  4. You got to admit, the Way of Kings is an amazing book, close to even the Wheel of Time in my eyes :D
  5. crap... bad information then... thanks :)
  6. Sweeeeet!!! I can't wait for this... i just heard that there will be a 2nd trilogy that takes place 300 years after the ending of Hero of Ages. (PS: A really good book by Brandon Sanderson is the Stormlight Archive series book 1 called The Way of Kings... its supposed to be a new wheel of time... series length i mean. It is just amazing. book 2 should come out sometime around aMoL comes out.)
  7. I just have to agree with you 100% on that. Rand was enjoyable in TGS and all that... but i didnt like how he resided to using the dark one's power to free himself... even though i dont want Min to die either... Semirage is a bitch... i see why the Dark One himself betrayed her...
  8. I didnt see the ending coming either... i felt heartbroken... did you know they are coming out with a new trilogy that takes place 300 years later?
  9. Rand is probly still fighting the maddness even in sedai form... who knows... we all saw the mass amount of madness he had.
  10. yep he would have balefired them all... lolz, i felt that he really was goin to destroy the guardian as well.
  11. yep those are the books... and there are 6 of them now :D im on the last one currently.
  12. Asmodean is my favorite Forsaken. I had a feeling that he would turn once again to the light, but he just had to die didn't he and get reborn back to the dark... sigh... My least favorite character... dunno... i like them all equally, except for the Seanchan Princess that's now the Empress... don't really like her.
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