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  1. You guys have very good points here. I haven't even thought of some of these, and they all make some sense. Now all we can do is keep talking about the good days when this was all new to us and wait for MoL. Can't wait. I am gonna feel like the times when books like LoC came out xD amazing
  2. You got to admit, the Way of Kings is an amazing book, close to even the Wheel of Time in my eyes :D
  3. crap... bad information then... thanks :)
  4. Sweeeeet!!! I can't wait for this... i just heard that there will be a 2nd trilogy that takes place 300 years after the ending of Hero of Ages. (PS: A really good book by Brandon Sanderson is the Stormlight Archive series book 1 called The Way of Kings... its supposed to be a new wheel of time... series length i mean. It is just amazing. book 2 should come out sometime around aMoL comes out.)
  5. I just have to agree with you 100% on that. Rand was enjoyable in TGS and all that... but i didnt like how he resided to using the dark one's power to free himself... even though i dont want Min to die either... Semirage is a bitch... i see why the Dark One himself betrayed her...
  6. I didnt see the ending coming either... i felt heartbroken... did you know they are coming out with a new trilogy that takes place 300 years later?
  7. Rand is probly still fighting the maddness even in sedai form... who knows... we all saw the mass amount of madness he had.
  8. yep he would have balefired them all... lolz, i felt that he really was goin to destroy the guardian as well.
  9. yep those are the books... and there are 6 of them now :D im on the last one currently.
  10. And what happened to the reborn Asmodean?
  11. Asmodean is my favorite Forsaken. I had a feeling that he would turn once again to the light, but he just had to die didn't he and get reborn back to the dark... sigh... My least favorite character... dunno... i like them all equally, except for the Seanchan Princess that's now the Empress... don't really like her.
  12. His personalities are just crazy like that ya know? Dark goes on and ... i just want to know what happens to the seanchan after the last battle... remember the visions Avhienda(hope i spelled that right) had at the crystal pillars. The Fuckin seanchan deserve to be obliterated to hell. that's what i thank of them...
  13. I've been posting 'bout the WoT characters in the general forums :D I like the original Rand in books 1-3 before he became Dark Rand not caring about anything, even making the Forsaken fear him until they crap themselves due to balefire usage... I did enjoy it, left you wondering what he would do next. I also hated when he almost killed Tam... my heart ached to that, i also liked Rand in Sedai form as well.He seemed like he could take on anything and survive. Even Morden doesn't seem like a pain to him anymore. He is basically back to normal besides his total fusion with Lews Therin. I also li
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