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  1. Your WoT tattoo is awesome! :D

  2. Well winters heart is obviously a reference to the extremely harsh winter that took place in the book. I cant recall but i think that was the book where faile was taken.
  3. *Spoilers* Tarmon gai'don is coming so you think its a good idea to rally rands enemies against him? The Aes Sedai failed the dragon in the past and it looks as if they may do so again. I believe i once saw on here that Robert Jordan was credited for having written strong female characters into his books. To me it seems like half the women are arrogant and reckless. Elayne is pregnant and finds it difficult to channel at times so she decides to confront black ajah sisters without telling anyone? I just finished all the books on audio so i can finally visit these forums without worrying about spoilers!
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