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  1. I don't mean to sound mean but I have no idea what compounding the word hate means. That's a lot of "mean" in what I hope comes across as a nice sentence! The first thing that popped into my mind was hate-screw. Well, not screw, but I'm trying to watch my language here. That's a compound word with hate in it. But I can't think of any compound words with hate in it that fits in the context here. It's like a puzzle, you know? I've got to figure it out or it'll drive me crazy! Ouch. Not funny? I mean, I could accept it not being academic since that's not what I was really goi
  2. Twas a joke, yah? No more than any of my other jokes. But the Fall of Malkier, which was around Lan's day of birth, was something like fifty years ago. Maybe forty-five. Maybe in between. And Nynaeve is something like 25 years old and looks even younger. While I'm not terribly opposed to May/December romances I feel no need to refrain from constantly mentioning it when I try to paint the picture of Lan and Nynave getting it on. I read that as "The main characters are pointless, other characters could have done everything they did and the story would still make sense". Well...t
  3. Okay. But what was he doing with that One Power? Lews Therin made a mile-high mountain when he drew too much power into himself. What did Aginor do? Even if the Forsaken wasn't half as powerful as Lew Therin he's still be able to cast some sort of fire ball or lightning bolt spell before being burnt up like that, right? Instead he just stood there, stared at Rand until Rand somehow disappeared, and then burned himself up.
  4. Did I say I was sorry for writing so much in this reply? Well I am. There really is no excuse for such a wall of text! I think it's funny that in a place without war and violence the people still organize themselves into a society based upon competition between two government bodies. Still, I'd say this little utopia is approaching anarchy (and I'm not totally opposed to the concept of anarchy); they just need to lose the Mayor and Wisdom altogether! The bit about most politicians being male. Think about it: it's sometimes because women aren't allowed to run. Just like
  5. Nynaeve is supposed to become the most power wizard ever, right? And the White Tower would have just rejected her application because of age even so? How do the Aes Sedai deal with wilders that survive into middle age if they don't bring them into their club? Do they still them? That doesn't pain the Aes Sedai in a very good light. I may have mentioned this in the blog comments some time ago, but when I first read the book I didn't even know there was a glossary. In fact, this is the first novel I've ever read that had a glossary! I feel as if a book can be just fine without
  6. The Wheel Turns This last chapter begins in the morning. Everyone is set to go but the Loial starts singing to the oak tree in the Green Zone. The song lasted hours, I think. Why does Lan let it go on for so long? I dunno. But eventually Loial finishes and says that the Blight would never corrupt this spot. Really? The Green Man was unable to magically keep the Green Zone free of the Blight (he had to constantly be on hand to tend his garden) so how does Loial have the power to purify this one spot and to keep it pure after he's gone? But it's nice, you know? It's poetic and pretty and
  7. @Smittyphi: I would say all of those examples were deus ex machina. It doesn't matter if there is a reason behind what rescues the main characters. What matters is that the main characters didn't do it themselves. Imagine, if you will, a modern spy thriller. In the first scene of the movie the main character is given a laptop with a satellite uplink. Then the movie happens. At the very end the hero is on the ground, the villain gloating above him. So the hero says, "You can't do this to us, you meanie!" Little did the hero know that the laptop's voice authorization password was "yo
  8. No, of course not. I don't want Perrin or Rand or Nynaeve or Mat or Egwene to go rushing into a such one-sided battle. But if they do go rushing into a battle like that, I want them all to go in together, as friends and comrades. That's not what happened. Rand was working against the group. He tackled Egwene thereby knocking out two good guys from the fight. I would love it if they found some other clever way of defeating the Forsaken (I dunno, maybe TNT to blow up the cave and bury them in there). But if they have to fight then I hope they all fight together and die together, if necess
  9. Against the Shadows Oh, I'm excited about this chapter. Let's just jump right in, Okay? C'mon! Rand is doing his thing: running away. Nynaeve and Lan are down, most likely dead. Perrine, Mat, and Egwene have scattered. Loial is still inside the cave, most likely (either that or looking at the tree corpse of the Green Man). Moiraine is somewhere, her screaming ended. Rand, though, is leaving all that behind him as he runs away. Unfortunately, he soon comes to a cliff. Ha, but don't they always? Aginor, the shriveled mummy-like Forsaken, is right behind him. Instead of killing or
  10. Sorry it took me so long to get back on here, folks. I've had a busy, busy time these last few days. I'll try to keep this post short, too. I suppose I could respond to everybody, you know? But that would mean a lot of reading for you all and writing for me. Instead, I'll try to hit the highlights. Okay? Great! You've complained that it doesn't seem as if I'm considering other people's differing opinions. I do consider them. Take what you wrote here. It makes a good case and it has the potential to change my mind. So I read it, think about it, and come to the conclusion tha
  11. Yes, exactly! The women in this book need to be killed off, bruised, and bloodied as much as any of the men. They need to be idiots and morons, grizzled veterans and wise scholars. They should not be protected or kept from seeing the harsh realities of life. Empowering women doesn't mean protecting them from all harm or giving them advantages that men don't have. It means letting them do what they want to do and failing to do it when they are way outclassed. It means Egwene running up to the the Forsaken and getting her head smashed in. Perrin's going it. Lan's doing it. Mat's doing i
  12. Hey, folks. I don't have time to reply to what you've all written. I am sorry about that. But as soon as things calm down over here later today (or maybe tomorrow morning!) I'll say something. Until then, though, I've got a new blog post up. Here it is for your "enjoyment!" The Blight, The Dark One Stirs, Meetings at the Eye
  13. The Blight The 48th chapter and the 720th page. Ingtar is leading a group of mounted soldiers as an escort for the fellowship. Rand thinks that these battle-hardened soldiers are somehow "grander" than the more colorful, rested, and probably better groomed Queen's Guard. I thought that Ingtar was leading a band of gritty Border soldiers in a fight for survival against hordes of demon monsters. But it's more of a majestic honor guard of noble defenders of the Light. But since only Main Characters are allowed at the climax of the book, Ingtar and his soldiers turn around and ride
  14. I knew it! Chapter 1: The Dark One's Good Idea Rand and Tam al'Thor walk down the Quarry Road with a cart and horse. Even though spring should have arrived, the wind is still carrying an icy chill sending gusts of cold through Rand. He is holding a bow and arrow, ready to draw quickly. It doesn't help as thousands of ravens swoop down upon Emond's Field and kill every woman, infant, and man over thirty. Bool! The End! That's a good idea. But the book doesn't have to end there. Maybe, being ta'vaern, Rand wasn't in town at the time. Maybe he was out with the main c
  15. I know today is April Fool's Day but I expect no shenanigans from you people. Wheel of Time is serious business. Ha, I think you fail to understand just how far I can stretch things! I hope there comes a time when a good character does something bad. It'd make the book seem more real. So far most of the characters are one trick ponies. Moiraine is an Aes Sedai and nothing more. Lan is a reluctant super-warrior and nothing more (though he's been getting romantic here lately). Rand is a confused messiah, Mat is a prankster jerk, Perrin is a confused wolfman, Egwene is a w
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