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  1. How did Moiraine lose Lans bond to Nynaeve? Moiraine didn't die...Lan just took off as soon as she went through the ter'angrel.
  2. The Day Dawns Twice and Twice his Blood will be shed... Balefire won't work that leaves mundane and literary measures. Eclipses are boring so I'm going with either an unravaling of the pattern or portal stone travel. The portal stone to a time say three hours behind our own would do nicely and with 2 Aveindas we can have 4 kids two sets of health twines.... Unravaling pattern and a reset when shiatan looks to be about to lose only to pull out the final stop and Rand falls again... I like the portal stone theory better. Please rip this apart on merit of theory not gramar and spellin
  3. Long ago, as in just after Winter's Heart? I must have missed the debunking of Taim as Demandred. When he says "let the Lord of Chaos rule" I assumed He must be forsaken as they were the ones to get the message from DO...That was demandred and the first appearanceof laughing half man.
  4. Taim is dead. He died long ago and Demandred took his place. End of story.
  5. Bear in mind that BS has said that there are going to be some number of prophecies that will remain unfulfilled by the time the last book is written and the series ends. Yes, some have to be fulfilled, but we may never know just what the "blade of light, three are one" refers to if it refers to something after the last battle. I would imagine the Blade of Light would be someone using Callandor with 2 women to guide it. What blade shines like a beacon, when being used. Callandor of course. Whether it'll be Rand using it is still suspect. I'm may have read ahead but Avienda and El
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