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  1. I thought about that a lot. I think it may be a mix. Fortuona says in AMoL something to the effect that the Empire hasn't had a doomseer in 300 years. Apparently they have had people in the empire with Min's talent, and they were given some measure of prestige. They probably took the stories/writings of those individuals and what they saw in images and auras and corrupted them into their system of reading omens in the natural world. ie, a doomseer sees a rosebush (or whatever), interprets it as 'x' and Seanchan culture absorbs rosebushes as being associated with 'x'. Whether it works or not, it seems clear that the omen thing got started by people like Min. If Min's thing is genetic like channeling, perhaps it was more common in the bloodlines over there in Seanchan. that is a cool idea.
  2. I would say more relevant than stilling is the fact that Nynaeve healed the taint induced madness. If she can do THAT, i'd bet she can figure out how to undo Turning. Do Turned souls revert to their original self once they re incarnate in a new Age?
  3. yes, Arangar's job was to use Sheriam and Delana to keep the rebels from defeating or conceding to Elaida thus keeping the Tower split, and therefore keep the White Tower from fighting the Last battle.
  4. to be fair, the black ajah hunters aspect was not entirely invalid, they are the ones who thought of using the Oath Rod to undo and redo Oaths to truly be sure who is BA which Egwene uses to Purge the Aes Sedai of black sisters (although Verin tells egwene that verin was looking for the Oath Rod to do attempt to save herself, so maybe Egwene would have figured it out anyway). Re the headaches - I'm fairly sure Egwene still has some Dreams, although not nearly as many as she did before, but tbh how much help were her Dreams anyway? The only one which was of any use that i recall was the Seanchan attack on the Tower
  5. In terms of plot? I think its still an impressive series. I dont mind the Seanchan aspect. Its a complicated world, why should everything be wrapped up by the end of book 14, what would be left to happen in the Fourth Age then? There are weak points. Fain - after book 7 he had no use but lingered on. Should prob have been killed when he attacked Rand in the rebel camp, as he gave the final clue to cleansing saidin when his dagger wound was sealed against the Ishamael wound by Damer . no need for his minor part in WH and then useless in AMOL. Moiraine - after such a long wait, her intervention in Egwene and Rand's bickering and then joining with Rand in the circle, just felt ... meh. Maybe that was just Sanderson writing, but im not convinced RJ would have done much better if thats all there was to her. Forsaken - some of them were remarkably devious and effective but most of them were downright incompetent - what was the point of Balthamel/Arangar/Halima? She spied on the rebel aes sedai but they had plenty of Black ajah to do that. She gave egwene headaches ... wow. There was just too much on their part which never went anywhere spectacular. Callandor - the flaws magnify saidin taint and leave you vulnerable to women linking. OK. but it ALSO channels the True Power. This plot point fell apart. I'm sure there are others. BUT that does not take away from the awesomeness of so many other ideas and plots like the seanchan the aelfinn and eelfinn the way so many things were set in motion so that Rand would be born on dragonmount What Verin was up to all this time cleansing of saidin Overall I still think the WOT is an impressive body of work, RJ's imagination in world building and creating such complex plot points and setting up so many clues here and there are awe inspiring
  6. in TGS, when Semirhage starts torturing Rand, she is dumbstruck when Rand channels the True Power of the Dark One. This is the point where Rand goes downhill. Was access to the TP merely a side effect of Rand and Moridin's merging? Or did the Dark One purposefully give him access in order to taint him and drive him further to the Shadow? Shaidar haran could even have been rescuing Semirhage in order to set her up to threaten Rand so taht he was forced to reach for the TP.
  7. I think also it takes time for the Dark One to grab the soul and re incarnate it. It took a while from book 1 to book 6 before Aginor was reincarnated as Osangar/Dashiva and Balthamel as Arangar/Halima. Lanfear similarly took a while from book 5 to reappear as cyndane in book 8? 9? So I dont think there was time for Mesaana to come back. I dont think the Dark One wanted aginor back, he wasnt exactly a great success in this Age. Asmodean was caught and forced to betray the Dark one - again, not someone the Dark One would want back - although having said that, He did keep moghedien after she was caught in the a'dam which was odd, as she did nothing useful again , even her attempts at Compulsion on the seanchan during the LB was foiled.
  8. a lot of replies in this thread seem to be about favourite characters, rather than how their opinion of specific characters changed over the series, which was the origina question
  9. Nynaeve was VERY annoying for most of the books. It isn't until she runs off with Rand that I started to truly like her character (she had some great moments fighting Moghedien, and the way she kept calm during the Seanchan occupation of Falme was incredible, but that was overshadowed by her bossiness and pride for most of the books). First she swallowed her pride and went with Cadsuane, to find out about her terangreal so she could help Rand during WH, then she single handedly kept Rand from tottering off into psychosis during TGS, and again swallowed her pride to get Cadsuane's help for Rand, and finally the part where she tells Egwene that she would rather leave the White Tower and all the power she has begun to enjoy from her Aes Sedai status, rather than stop helping people. Rand + LTT = dull character for last two books, we basically lost the original Rand at that point. Elayne. She was a reasonable character until she was raised Aes sedai in LOC then she went downhill.
  10. Callandor was flawed because it had no buffer, it could magnify the taint, and it left the male user vulnerable to control from women. AND it magnified use of the True Power? A bit too much for manufacturing flaws. That last aspect tipped it too far, for me.
  11. thanks! Yeah its not a great explanation but i cant think what else Luc/Isam was for. I DO like the Mordeth/Fain failsafe to kill Rand if he turned to the Shadow or just went into full pyschopath mode as he nearly did in end of TGS. Another example was Min's vision of Rand and another man merging. I'm cant remember now if thats Rand and LTT integrating, or Rand bodyswapping into Moridin. But I remember that Rand assumes that it means that LTT is alive and real, and not just a figment of Taint induced madness. That gives him a chance to believe he is not entirely insane. Its a small thing but its still pretty important, if he had thought LTT was just madness he might have given up or tipped over to despair that much more quickly.
  12. I'd argue that it's important for the introduction of Cads, Rand would never have accepted her without Mins viewing, also it allows him some small measure of trust for AS in general after his time in the Box... Min's viewing about Alivia led Rand to trust the former damane, so that Alivia was able to play a vital role in fighting off Lanfear/Cyndane during the Cleansing. And as mentioned above, led Rand to trust the captive AS enough for them to negotiate for him among the Sea Folk and Tairans etc to stop them fighting so that he could get them organised and ready to fight TG. Min also saved Tuon and Mat from Moghedien. I cant think how Nicola's foretellings were of any use. Elaida's worked against her, as she led herself to believe SHE was the Amyrlin who would direct anger against the Dragon Reborn, and she wasted all that time going after Elayne when it was both Elayne AND Rand who were the keys to the Last Battle. I also cant think of how any of Egwene's dreams helped, other than the warning about the Seanchan attack on the WT. She didnt manage to work out the ones about her and Gawyn in order to avoid their deaths. Tuon's damane seems to have Foretold that Tuon would marry Mat, leading her to him. Of course the single most vital ones were the foretellings of Gitara Sedai, who sent Tigraine into the Waste where she could meet the Aiel and conceive Rand, and then her last Foretelling warned Suian and Moiraine that the Dragon was Reborn. Of course she also sent Luc away, where he was captured and merged with Isam into Slayer. Why was this essential? The only thing I can think of, is that Slayer acted as a nemesis for Perrin, forcing Perrin to become a master of the Wolf Dream - look at how the other wolf brothers, the one who went crazy and Elias, mostly avoided it. Perrin became a master and was thus able to fight in TAR and defeat Lanfear at the crucial moment and save Rand during TG.
  13. i think gawyn was a contributing factor, his death DID unbalance her, coupled with the weight of responsibility of leading the Tower and something of a martyr complex, its not surprising that egwene died. But to be fair, when Taim used balefire and undid hours of fighting to resurrect dreadlords, she prob panicked a bit as well. Maybe if she had more time, and more support from Logain and the BT for example, she could have won without resorting to her extreme method. Still, overall her life was a fair price to pay to destroy Taim and the Sharans. She won an epic victory.
  14. i had no idea the medallion warded against Dreams - wish RJ had made that more explicit in the book, even with a casual reference of Egwene trying to see Mat's dream and having problems.
  15. I just finished rereading all 14 books. WOW. It will def remain as one of my favourite sets of books ever. Unfortunately, I felt like the quality of Sanderson's work went downhill with each book. The plotting got more complicated and the style differences with RJ more jarring. I am forever grateful that he agreed to take up this burden and finish it, and its infintely better than having NO ONE write the ending, but I do wonder what made Harriet and co pick him. I havent read Sandersons own work, maybe he is better without a strait jacket of jumping into the end of a massive popular piece of work like this. Maybe no one else could have done better. I have to wonder though. I still found AMOL kinda boring. Its such a HUGE change in the books. TGS and TOM felt somewhat like earlier books, even if everything got increasingly desperate - the White Tower vs Seanchan, Rand coming to the brink of destroying the world. the epic battle in TAR against slayer and Mesaana. All of that was just a forerunner of the Last battle - which was basically one ongoing fight, and watching a lot of minor characters, all the villains, and Egwene, die. Too many plots seemed to just be finished off as quick as possible - Rands wounds and blood on the rock, shaidar haran, fain. Maybe RJ just didnt leave enough on the LB and Sanderson just didnt have enough to go on. SO we got the adventures of androl and Pevara instead :-/ Happily, I feel like The WHeel of time had a much more fitting ending than certain TV shows which I loved and obsessed over like Lost or Battlestar galactica remake. I can live with the ending we got.
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