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  1. All i can say is that i hope she doesn't stay in a position of power until the end beacuse i DO beleive she is a good leader and is very capable but if she has her way the world will be back to bowing and scraping to the white tower where the tower in NO WAY deserves any bowing or scraping they as bad as the forsaken when it comes to arrogance.
  2. As far as relations with the WT goes, I think the BT is going to stay completely separate from it. So while bonding between asha'man and aes sedai will be allowed, it probably won't be encouraged. After all whoever ends up leading the asha'man (hopefully Logain) is going to want to stop the aes sedai from having any influence over the BT (this is also why I believe the asha'man are going to take care of any darkfriends among themselves without any outside aid, just like the aes sedai). Which also makes me wonder how long Elayne's "you still are a part of my country" is going to last. I mean not only is Logain not going to accept to be apart of any country out of pride if nothing else, but there is also the fact that Elayne is aes sedai and she has guards going around the BT regularly. I don't see how Logain is not going to quickly say enough to Elayne and make it clear that the BT is completely independent from Andor. And honestly if Elayne has any common sense, she will back off. Andor's chances against the BT are close to 0 and it's not like she is losing anything anyway. to comment on elayne and the black tower i think that is dangerouse ground to tread on beacuse lets not forget that elayne is the first aes sedai that is a queen and i dont dout that the WT would back her up if things began to get hairy between her and the BT im sure the AS will be looking for any excuse to go against the BT
  3. I'm not sure that this is relevant to the thread but i think most of the blame for the mixing of ashaman and aes'sedai is mostly the white towers fault the ashaman are hostile beacuse of the way the white tower has treated male channelers in the past(understandibly) however concidering the white towers current boss egwene i can in no way see the joining of the two egwene cares about nothing but making sure that the white tower gets to control everything which i think is he worst possible scenerio i would personally LOVE to see the WT influence PLUMMET to teach them some humility
  4. RAND all the way as far as i can see hes playing egwene like a harp and if she cant even come up with SOMETHING other than rand must not succeed then she definatly aint one to follow if things went her way all aes sedai would sit and twittle there thumbs and watch as the world starved and spend their time trying to make sure everyone listened to the big bad white tower at least rand has an idea
  5. I also find the following quote interesting He closed his eyes, drawing in more and more power, feeling as he had only twice before. Once when he had cleansed saidin. Once when he had created this mountain. When LTT created Dragonmount he didn't use any angreal or sa'angreal. how could it be that he felt anything close to what Rand was feeling with the aid of Choedan Kal? i think it s possible he pulled that much power to him there have been many cases when a channeler pulled on so much of the one power that they did godlike things example being the last queen of manetheren i not sure but when a channeler exceeds there limit it never spacifically states that they die immediatly maybe if under enough emotional duress they can draw on unimaginable amounts of the one power
  6. ok there are many reasons why it was destroyed the most common already pointed out rand almost destroyed all of reality with it and that kind of power was way to tempting and those of you refering to zen rand, well the destruction of the CK was the tipping point that lead to zen rand. the use of OUR realiztic nature of using nukes as a weapon doesn't apply AT ALL to the book the idea is to go by the BOOKS logic and going by book logic if rand bacame the kind of person who relied on power(power that wasn't even his own) then what good is he as a ruler he would be no diffrent than any other channeler i mean if CK was going to win the battle for the light then might as well give logain the CK and let rand and co. go home. by book logic the DO needs to be defeated by more than just RAW power and the rand before the destruction of CK was in no way up to the task. Also rand before the destruction of CK wasn't far different from the forsaken rand would do ANYTHING to win even if it meant killing innocents the forsaken would also do ANYHTING to win the destruction of the CK is what gave rand the push he needed to become the leader to lead the fight against the DO the complete opposite of the dark one he gave up power something anyone in contact with the DO would NEVER do.
  7. I think it has alot to do with being a wolf brother when ever it comes to perrin getting in a fight he goes into instinct mode and acts like a wolf and wolfs are VERY agile creatures i mean can u imagine a giant like perrin moving with the agility and instinct of a wolf i think thats as dangerous as a trained warder there is a reason trollocs and the other people of randland dont take wolves lightly
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