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  1. or the Prophesies had a spelling error and its "once for morning".
  2. Why does AOL chanellers tilt their head as if they are straining to listen? Examples I most recently noticed are in TSR: Lanfear meeting Rand near the beginning of the book, Asmodean as Jasin Natel, and AOL Aes Sedai near Ruhidean.
  3. I think her only option is to bar female Aes Sedai cooperation.
  4. I have to admit that it seems rather unlikely - him suddenly reappearing would very much feel Deus Ex Machina like. He had his part - and is history. Or better said - he had never existed at all :) It would be very weird. Its just a silly thought of mine revolving around the silver-gauntleted hand grasping lightning bolts. Sammael sits on a throne with that symbol, which to me means he took Be'lal's throne after he died as a little momento of winning the Illian v. Tear battle. Unless Be'lal didn't actually get balefired, and he can back as Taim. Chalk that one up to crazy Monday theories.
  5. Well I don't have the answer but I will share my thoughts until someone who really knows can come along and answer it for you. I thought that it was a plot cooked up between Mesaana and Be'lal to get the girls to Tear where they would capture them (as they did) and use this to get Rand to come to the stone so that Be'lal could grab Callandor off him. Because they didn't know that Rand would go straight to Tear anyway. Also some of the Black Ajah had to get out of the tower after Falme as once the girls returned they would inform Siuan about Liandrin being Black Ajah so Liandrin would have to flee anyway so she might as well take others with her and grab as much ter'angreal as they can (remember they also tried to break into the room which housed the angreal). Note this is just my conjecture hopefully someone else has something more solid which could well prove me wrong. That makes good sense. Its weird to see Rahvin make the statement that Be'lal always rushes his plans rather than let them take the time they need. Doesn't really match up with someone who's nickname is "Netweaver". Is there any possible way that Be'lal actually survived Moiraine's balefire? Maybe something Ishamael did right before the balefire hit?
  6. Those aren't Trollocs. Those are Seanchan. Still never happened in the book, but they aren't trollocs.
  7. Why does Messana order the Black Ajah to reveal themselves by stealing the ter'angreal stash AND flee to Tear? It doesn't make alot of sense. Is that to both capture/kill the super girls and disrupt Be'lal's plans to get Callandor? From Rahvin's perspective, he's happy to see the girls get in Be'lal's way, but wants them dead too. And via Perrin's dreams, while Black Ajah is laughing that the super girls are captured, Lanfear is laughing at them. The only thing I can get out of the whole exchange is that the reader gets an insight into how all the Forsaken fight, plot, interfere as much with each other as they do the light.
  8. And lets be honest. There are quite a few Waffle Houses in Ohio. ;)
  9. Its back up as of now. Also, not saying I would undertake this effort, but it would be easy to implement a wiki/encyclopedia that could restrict information based on a book list. In fact, probably would make a nice smart phone app. hint hint.
  10. Which means the Light wins. Not like anyone actually believed it would turn out any other way.
  11. I assumed it would be Nynaeve and Egwene due to Ishamael wanting them captured and transported to Seandar.
  12. I suppose we will have to wait for the new testament book: The Letters of Verin Sedai to the People of the Dragon.
  13. I started reading the series in 2008, so I had the fantastic position of only having to wait a year for TGS. I didn't have problems with any of the books, but I'm sure that has to do with having 10 to read at the back-to-back. The entire series is wordy, not Tolkien wordy, but wordy none the less. The only time I got frustrated is when I felt the characters making mistakes, acting stupidly to what is before them, etc. But if you think about it, those words have gotten you so attached to these characters that you are yelling at your book. So in the end, its worth it.
  14. The Sahra Covenry "guess" would be on The Shadow Rising, Chapter 17 page, not her actual page, nor the farm. See footnote 8. And wouldn't it be a nice turn to see that the real Mazrim Taim is gentled and with the Borderlanders Aes Sedai as well.
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