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  1. It's not that they can't leave the towers, it's that they don't go far from them.
  2. I was on the plane and started crying from laughing so hard about the "do you know how hard it is to bury a stand of oak trees?" and my girlfriend looked at me like I was insane. No matter how much I explained the joke, she just shook her head... :(
  3. Gir


    It certainly makes sense to have the ability to hide it in the dream world, because most people can't get there. And since, Moridin showed it off to Graendal we know it can exist in the real world too. <quote> Good find, but I don't think it was a dreamspike, as others have pointed out, for several reasons. 1) Rand and Asmo skim right to the fog. 2) The Shield is destroyed during the battle, and nothing seemed to affect TAR, where the spike would be. 3) The size of the object you mention doesn't match the descriptions of the dramspikes, which were on a shelf when Graendal saw
  4. Gir


    Yeah, I'm pretty sure Rand and Asmodean Skimmed back and forth from Rhuidean to Alcar Dal. So it couldn't have been a dreamspike, unless it was inactive somehow. No, they quite clearly skimmed to literally just outside the fog of Rhuidean. They battled in the city, and after the battle and the fog starts to dissipate, that's when Lanfear appears, apparently able to travel inside of the city now. In TOM, Perrin's only means of stopping the dreamspike is to destroy it in the nightmare lava, however, he has to do this because he can't manipulate ter'angreal. One could assume that a cha
  5. Gir


    Moraine got dragged in to the door frame with Lanfear while in Carhien, if i remember correctly. I am not sure where the angreal all are.
  6. In my first re-read of the series (book 5 so far), I came across what I thought was an interesting tidbit following Rand vs. Asmodean's battle in Rhuidean. 1) The both travel to just outside the city, they don't travel in to it. The Shadow Rising (Book 4) p971. Lanfear said to Rand and Asmodean, "You have made a thorough job of it. Can you feel the traces? This place was shielded in some way. You did not leave enough for me to say how." 2) Rhuidean had a shield over it, a near dome around the entire city. p 976. a black metal shaft like a spear standing upright, improbably b
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