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  1. I hated the Gawyn fight because it went way overboard. Had there been 2 Bloodknives it would have been a little more believable (but not by much, 1 should have been able to keep Gawyn busy while the other kills Egwene), but the fact that 3 Bloodknives, 100% dedicated to their mission, so dedicated that they actually kill themselves to do it, go and fail miserably. They fight 3 on 1 against a random encounter while they could easily have ran to 3 different directions and thus force Gawyn to pick one, then the 2 others would just kill Egwene. There's only so much space a lone man can cover, so while one would have fought Gawyn, 2 others could have just stuck a knife into Egwene. Anyhow, not to make this into an arguement thread about that, here's my favorite scenes, in no particular order: Perrin making his Hammer Rand meeting with his father Aviendha's Rhuidean thing, and the Nakomi part on the way Androl scenes (I love all Black Tower scenes in general) Rand's epicness at White Tower My list is basically the same. All those scenes were just really, really good.
  2. Rand didn't use compulsion on Tuon. BS said so in an interview. Besides, even the dark Rand never did anything really inexcusable like compulsion if you think about it. He is made to look very menacing but he's never really gone over the edge. I would say his dark aura is very menacing and demands respect and authority. A very dangerous man with a vibe of darkness is a great way to convince people to do as you will.
  3. He could probably go, he should probably go... but will he? Doubtful, he has too much on his plate at the moment.
  4. Seeing as WoT was one of my first fantasy epics, I thought I'd continue with Song of Ice and Fire. After that we'll see. Sadly I don't have as much time to read as I'd like. As for forums, I'll continue to go to the ones I go to now, maybe to other book forums if the books intrigue me as much as WoT does.
  5. Rand has the same thinking in VoG, and reaches the obvious conclusion - with free will there is always a chance to change the outcome. If Rand the village boy could see it, maybe Moridin can too, even though he is a somber pessimist.
  6. I still like the old Rand more. Whoever says being efficient is evil?
  7. Not a sign of madness, it's how they were raised in the TR. Perrin has a very hard time working up the courage to "fight" back against Faile when they argue and Mat vows off harming women after the Aiel DF and the sul'dam(this almost gets him killed in the street fight KoD). When push comes to shove, Mat could make a tough decision to save his entourage. It hurt him a lot to order the sul'dam killed, but he knew that if she lived they'd have an extremely hard time getting out alive. Rand was faced with a similar dilemma, considering the people who died because of Semirhage. Letting her live was playing right into the DO hands, probably part of the plan all along, and it worked well too - they broke Rand.
  8. Considering how well it went for Moggy in captivity I was just waiting for Semirhage to break loose and cause untold havoc. Nynaeve should know this. The end result could arguably have been better had he balefired her, since they got nothing of value from her and lost a few good women. But as the saying goes, hindsight is 20/20. I would probably kill the guy and get my hand back... but I really really like my hands.
  9. With all the talk of him using "tools" isn't his hand a useful tool? I realize he dismisses it a few seconds after, but that's because he knows he can't change what's been done (unless of course, he balefires her). At this point he was already cold, calculating and basically emotionless and isn't really surprising he wouldn't fret over a loss. There's a difference between those he's killed before and a Forsaken. They're special circumstance. It's like the difference between having a female soldier in your army die in a war and killing a mass murdering sadist who takes extreme pleasure in torture. I realize he doesn't hurt women intentionally, but it's really stupid in this case.
  10. Kind of raises the question of what the hell the AS have been up to the last 3000 years. Two words: Pillow Friends. :) And with those two words, everything is OK. :D Sure is. Who could possibly argue against something so... good?
  11. His code of conduct almost cost him his life as well as the pattern itself. I agree that it's completely insane, but he should never even consider the Forsaken as people at all - they are the embodiment of evil, and should be treated as such. It just annoys me that Rand doesn't realize this, even after having his conduct cause problems in the past (Colaveare etc).
  12. Why didn't Rand balefire Semirhage in the attack? He could probably have gotten his hand back, so why not? It's pretty clear at this point that he has no qualms about doing what is necessary forthe greater good. This has annoyed me for a while, it doesn't seem like he was knocked out long enough for him to be unable to do it and he knew of the time altering effect of balefire. Thoughts?
  13. Kind of raises the question of what the hell the AS have been up to the last 3000 years.
  14. Rand allowed her to continue to possess the most dangerous weapon in the world, as well as an item that could have had profound negative consequences to the side of the Light if it was ever used. Cadsuane failed to do an adequate job of keeping them safe. I guess it's technically more of a case of gross failure than treachery; nevertheless, the fact is that Rand didn't take Stalin's solution to an epic fail on the part of his subordinate. What more could she have done to keep them safe? The box was warded, so it's not like the items were just left lying around. Rand not using the Stalin method in no way makes him a model of forebearance - she took reasonable precautions, and the Shadow overcame them. Rand's treatment of her was unjust. Neither the Seanchan nor the AS had any allegiance to Rand, therefore they are not traitors (although in the case of the Seanchan, they would have been had they gone against the orders of the DotNM). Nor was Darlin, who was in open rebellion. I'm not defending actions, just saying they are not traitors. Her weak precautions almost lost them the world, not to mention Rands sanity. It was the final push that put him over the edge to the DO side. I think his treatment of her was way too lenient. Maybe they weren't traitors per se, but they betrayed his trust.
  15. I guess for once, curiosity didn't kill the cat. I find it hard to believe that nobody like Nynaeve has appeared before, somebody with the will to heal everything. Unless they go through some sort of brainwashing to become AS - one that forces them to conform to tradition and take no imaginative initiative - I feel like somebody (A Brown maybe, or a Yellow) should have dedicated themselves to trying. Well, not only are people with that iron strong belief probably not very common, but the fact is that Nynaeve did not go through the brainwashing (because that's what it is), was already strongly opposed to the aes sedai because of Moiraine taking Rand, Mat and Perrin away, and was also inclined to doubt the aes sedai since she was so much stronger than them and found a lot of things easy. Tavereen influence can't be dismissed either. Nynaeve despising AS turned out to make Nynaeve the best AS of them all - one not caring for the politics and scheming, but more for the wellbeing of everyone and the help and advice she can lend to Rand. Maybe the WT losing it's iron grip on the world via the Seanchan and the BT will open up more "impossible" discoveries. I still think a Nynaeve should have existed before. Maybe they were all sent away from the tower, though it seems pretty far-fetched.
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