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  1. My best friend got me hooked on Redwall when I was in fifth grade... read them all but I don't remember much other than I loved the series. Now I wanna reread them all...
  2. I LOVE THE BEATLES!!!!! 8) I've had a sort of Beatles obsession ever since I was about nine. John Lennon is my favorite Beatle. I love every Beatles song, although my favorite is definitely Let It Be. Hey Jude, Get Back, and Come Together come very close though.
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    It doesn't come anywhere close to making sense. Not at all. Harming God's creatures because one of the species acted in self defense. (Even if you're not religious, it's still impossible to deny it's wrong). Humans have destroyed so many habitats, killed off so many species, for incredibly unreasonable things that are as far from instictive self defense as they could possibly be. And then there's what Zardi mentioned about killing what Steve Irwin was trying to preserve. Doesn't make sense at all.
  4. Certainly not I. *looks around shiftily*
  5. (^she lies) *is completely INSANE* hey, welcome to DM. hope you have fun here, i know i do. if youre still trying to find where you belong in the DM community, a good place for someone new is fiddlesticks. its a good place to meet people until you find a more serious place on the site, and a good place to spam when you get bored of seriousness. 8)
  6. Me, I start my junior year of high school in less than two weeks. :( I am definitely going to have a science major in college, and I plan on taking Spanish as my minor. I don't know which science yet... I have already taken biology and chemistry (loved both), and am taking physics this year. My major's going to be some combination of those; I won't know which two I'll like the best until I experience physics. I plan on eventually doing cancer research. By the way, all of you who majored in science in college, any hints to what it's like? Is it anything like high school?
  7. 15 is sooo the best age to be. im turning 16 though in about two weeks... then 16 will be the best age to be. 8)
  8. I first experienced RJ when I found A New Spring in my local library. I liked the book, and knew there was more to the series, but I couldn't remember the author's last name and couldn't find the books, and so eventually gave up looking. My boyfriend is just as avid a reader as I am, and when I asked him for suggestions he mentioned the Wheel of Time books. I didn't even realize that these were from the series I had been looking for until he started mentioning character names. He was also the one who brought my attention to this website; if he didn't, i would probably never have known that it existed.
  9. Covenant mentioned Magic Kingdom for Sale: SOLD! by Terry Brooks, but forgot to mention the Sword of Shanara series by the same author. (Kingdom for Sale is a good series, but I personally prefer the Sword of Shanara.) I would suggest this series to any reader.
  10. mine is a mix of my initials and a character i invented long ago. 7 is my lucky number, and i just prefer to write it as 07.
  11. hello everyone. i just joined today because im interested in submitting something for the anthology, and figured i might as well do other stuff here too. im not only new to this site, im also new to any site like this, and i didint realize until just now that im the only one with numbers in my name. oops. anywho, i look forward to becoming a part of the dragonmount community.
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