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  1. :( still no Vegas... Though one of the Memory Keepers in SLC got Brandon to sign a copy saying "The Wyld approves of your regard of him" for me...
  2. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I have been Barid Bel's fan-girl since he stepped out of the Gateway into Shayol Ghul at the beginning of LoC. Every tiny morsel we were given for him only made me love him more. On Wotmania, I was "Marigan, Devout Servant of the Great Lord of Chaos, Barid Bel!" (Oh, and I've read "Tigana", and can agree with the reference.) I've been searching constantly for some historical, cultural basis for "Bao" or "The Wyld" (since most of the characters of any substance in the series have some "real-world" parallel, so if anyone can help I'd appreciate it (I wrote to Brandon, Maria and Rey (James' nephew) in hopes of some kind of semi-help...like what the words mean at the very least since we received no glossary.)) It took me a couple of days to get my book, and I couldn't help myself, I had to read the spoilers. In my copy of tGS, Brandon signed it "Kristi, I promise Demandred will be in aMoL!" I asked him then if I was right in my assumption that James was saving Barid Bel, the Best, for last. (And yes, everyone who knows me, including Ta'veren Tees and Ariel Burgess, knows me as "Barid Bel's Biggest Fan" (in that I won't call him anything BUT Barid Bel unless it's absolutely necessary.)) Brandon told me then that he would be the Prime Mover for the Shadow in Tarmon Gai'don, so I was content. In April of last year, there was a writing symposium here in Vegas, and Brandon met a few of us outside to sign books and answer questions. I gave him my license plate that says "ASHAMAN" (the car it was registered to was destroyed, and I can no longer drive, but anyway...) He let me follow him around for about an hour, asking questions for the Facebook Chosen group I was a member of. You might guess that a good portion of my questions naturally were about Barid Bel. At the time, we were having a "cage match" in our group, no channeling allowed. When I asked him if Barid Bel could beat certain people, I got most definitely on some of them, on others, it was "that would be a closer match." He DID tell me that Barid Bel was a blademaster, but that he spent his time developing other skills (remember, he was the one who truly deciphered the Old Texts about War, probably the first among the AoL people to study battle and tactics...) Barid Bel, if you recall in aMoL, does at one point say "I've improved see he and I last met." So he hasn't been idly sitting by, playing with his concubine. Like most historical warlords of any renown, he probably used his skill to defeat those who got in his way, to prove himself as "The Wyld", and kept in constant practice to increase his skills. (A lazy Warlord is a dead one.) For the longest time, I've compared him with Caesar, but from what we were shown, I'd say he was presented more as Attila or Temujin. So, as far as his skills as a blademaster go, I find it shocking that people misunderstood the whole bit from WH, where he thought to himself that Generals aren't supposed to fight with the ranker soldiers, as meaning he was weak in one-on-one combat. Very few generals worth the name would ever go down with the ranker soldiers...EXCEPT if they were on the point of breaking and needed rallying, then their general would show them his courage by joining them. A general who fought from the front-lines was considered an idiot for the simple fact that you can't general anything if you're dead! It's your JOB to stay back and direct your troops!! Anyway, so I wasn't surprised he beat Gawyn or Galad, thanks to Brandon's answers. I wasn't surprised by Lan either. Here is Barid Bel, the GREATEST general their world has ever known (remember, he accepted that Mat was wonderful, but Mat also had the memories of countless battles to draw up...Barid Bel had 10 YEARS of the War of Power, and he was running Mat into the ground no matter what he came up with!!) He spent all his time out of the Bore building up his battle skills, and it took the most legendary blademaster alive, with an anti-channeling medallion on, who had to SHEATHE THE SWORD to bring him down!! Barid Bel BEYOND proved he was the best (cause Rand sure as hell never beat Lan! Barid Bel very well might have without Lan's "Arthur defeats Mordred" move!) So, as I said, I read the spoilers as far as Barid Bel was concerned, so I knew what was coming. I got to the last page of that chapter, and it took me a good hour to work myself up to turning that page and reading it. And yes, I cried. Don't get me wrong, I cried at other moments during the books. But you could take all the crying I've done since 1998 until now and stack it up against Barid Bel's death, and I STILL cried more for him. Maybe some part of me hoped that there may have been a chance for him (and considering Rand's thoughts on the matter of how tragic his "turning" was, I don't think I was off the mark.) I grew up around a brother, a step-brother and a step-sister who always got into trouble, who were into drugs and gangs, my step-sister was a whore, and even though I was the good girl, I got straight As, did all my work, stayed out of trouble, I was the one treated like I could die tomorrow and no one would care. 15 years of being surrounded by it, and I still bear a lot of resentment toward my siblings (and 22 years since I left home.) Imagine almost 400 YEARS of constantly having someone rubbing your nose in how good they are, how much better they are...Rand thinks to himself that if he had only congratulated instead of competed, if he had appreciated instead of bragged, how different things might have been. Even in Barid Bel's PoV in aMoL, he thinks of him as "his friend". Another point RJ made was with the Seafolk Windfinder sisters that lead the Bowl use in PoD: no hatred runs as deep as a sibling's. After 400 years of being around "your friend", growing up together, learning together, working with each other, etc., Barid Bel and LTT were close enough that when LTT took Ilyena, Barid Bel considered it a betrayal. Even in the end, he knew his hate was twisting him. I can compare him to Logain's ending PoV in this: Logain could have taken that sa'angreal and made himself the most powerful man in the world. And despite how much he had been damaged, he was able to pull back at that last moment. Barid Bel, when speaking to his concubine, even thinks to himself that he could ALMOST let it go...almost. But as the saying goes "you keep carrying that anger, it will eat you up inside." For everyone who wants to downplay him, go ahead. The Romans did the same thing until Attila ripped their empire to pieces. As for other answers I got from Brandon, his most telling one was "Why does he need to be "posing" as anyone? Why wouldn't it be enough to be "Demandred"? He's not "posing" as anyone, he's hiding in plain sight." So Roedran was never a possibility for me. The only other real thing I asked was about the connection between Barid Bel and Shadar Logoth (if you recall, in CoS, while everyone is looking for Liah, LTT rants that he needs to kill him, and Rand asks if there was a connection between him and Shadar Logoth, and LTT never answers.) I asked Brandon if it was something akin to what happened with Mordeth: who really DID honestly want to destroy the Shadow, and ended up in 'Finnland, and was twisted by what he received. Brandon said he couldn't answer completely because of the plotline (I love it when he does that rather than RAFO), but that there was definitely "something" to it. Well, now we know... So call me a crazy fan-girl, but Ariel Burgess designed her card for Barid Bel based on my suggestion of which actor he looked like (Goran Visnjic, thank you very much!) And Brandon even had the man HIMSELF name himself as "Barid Bel", never once calling himself "Demandred". He obliterated the combined forces of the Light, and again, it took Mr. Creator's Immunity "Sheathing the Sword" to bring him down. So yes, this is one satisfied "fan-girl".
  3. Okay, Ariel is being a kind, wonderful person, so I won't be. She has been working on these cards, originally just as a "what if" idea, since way back in Feb 2011, and had her account on deviantArt, http://reddera.deviantart.com/, for over 4 years. Ever since starting on the images on her Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/In-Memory-of-Robert-Jordan/164127706972822, her intention was always listed as a hope something might happen to get the images made into a poker deck, since James loved to play Poker. From the very start, she asked, even PLEADED, for input from fans. I've been there since very nearly the beginning, constantly amazed at her talent and willingness to accept critiquing. Perhaps if some of you had been more involved with what she was actually going through BEFORE the idea even had a hint of becoming reality, actually looked at the original line drawings and designs, maybe you'd have a different perspective. How many of you remember Berelain's diadem looking like the eagle from Wonder Woman's costume? Or when Moghedien looked like she was a runner up for playing Regina in "Once Upon a Time"? How about when she was at a complete loss for what to do with the Aelfinn/Eelfinn, and EVERYONE was pitching in because no one had a real definite ideal of them in their minds. What about when she floored us with her Mesaana/Danelle dual presentation? (And I'll forever love her for using Goran Visnjic for Barid Bel (and those of you who know me KNOW I had to just add that in!)) Where were you guys when we tried convincing her that Robert Carlyle (as Rumpelstiltskin) was PERFECT for Fain? What about when Rand looked like Hayden Christensen (<shudder>)? When we had a Trolloc Teddy Bear, instead of the one we have now that actually LOOKS like the twisted blend of human and animal stock? Or the glorious moment when Hopper was added to Elyas' card? I can, literally, keep going. At one point, she was simply creating the characters from her mind's eye, and then when it turned into "official" interest, she received the "list" of desired characters (and I'm still vocal about my disapproval of Rhuarc being ignored.) Even through the increased pressure of an official commission, she was ever gracious and friendly, still constantly open to criticism and suggestions. When the time came, she submitted the images for approval. And, whether any of you like it or not, if HARRIET says "this is the way these characters look", I dare you to go up to HER face and tell her she's wrong. Even after submission, Ariel was asked by TPTB to make changes for more accuracy, until each and every single one of the 54 cards passed the test. There are some of you complaining about accuracy, in which case I would point out that maybe you'd better read the books more carefully! For instance: Mat's scarf was black up until he tries to sneak a visit in the rain to the Palace to see Birgitte in ToM, and he ends up using it to block a knife thrust, which shredded it (ToM, ch 22, "The End of a Legend".) He still wears it until ch 31, "Into the Void", where he drops it in the middle of the Dusty Wheel (better known as the Rumor Wheel) because it has a hole in it, right before the final fight with the gholam. And then, in ch 52, "Boots", he has gotten a new scarf, and deliberately chose RED in honor of Tylin and the others the gholam had killed (he even thinks to himself that he very briefly considered "pink"...VERY briefly.) For those of you who are complaining that Rand is too "pretty", need I remind you who his brother is? It's been stated constantly throughout the series the effect Galad's appearance has on ALL women...do you REALLY think his younger brother is going to be that much unlike him? And even more significantly, how often did women throw themselves at him (before he became "harder"), talking about how handsome he was. Look at Berelain's performance in the Stone in tSR, where she tells him how attractive he is. And, last time I checked, he wasn't a "half-mad Dragon Reborn". Some of you may have missed the end of tGS and didn't read ToM at all, or you would have known that issue has been resolved courtesy of the Fisher King/Rand Sedai effect. And finally, the "comparison" to Dem888's "Tarmon Gai'don" (or should I say very thinly veiled accusation of copying). Here are the two, together: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2583777409356&set=a.1313934384074.34850.1702137269&type=3&theater First, let's start with the Banners. Now, it's pretty hard to argue about them: James was VERY specific about them in the books: Perrin's Wolfhead is pretty straight forward, it's going to look similar. The Banner of the Band of the Red Hand is very distinctly stated as being a red, open hand (Ariel's certainly looks more like a hand to me, but maybe my hands are just shaped differently). It also, VERY specifically, states that the Band's motto is on the Banner: if you look at Ariel's, near the rim of Mat's hat, you can see the motto plain as day. It is NOWHERE on Dem888's. The Dragon Banner is also VERY specific: if you look at the cover of PoD, Ariel's Banner is close enough to be acceptable without anyone being able to accuse her of stealing DKS's image. The Dragon Banner, on Dem888's picture, is "letter-wise" rather than "landscape": the Dragon is supposed to be flying across the sky, not looking up at it like a statue. From the banners to accessories: I assume Dem888's Mah'alleinir has a leaping wolf on it (I mean, I can see some wavy lines that might be the shape of a wolf.) You can't miss Hopper on Ariel's. As far as Callandor goes, it's a crystalline-looking blade, slightly curved. I must have missed the bluish tinge in the description somewhere...I know it's crystalline and all, but "blue" would have been mentioned somewhere...whereas, again, Ariel's appears a far more accurate depiction, based on the actual book descriptions. Mat's Ashendarei has the most differences: there are two ravens on the blade...and ONLY two ravens. I have no idea what Dem888 did with his blade...I mean, there COULD be a raven on there...somewhere. The ravens on Ariel's are too light (yes, actual criticism!) But the most important thing? The INSCRIPTION is actually on Ariel's (we tried to get it in the Old Tongue, but there weren't enough of the words available.) And finally, the appearance of our Ta'veren: Perrin, in Dem888's version, looks like he should be screaming "This is SPARTA!" at someone. Furthermore, his eyes are just WRONG. Nynaeve very distinctly states, in tEotW, that the yellow only touches his irises. Mat's (James Rigney's) hat is supposed to be BLACK. PERIOD. And for all you worried about Mat's scarf, up until the point mentioned above that takes place after the gholam is beaten, Mat's scarf is BLACK, not GREEN. Oh, and Mat's coat was green from Ebou Dar until Thom buys him a new one in ToM before they leave to get Moiraine. Not blue. My final complaint (for now anyway)? The knives. Mat wears two lower leg knives in the top of each of his boots, not the insides of his thighs. As far as I know, I've only ever seen women who are supposed to be "spies" or assassins wear a knife on the inside of their thigh, and usually under their skirt. Not to mention the fact that four knives, set up the way Dem888 has them, would make walking rather...difficult... Finally, there is Rand. Rand with eyes that are supposed to be grey sometimes, other times blue. Dem888 makes them ice blue (to match Callandor I suppose), Ariel gives the blue-grey I don't know where Dem888 got his idea for Rand's outfit, it's very Imperialistic, suitable for the meet and greet with Tuon. Ariel kept with the current, at-ease-with-himself Fisher King. Also, Ariel's version has the Dragon belt Aviendha gave Rand, Dem888's does not (and Rand doesn't take it off except for bed...) About the only thing I can say they agree on is the height... So, who wants to "thinly veil" accusations of copying against Ariel? She produced a piece that is factually accurate, per the given descriptions in the books (minus Mat's inscription not being in the Old Tongue.) Don't get me wrong: I like Dem888's pic well enough for what it is. I personally could not produce anything like either of these two people. But I'm not going to just sit here while people bash Ariel's work, or even toss in "copying" remarks, after watching her bust her rear for the past two years to bring us something fantastic. You guys don't like her work? Don't buy it. It's really that simple. And since it's taken me such a ridiculous amount of time to write this, I'm certain I'll have more comments to make...
  4. So what happens if we want to be a Memory Keeper for a later event? (I mean, I at least HOPE they are planning to come to Las Vegas at some point!)
  5. Actually, Brandon has said that whether or not there are prequels would depend on Harriet, but don't count on it. The only games in the works are a) one that Red Eagle was working with Obsidian Entertainment to create (they blew it, so it looks like that isn't going to happen; and b) two mobile/tablet games with Jet Set Games, which they were only able to raise $3000 of the required $450,000 necessary (so that isn't going to happen either.) Considering Mr. Rigney's opinion of Red Eagle, I consider this a blessing. I'd rather have NO more WoT material than anything Red Eagle touches.
  6. Absolutely beautiful Jason! (does this mean that it will come out sooner than January?)
  7. Welcome to the wonderful world of Randland!!
  8. She's currently losing, so please vote! http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fsf-fantasy.suvudu.com%2F2012%2F04%2Fcage-match-2012-championship-moiraine-damodred-versus-kylar-stern.html&h=GAQGwWlStAQEY8WzKqBZ24UxewumQkVOfKr3A4604rdn6xQ
  9. I would kill for some REAL attempts at Barid Bel. Even Seamas still hasn't tried him yet!!!
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