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  1. Hi, Stormlight archive is beautifully and imaginatively written. I think you will enjoy it.
  2. I had flu for the last 2 days and cracked on with reading the last 3rd of AMoL. In the last few hours, I have observed an epic battle encompassing an entire world. Characters I have loved have died and had their hearts broken. Tam has set fire to his son's funeral pyre and so many other emotive moments. I have cried so much. My high temperature has not shifted one bit Overall I am in awe of what I have read, but also struggling to come to terms with an end to the turning of the wheel. What now? Anyone else feeling bittersweet at the journey having finished?
  3. Bela's death, Gawyn dying in his brother's arms. Probably the worst for me was Tam lighting his son's funeral pyre.
  4. Hi all, Just finishing The Shadow Rising, love it. My husband got me into the books about 6 months ago. I'm not a fast reader so I've been listening to them on cd in the car, you can imagine trying to deal with a busy roundabout and trying to concentrate on Aiel history! I drove back crying from work coz perrin had just found out his cousin was alive after the trolloc battle. Anyone else listening rather than reading? I sometimes miss bits, but it helps that my hubby knows the books inside out.
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