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  1. Thank you for your patience guys!!! Interview can be found here: My linkhttp://fantasy-faction.com/2011/brandon-sanderson-interview I asked quite a few questions suggested by users of the three forums I posted in as well as various Wheel of Time, Way of the Kings, Mistborn and Writing questions. I hope I done the fantasy community justice. If you could leave a small comment and give us a like on youtube, that would really help securing future interviews for our readers and would be most appriciated. All the best :)
  2. Hello guys, Not sure if any of you are familiar with my site, but without spamming anything out there, I run a not for profit - Fantasy review/article based website. Anyway, I've been given the opportunity to meet up with Mr Brandon Sanderson for about an hour next week in order to do a video interview... something I'm really excited about and looking forward to presenting to the fantasy community once it is done. The reason I am posting on here is because I'm looking for questions to ask Mr Sanderson that haven't been asked hundreds of times before... I want to give him some more unique and challenging questions that were perhaps missed or avoided in the past and hopefully give him a feeling that this interview has been a bit different to ones in the past. Most interview with Brandon were done before Way of Kings and the next Mistborn was fully announced and therefore there can certainly be questions orientated towards those titles... So basically, I'm opening myself up to suggestions from the Fantasy community on what to ask... what do you want to know about Brandon, his writing, his past series and his upcoming ones? If you'd like to reply with questions you'd like me to ask I'll do my best to fit them in... I look forward to presenting the video once it is done :)
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