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  1. I'm in the same place as you in my current re-read. I thought that she wanted the Oath Rod because it had different markings from the one in the Tower, and that made her think it was at least 50/50 whether the other Rod could release her. She hadn't been strictly forbidden to (try) to escape because Therava enjoyed toying with her hopes and was confident that Galina, unable to channel, would be recaptured if she tried to escape. Also, I think that Galina by this point would not believe that a group of Sisters from the Tower would necessarily win against the Shaido, or even be persuaded that this was an urgent task for them to undertake. Everyone knows that the Last Battle is coming, the Tower is broken, etc. Still, I don't find the Galina storyline -- or indeed the whole Shaido storyline -- particularly interesting or compelling. We don't care enough about Galina, even as a villain, to make her story meaningful. She's really there so that the interminable story of Faile in captivity will have some drama, but in my view, it doesn't help the story be anything but intolerably dull. It should have been both begun and resolved in Winter's Heart, or failing that, Perrin should have made the Seanchan alliance at the end of Winter's Heart, and then defeated the Shaido in Crossroads of Twilight. (Assuming that book has to exist at all.)
  2. It's not only about raw strength. To whit, wasn't Graendal drawing on a circle of compelled channelers? So who is to say how much strength she had.
  3. Any further posts to this thread will only degrade its quality.
  4. Regarding the Green Ajah -- the Green Ajah was supposed to prepare for the Last Battle, and was known as the "Battle Ajah." Most sisters of course don't think that the Last Battle is going to occur in their lifetime; that means that they are really the Battle Ajah, and it is easy to understand how someone with a mind to battle could fight for the Shadow as well as the Light. Of course, it is also easy to see how someone might be really interested in fighting the Last Battle on the other side. It is stated that the Black Ajah approached only full sisters so if anything has been going on with the Novices and Accepted, it would have to be something new under Mesaana. That is possible.
  5. There was a big discussion of this a few weeks ago. http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/topic/67408-census-randland-996ne/
  6. This is one that really stuck with me. For some reason I recur to it frequently...just keep thinking about it. Also, "The Car'a'carn has embraced death." Or is that too climax-y? In a way everything post-Veins of Gold in the timeline is climax.
  7. The wonder girls eat Chinese food in Tanchico, but isn't the style of food actually from Arad Doman? I believe that the innkeeper jokes about the willingness to eat even the food of your enemies if it is in style. This makes sense as well since the Domanis are always described as if they have stereotypical Asian features ("copper skin," e.g.). Someone questioned whether RJ had really confirmed that the WOT world is our world, and yes, he did; I can't find the quote myself but he explicitly stated that the Third Age is "our future and our past." The primary reason the continents look like ours but messed up is, IIRC, the breaking of the world, which dramatically changed the features of the world. Shayol Ghul was at one point an island in the Barents Sea. Now, obviously, Europe has somehow become a lot bigger, but if I remember the BWB rightly, Asia looks quite a bit smaller. The breaking was serious business.
  8. The trouble that I have is that the Sea Folk thought it appropriate to require concessions from anyone in order to fight the Dark One on their own turf, control of the weather. It makes them seem ridiculously parochial and self-interested. The Third Age Aes Sedai are in many ways a hopeless bunch, but no one would ever need to bargain with them to fight the Dark One. When I read those sections I am always just waiting for Nynaeve or Elayne to humiliate them over the fact that they needed to be paid to prevent the Dark One from winning and frustrated that the wonder girls never do show them up for their idiocy and narrow horizons.
  9. The viewing isn't meant to lull the reader into thinking Tear is safe. Min explicitly says that the viewing doesn't guarantee he dies in his old age, just that he dies in bed. (Because Rand assumes this, and she corrects him.) If anything, then, the viewing is supposed to make us wonder exactly what this post is about -- whether Darlin will be murdered in bed or some such thing. But at the same time it might be a red herring. Maybe he will survive!
  10. I wrote a theory a year back, which basically argued this point. In fact I said that the DO would lose even if he overwhelms humanity if Rand dies "spitting in Soulblinder's eye", not giving in to despair and the temptation of the dark. http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/topic/57800-is-the-story-already-over/page__p__1787299__hl__story+already+over__fromsearch__1#entry1787299 I don't entirely believe my own theory, but I wrote it because I think that it gets at the single most crucial element in the narrative.
  11. Just read this file at the 13th Depository: http://13depository.blogspot.com/2009/02/saidar-strength-ranking.html From this you can easily see that yes, of those with the Shawl, Nynaeve is strongest, although there are non-Aes Sedai channelers who are stronger. Among those who are not Forsaken (Lanfear, Graendal, etc.), the former Damane Alivia is strongest, followed by Sharina, the novice. Talaan the Windfinder apprentice is as strong as Nynaeve. Among all female channelers, Lanfear is/was strongest. As Cyndane she is "only" as strong as Alivia. I find it somewhat amusing that Bode is as strong as Cadsuane. "You know who's as strong as you, Cadsuane? Bode. That's who. Bode!" I have no idea why I find this so funny.
  12. When? When do they refer to Rand as the Lord of Chaos? Now who do you suppose that the Darksiders consider "the most foolish person" or the "lowest person" whom they might decide to allow to "rule" temporarily? Whom do they want to spend his time making things worse through foolish decisions preparing the way for the "true" chosen rulers of the world to return? Is there any person but Rand? This is what the Dark One means when he tells Demandred to "let the Lord of Chaos rule." He is saying, "Let the Dragon do this thing for now. The time will come for the rightful rulers--just me really, but let's pretend that you might be one too Demandred--to return, but right now we're going to let the Lord of Chaos rule and let his foolishness serve our ends." What ends were those? The Dark One and Moridin knew that the purpose was the destruction of the pattern. They wanted the pressure of ruling to drive Rand insane. But the others could plausibly have thought that Rand was simply meant to muck things up while they prepared their armies etc. to take over his dispirited subjects.
  13. The phrase "Lord of Chaos" means something like a fool. The Darksiders use it to refer to Rand, not the Dark One. As for the reason for the war, I think that Rand explains one reason in ToM: The Dark One wants to destroy the hope and will of those loyal to the Light. The Dark One depends upon the treason of those living in the Pattern to destroy the Pattern--on its own the Pattern is sufficient to hold back the Dark One, and he requires human beings within the Pattern to serve him to create the conditions for him destroying it--and this war encourages such treason against the Pattern. Some, like Ingtar, betray out of hopelessness. Others betray because they see in the Dark's war a way to gain selfish ambitions. The Dark One also needs the war to create the conditions for the widespread use of balefire, which weakens the Pattern and allows him greater influence. I wouldn't rule out other reasons but both of those strike me as very important reasons for needing a war with the Light.
  14. Rand is not a model for male sparkers. The reason he channels with such facility without a teacher -- killing Ishamael, for example -- is because unlike all other individuals his past life is seeping through. He is not learning how to channel, he is remembering how to channel.
  15. So....reading everyone's responses, I feel that my reasoning was flawed, because I didn't know of that Robert Jordan quote about the Dark One's power to resurrect anyone and because I didn't think about how heroes may be under other rules. It still seems hard to say whether the Dark One can influence the soul of anyone he nabs after death, but we do apparently know that he can nab them, so that is interesting.
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