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  1. Scenes: ...Kneel or be Knelt... Just too cool to see the Aes Sedai manhandled. Tam hollering at Caudsuane. He should have spanked her. Rand apologizing to Tam. Lump in my throat. Rand hopping through the portal stone realities and Baalzamon saying I win again, Lews Therin... Battles: Perrin rallying the Two Rivers folk and Faile leading the other Two Rivers folk to Emonds Field. That battle was pretty breathtaking. Dumai Wells is right up there too.
  2. Rand cut through the dark one's protection against insanity that Asmodean had, not 'un13x13ed' him... Asmodean was not 13x13ed as far as we know. I do like the idea of healing a 13x13er though.
  3. I have some 13x13 related questions for the learned folk of Dragonmount. I can never seem to find what I am looking for in the Team Jordan Q&As or the many RJ interviews: Has the process for 13x13ing channelers to serve the shadow been described? Is there a 13x13 option for followers of the Light? Could Rand's new ability to intimidate/break darkfriends (like the lord and lady in Marador) be something along the lines of a Light version of 13x13?
  4. I've never been a fan of the 13x13 theory regarding the BT. I think the split is more of a normal one. It's pretty easy to divide a larger group into smaller factions with a little manipulating, there are several experiments in RL showing this. Also I expexct Logains coming glory to be a part of this somehow. Something other than a natural split is going on. The Aes Sedai and Ashamen that are being turned to Taim's faction change into something different. Something cold and cruel and dead inside. I think the 13x13 theory holds.
  5. I just posted something similar to the OP in another thread... Just finished a full read through and totally enjoyed the latter books. I remember hating them, but that was most likely the wait between books...
  6. I'd even say he got lost on the way. :) I just last night finished my second full read through of the series. It was nice having all 13 books to read one right after the other. On my first read through, I read them as they came out and I would have shared that opinion, with anger and disgust while expressing it... However After reading each one right after the other, I could not disagree more. The action might have slowed down, but the intrigue took its place seamlessly IMO. Even the Elayne ascending the throne chapters in the final books were not nearly as bad as I remember them. On my original read through I seemed to remember a lot of chapters with secondary and tertiary characters, but there were not nearly as many as I had built up in my mind. I gained an entirely new respect for the work after a straight read through. And now only one more book...
  7. I don't think she asked for a way out. She foresaw (whether in Rhuidean or with foreknowledge from the Stone of Tear doorway) that if she wasever going to get out it would be by Matt's, Thom's, and another unknown at the time man's assistance, not via a wish.
  8. Matt was a bad example - I was confusing his death then undeath by balefiring Rahvin with the hanging. It was the former that the prophecy referenced, not the hanging, so my sloppiness there... Aside from that, I didn't imply (or assume) that the Finns killed her or where exactly she died, I'm only saying that she died. She might have asked just before Lanfear killed her in finnland, we don't know yet (and hopefully we will know after AMOL...). What does indicate her death was the bond to passing to Myrelle and Lan going mad/suicidal. Both of those, along with Lan's non-madness when the bond was passed later on to Nynaeve, are what I base her death on.
  9. Moraine died, just in the sense that Mat died (and then came back). That's when the bond passed to Myrelle (sp?). I base that she did actually die because Lan felt the bond with Moraine snap/dissolve/whatever and it drove him crazy for a while. And we also know that just passing/releasing the bond doesn't make him go crazy because when Nyn took the bond from Myrelle, he didn't go crazy again. So I think one of Moraine's other gifts/requests would be to survive/live again.
  10. Heck, I hope it goes two more books. I would also hope there are at least a few (to several) chapters after everything is resolved to show the paths our favorite characters might take in the future that we can speculate on ad infinitum.
  11. I really like that idea too, but like the other ideas (including the red veiled Aiel) still feel there isn't enough 'umph' to it that would shock Team Jordan members. Maybe I'm just setting the bar too high on my expectations. But I hope we're as floored as Hariet and Wilson.
  12. Was the bore sealed improperly? I might be totally wrong (and I might be repeating somebody else's theory, there are so many I can't even keep track), but I thought the 100 companions, all men, sealed it? We know that the greatest acts of the one power all were only achieved by men and women working together. Since the bore was only sealed by men that to me seems why it is growing and and the seals weakening... LTT seems to know this, he's been muttering to break the seals since LOC when Taim gives Rand the seal he found. I always thought the two CK would be used to seal it, but now looks like Callandor weilded by Rand and 'Insert Female Here' will be used to seal it.
  13. I'm on a re-read right now, just finished FOH about 3 weeks ago, I don't remember reading what happened to the wagons of Rhuidean loot other than the Red Doorway melting... Anyone know for sure?
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