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  1. Did Rand give Min or Aviendha a 'gift' before he left to fight the DO? Or was it just Elayne? Does this imply that he plans to see Min and Aviendha again, whereas not Elayne?
  2. I finished the aMoL last weekend, and I have been following the series for 20 almost years. I thought overall that BS and the rest of their team did as good a job as anyone could have under the circumstances, save for RJ himself. After reading the first 1/3 of the book, I really thought that they had ruined it; but, it was finished off very well and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I have to say that I am extremely melancholy and even sad that it is over. Its almost as if part of my own life has come to and end, after following the story for so many years. I am glad that most of the main characters survived, as I can keep them alive in my mind's eye forever. My favourite scene: Rand nodding to Cadsuane as he was leaving his own funeral. My least favourite scene: Gawyn's idiotic decision to face Demandred. This is an extremely immersive world, and I am trying to bring myself out of it and the melancholy by starting another series. Just wanted to bring closure by saying thanks to RJ, BS and everyone else involved.
  3. Do you guys/gals think that the copy foxhead medallion that Mat plans to give to Tuon will play some role in 'freeing' the damane? We know that when wearing the copied version, one can't channel; I can't help but feel that this will be significant somehow, in regards to the seanchan and the entire sul'dam:damane relationship.
  4. Well, I wouldn't go so far as to suggest that the hero's role in this case (Rand) will be a passive one. I think that the focus will be on keeping the DO at bay while the others in the circle are sealing the bore. But, you're right, over time the glory will be attribted to the members of the circle as opposed to Rand.
  5. Thanks for the info. I think my theory can still hold, though. Only difference is that Rand uses the OP to occupy the DO while the other 3 are sealing the bore.
  6. I think that Min's recent viewing involving Callandor in ToM and the 'Logain's Glory' viewing are totally related. Here's what I think is going on: 1) Min keeps telling Rand that Callandor must be used by himself and two other women (Nynaeve and someone as yet to be determined, but probably Egwene or Moraine IMO). 2) However, she also tells him that it is flawed and will leave him somehow exposed. Well, if he is in some kind of circle trying to break/seal the bore with Callandor that will leave the DO completely unattended for some period of time (really dangerous IMO). I think this is the flaw; that is, you can't seal the bore and fight the DO at the same time. 3) Callandor channels Saidin/Saidar (depending on the role the women have in it). It makes no sense for Rand to use Saidin while fighting the DO, when he now has access to the seemingly much more effective TP. 4) Min 'sees' a black onyx hand holding Callandor; I think this is where Logain comes in. He is a member of the BT (albeit somewhat in hiding at the moment). The black hand is the foretelling of a member of the BT wielding Callandor. 5) Nyn and Logain already have a history together; she healed his severing, and thus, he must trust her quite a bit. Also, Nyn must know whether he is internally a good guy or a bad guy from all that probing she did when trying to heal him. 6) So, here how its going down IMO: - Nyn, Moraine or Egwene and Logain form circle with Callandor - Rand breaks seals and keeps DO occupied using the TP. - The 3 wielders of the OP/Callandor seal the bore. - Logain gains his glory. Rand probably dies, although I'd be happy if none of the good guys die. Point 7 is a little more far fetched - but an interesting thought anyway: 7) also, I think that Gawyn's bloodknife terangreal may play a role in keeping the three wielders of Callandor hidden during the MMA fight between the DO and Rand. The only reason I say this is because there are 3 terangreal and he might give one to Egwene if she ends up going to SG with Callandor. The fact that these rings work on both guys and gals makes me think they might be useful in that regard. Although, once they start using the OP at SG anyone who could channel the OP would be able to see them I suppose. Alternatively, they may just scare/awe the Seanchen when Egwene next meets them. Can you imagine her Warder standing behind her with these 3 rings in plain view, while negotiating with the Seanchen. Almost like scalps taken after a battle (I am getting off topic). Anyway, what do you guys think about my theory regarding Logain/Callandor?
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