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  1. Yes, but Moridin was using Calandor at the time, not Rand. Also, Rand was in a link with two women. It wouldn't matter that there was no buffer on the sword because he was protected by the two women. That is why Cadsuane said the only safe way to use the sword was in a link with two women. That is absolutely what Rand was thinking at the time, but since Moirane and Nynaeve suffered no ill effects, the same should be true for Rand. Makes no difference in the end, as Rand's body ended up dead, and Rand (in Moridin) unable to channel. I just read that scene I referenced before between Demandred and Taim as Brandon's attempt, though a bit heavy handed, to set up post TG Rand being unable to channel. Again, true, but I believe the body plays a role as well. That is why when the forsaken were getting reborn (Moridin, Cyndane, the 'Gars, etc...) not just any body would do. I really don't know if Moridin would have been able to channel in Rand's body, post swap (assuming he'd been conscious). I believe that there was an RJ quote at some point that said that a soul with the ability to channel didn't end up able to channel every time they are reborn. As I said in my first post, it is splitting hairs, because it is clear that Rand can't channel post swap. He is also, unquestionably as unique case. If anyone would be able to just get over being severed, it would be Rand...
  2. It might be splitting hairs, but I always assumed that Rand didn't experience any of the side effects of severing/burning out because his body wasn't severed/burned out, Moridin's was. Demandred says earlier in AMoL that drawing the True Power through someone else (like he did to Taim and Rand and the ladies did to Moridin) was a good way to burn someone out. Rand was protected from overdrawing by being in the link with two women. Moridin was burned out during the sealing and then Rand body swapped into his body, which had already lost the ability to channel. Perhaps it is the act of being severed/burned out that causes the side effects.
  3. They control that Forsaken. That forsaken isn't going to be doing anything, IMO. At the very least, she won't be much of an asset. The first thing the Sul'dam made Egwene do, once they captured her was destroy all of her possessions. I would guess this is fairly standard procedure for them. Moghedian was wearing her soul trap. If she tried to resist, I think they'd be even more likely to force her to do so. After that, I doubt she'd be able to teach them anything. Actually, she made Egwene destroy a tree. And I take the only possessions of Egwene that were destroyed was her clothing; and that by Seanchan, not by Egwene. I take standard procedure to be to replace the damane's clothing with a gray dress and to destroy only the damane's other clothing. Other possessions of the damane I guess would be stored away from the damane. Yes, immediately after her capture, they try to force her to destroy a tree. The passage I was referring to comes later, in Falme when Egwene is talking to Min in the Damane kennels. She tells her the Sul'Dam made her destroy all her possessions, if memory serves. Damane have no possessions, only what is given to them by the Sul'dam (a point I believe Egwene makes in the very scene to which I am referring). I doubt that any Sul'dam would sully themselves by keeping something that was once owned by a Damane.
  4. I think it was a statement on the style of the bow, as well. The Shinarans use, if memory serves a much smaller style of bow. They actually poke a little fun at Rand in the begining of TGH. I don't think it odd that a group of soldiers would ask to try Rand's bow, as it is so different from what they use.
  5. They control that Forsaken. That forsaken isn't going to be doing anything, IMO. At the very least, she won't be much of an asset. The first thing the Sul'dam made Egwene do, once they captured her was destroy all of her possessions. I would guess this is fairly standard procedure for them. Moghedian was wearing her soul trap. If she tried to resist, I think they'd be even more likely to force her to do so. After that, I doubt she'd be able to teach them anything.
  6. I'd say that is exactly what happened, but I don't think the nature of Callandor was the issue for Moridin. When he used the TP to shield Taim, Demandred thinks that doing so risks burning him out. With Callandor, Rand was pulling orders of magnitude more of the TP through Moridin than Demandred did with Taim. I'd say, further that the reason that Rand isn't experiencing any of the typical negative side effects of being burned out (death wish, etc...) is that he wasn't in Moridin's body when he was burned out.
  7. Demandred, when shielding Taim thinks that drawing the True Power through someone else runs the risk of burning them out. At the time, he was using a comparatively small amount of the TP. When Moridin was drawn, against his will into the circle for the sealing of the bore, he was drawing a huge amount, using Calandor to supplement his power. I'd say that the reason that Rand can't sense the sense the TP or the OP after the body swap is because Moridin, not Rand was burned out. Rand, or perhaps more accurately, Rand's body would have been protected from burning out by being a part of the circle with Nyneave and Moirane. Is it not possible that, though burned out, or (again for accuracy) occupying a body that has been burned out, Rand does not experience the negative side effects of severing or burning out because he did not experience the actual event? Stilling was, I believe described as an incredibly painful experience. I can't imagine that being burned out is any more pleasant. Perhaps this injury, for lack of a better term is part of what causes the loss of the will to live that those who are stilled or burned out experience.
  8. The Wise One's views are, I belive also based on what people who entered TaR in the flesh did while they were there, as well. It was used for evil purposes, thus it is evil. Don't have a quote on hand, but I think Amys, Bair and company said something to this effect to Egwene before she figured out how to enter TaR, physically...
  9. Regarding Moghedien, at least, I don't think she has much of a future, though I suppose techically she'd survive. She was wearing her cor'suvra when she was captured. Egwene tells Min, in TGH that the Suldam made her burn all of her clothes, and said "Damane have no posessions." Though it would have happened off screen, I think, Moghedien was about to be forced to destroy her own soul trap.
  10. Just because she is a bad guy it doesn't mean she doesn't tell the truth from time to time. Since her whole reasoning behind her plot to kill Moirane and Nyneve at the sealing was to get back into the Dark One's favor, I see no reason to believe that she was lying to Perrin here.
  11. Actually, in one of her conversations with Perrin, Lanfear tells him she is no longer one of the forsaken. Hardcover page 259
  12. I too think the Seanchan will stop collaring women. Just before Fortuona decides to comit the Seanchan forces to the last battle, she speculates that she could swoop in and collar the Aes Sedai, she thinks that those Marath Damane will be needed to retake the Seanchan homeland. Sooner or later, either someone (Mat) will point out or she will realize that if the Suldam she already has learn to channel, she will significantly increase the number of channelers she has at her disposal. By releasing any Damane collered in Randland, she can probably even negotiate for assistance in retaking Seanchan. The benifits will be huge. It would just be a matter of finding a way to cement Suldam and Damane loyalty to the Crystal Throne. Perhaps one of Moridin's binders will end up in her hand?
  13. The pipe itself was forshadowed as well. I caught, in a reread that Min sees a lit pipe over Rand's head when she first sees him, post-VoG in ToM. I've read the book at least 3 times, but didn't remember the viewing until I'd read AMoL.
  14. It would be impossible, IMO for the TP to be used, at least directly to seal the bore, even if it can be safely weilded there. Whether it comes through the link to Moridin, or through some other channeler who has been granted access, the TP is drawn from the Dark One, through the bore. You can't stand outside a door, reach through and close it from the inside, your arm (or the TP itself) would block the door and hold it open. I would say that, unless someone were to throw themself into the bore, and use the TP to close it from the inside (which would likely cause a whole host of additional problems), the TP isn't the answer.
  15. I agree that whatever method Messanna used was probably common knowledge in the AOL. At that time, I suspect anyone who was about to be bound was likely shilded and searched thouroghly for any inverted weaves. This is not something that was done during the BA purge. I also agree that access to the rods was secure enough to make it effectively impossible to get one. I think the whole dream rod was not ever thought of during the AoL... As far as making an oath not to let any other rod bind you... I don't think it would work. That would be like making the oath effect the rod, not the one bound. At best, I would think that such an oath would simply make it impossible for Messana to make any other oath while holding any other rod. I think it would cause a bit of suspicion if an AS simply didn't say anything while holding the rod.
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