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  1. This has little to do with the original topic but I wanted to add a little something I was thinking about while reading what Sylvan Fox had to say. There is this Anime called "X" that is a lot like the WoT. In that you kinda of have 2 sides, both fighting with crazy powers for the future. One future is the destruction of the earth while the other is to just keep it the way it is. Now both sides have a champion and they are the same, just 2 sides of the same coin. They start out with different names but once one of them makes a choice on what side they will fight for the other becomes his other side. Take on his powers, and his name. What is this is what LTT and Elan went through? What if they both could have been the Dragon... and what if once one of them make up their mind... the other, by the wheel, would have been forced to the other side. To me, it seems that the wheel has all the power. The wheel is always in control. It keeps the balance. And how does it do it? By allowing a tie. The light never really wins, and the dark never really wins. You will always have both. Always.
  2. At this time you have 4 options. Option 1: Movie. This is in the works but so are 1000s of other books that will never even get a budget. WoT has the fan base to maybe make a go of it... but it would have to be marketed to fans and new comers alike... someone is going to leave unhappy, just saying. Option 2: Series A series would have to be 10-20 eps long for 13 seasons to tell this story as a whole... of course who wants to watch a series of a whole bunch of nothing right? So gloss of, compress and boom... 10-20 eps for 5 seasons and boom... 50 ish hours of footage should cover it right? Option 3: Current style of web series. 1000 hours per book... huge amount of time, low budget, and all in all... a great fan made thing but nothing that would go viral. Option 4: Netflix type series. Now if Hulu, Netflix, or some youtube giant were to drop some coin you could do 10-45 min shorts for as long as the money flowed. You could really use a new way to tell a story and maybe even pave the way for other such projects to get done. I admit, that it would be glossed over to the 9s but i think this could work. Side note: I also think that they could do a huge movie that compressed the first 3 books... then drop some money on a few season to fill in some blanks before you dropped a huge 1-3 movie end on the whole thing to cap it off. Plus, if you do it this way you can hire nobodies and give them time to learn to act so that the final bit will be much batter...
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