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  1. Page 39, The Gathering Storm: "Of course she intended to capture him!" Moridin roared, causing Mesaana to flinch. "That was what she was ordered to do. And she failed at it, Mesaana. ..."
  2. I know Jordan confirmed that Mazrim Taim is not Demandred, but did he ever shut down the possibility of Taim being Moridin? I notice striking similarities myself, most notably, of late, the adoration with all things black and red. I know this theory has been circulating around here and elsewhere, but I'm not familiar if Jordan has denied it. Someone in another thread mentioned that Taim doesn't seem as "insane" as Moridin, or as off-beat, eccentric, etc. But that could be part of Taim's disguise, and could we really say Taim hasn't shown some signs of eccentricity or even insanity?
  3. Even though I want Demandred to do something (and something terribly evil at that), I find his mystery to be kind of exciting. In the prologue to TGS, I just loved how Graendal was calculating what all the Forsaken were up to: Mesaana in the White Tower, Moridin being Moridin, Aran'gar with the rebel Aes Sedai, Cyndane and Moghedian flocking about to Moridin's every fancy, and Semirhage in the Seanchan high command. But then this line about Demandred made me crack a smile: She was confident she knew the plans of every one of the remaining seven Chosen. Except Demandred. I do hop
  4. The prologue to The Gathering Storm let more light onto the whole Semirhage attack. It's more logical now since Moridin had ordered her to do it. He seems to be taunting the Forsaken.
  5. I know they had ter'angreal. I recall that's how they knew there were others channeling or were able to hide their own channeling (I believe the latter) and I figure that had to be why Semirhage's Illusion sucked so much (it kept "flickering"). I didn't realize Semirhage was so tall, either. But she kept being described as this really tall woman. I'm glad the black a'dam collar came back into use. Egeanin last had it in TSR, but I had a feeling it would be coming back.
  6. I forgot to mention: the Epilogue was amazing. Mazrim Taim is a very interesting character, his line (Let the Lord of Chaos rule) was greatly delivered. There's definitely something to this character. I do wish in a way that he was Demandred. It would give more credence to Demandred, make it seem like he really is doing something, and thus would make him a more convincing villain rather than a lurker. Or if not Demandred, then Moridin in disguise. But in other ways, it does add character to Demandred without being Demandred. Taim's jealousy of Rand and his inner workings show us how Deman
  7. ^ So was the ter'angreal the cause of the Illusian waxing on and off? I didn't really read into what was causing it and thought it was strangely malfunctory for a supposedly powerful channeler. Semirhage's capture was a good part in the novel because it returned us to some of the earlier books when Rand and the Forsaken went head-to-head, but it also showed how flawed the plan was. Others have said the Forsaken are weak villains because they're defeated too easily. I have enjoyed the Forsaken myself, but I do agree that they're being captured or killed much too easily by people who haven't be
  8. Just finished Knife of Dreams, and I'm impressed. The series has been going downhill since Lord of Chaos and reached its lowest point with Crossroads of Twilight. But Knife of Dream redeemed it. But my question is: Is it liked because it's the closest to reach the levels of Lord of Chaos since that book, or is it liked because after CoT, it just seems so good? I think it's liked because it finally ties up the overbearing Perrin/Faile storyline, and seems to do so with Mat's as well, and Elayne's is obviously making progress now that she has the throne secured, and even Egwene's small chapter i
  9. This is where Verin makes her big reveal, right? Well, I'll RAFO. I already have an idea of what she's going to do that makes her such a beloved character on this site.
  10. That's what I've been doing. It makes it flow better and seem more linked rather than having 13 (soon to be 14) novels as individual works in a greater context. And I've loved (or liked) all the books too, even CoT (as far as ratings go, though, it would be like a 7/10 tops). But KoD has been sooo much better. And today I start The Gathering Storm.
  11. Well, because Pyre hasn't gotten to CoT yet, I'll spoiler this.
  12. "Fires" is the best book, Pyre. I'm sure you'll be as enthralled by the ending as I, and most others here, were. And then you'll get to "Lord of Chaos", which is brilliant. After that, the series takes a downward pike, but don't worry; if you've enjoyed it thus far, I'm sure you'll continue to enjoy it. I remember how exciting it was when I was reading the 4th-6th books. That was the height of my intrigue in the franchise and also the greatest point, and it's not been the same since. Cherish it.
  13. I agree. Most of the topics that keep coming up are ones I dare not venture into...yet.
  14. Oh yeah, so this thread has been bogged down in a war of time and songs, and that's silly. There are a lot of other fantasy works to compare Wheel of Time to. I recommend "His Dark Materials". It's definitely not like "Wheel of Time", but it has a nice touch of its own, is very original, and has no problem with getting controversial, although I think the controversy element is overrated as I didn't personally find it controversial. In particular, "The Amber Spyglass" is a magnificent novel. So far, as individual novels go, none of the "Wheel of Time" books were as good as "The Amber Spyglass",
  15. So I've been thinking of reading A Song of Ice and Fire now. But I have a hard time imagining I'll like it as much as Wheel of Time.
  16. ^ Rand couldn't have good genes from Tam...since he was an orphan.
  17. ^ I kind of agree with what you say. When I was reading TSR, I didn't like it as much as AFTER I had read it. In the months afterwards, maybe from reading the next few, I appreciated it more. But I agree that Fires of Heaven and even Lord of Chaos trump it in terms of quality and entertainment.
  18. At one point I thought they were going to choose Moiraine to be Amyrlin. In "FoH", they first started talking about how they needed to choose someone who wasn't at the Tower to make it less suspicious (I don't remember the exact reason, my bad), so I was thinking they were pointing to Moiraine...then she went and got herself vanishing through an arch.
  19. I thought Egwene would become Amyrlin...in like the last or almost last book. Not then. By the way, I'd go with "Shadow Rising." It's a great book, number 3 or 4 on my list (probably 3), but a lot of people place it as the best in the series. Fires of Heaven and Lord of Chaos top it quite handily. But I do still love it immensely.
  20. If the Creator is the Flying Spaghetti Monster, then this whole series makes perfect sense. All plot threads not yet connected, or explained (better way to put it), won't need to be, because that's enough to explain them.
  21. I loved Lord of Chaos not just because of its ending (which was, of course, brilliant) but because of other things that happened in it. It had two of the most shocking moments in the franchise: Nynaeve healing Logain. She actually Healed gentling/stilling. I was so shocked when it happened that I closed the book and had to absord it all in for a few minutes before reading some more. AND The Salidar Aes Sedai choosing Egwene for Amyrlin. I was almost as startled here as I was when Nynaeve Healed gentling/stilling. Those two shockers impressed me so much, because I love when the
  22. ^ Gasp...Logain = Demandred. Min's aura of greatness for Logain comes true. I just ruined the ending. No worth reading it now.
  23. From where I'm at in Knife of Dreams, I garner Semirhage is the next to die. That would make her one of only two female Forsaken to die so far. It's been all the guys who have been having their butts handed to them on a silver platter, except Demandred of course. Demandred is the only male Forsaken who has not yet died/been reincarnated. Only one female has so far (Lanfear). That was an interesting point that dawned on me in the conclusion (by other members) that the Forsaken are buffoons. The females seem to have this thing going where they're smart enough not to strike Rand...at least insofa
  24. Eh, well, obviously I like the covers, most of them anyways.
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