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  1. Do you mean KoD with "The House on Full-Moon Street"? Yeah, she seemed cocky when Birgitte reached her. She's like, "Oh-I-knew-nothing-would-happen-because-my-babies-will-be-born-well." Maybe the Black Ajah would have seen to it that the babies were born healthy, so Min's viewing would still have come true, and then they kill you right after they're born so that the Shadow has Randspawn.
  2. Could the black cord have been Ishy's connection to the DO, like how Rand was able to cut Asmodean off.
  3. While I do enjoy many of the characters and like some varying points of view, I agree with AuldGoldBear. There get too be so many storylines and characters in each of them that it gets bogged down. Your example with Thom is a bloody excellent point. In the first three books, I adored Thom immensely. He was "fatherly" and yet also "friend-like", his sacrifice at Whitebridge being noble, his reunion with Rand in Cairhien being incredible, and his ventures in TDR being rather solid. After that, he just gets cast in as "there" with the other characters in Mat's party. I'm glad Moiraine's letter has finally be revealed, for now I foresee him doing something great in the future (Towers of Midnight, I assume). There are also some unnecessary point-of-views. The ones from the Sea Folk are perhaps the greatest examples, but then we also get unnecessary POVs like from the captain of the Deathwatch Guards toward the end of "KoD" when his small band comes to find Tuon and Mat. That easily could have been told from Mat's POV instead, and it was briefly, but it started out from the other guy's POV just to clarify that Mat seemed like a rascal and not the future Prince of Ravens. We already knew that.
  4. "The Gathering Storm" question Chapter: The Last That Could Be Done Semirhage has collared Rand and is forcing him to choke Min, when suddenly Rand feels a strange power overcoming him. Lews Therin screams that they must not use it as it was "HIM" (Shai'ton), and then a face passes before Rand's view. Was that Moridin, helping from his "bond" with Rand? He did say previously that he could kill Semirhage for what she had done (the hand), but why would Moridin go against Shaidar Haran (the most sentient form of the Dark One at this point in time)? Shaidar Haran came to Semirhage with explicit instructions that she must not fail, so I don't know why Moridin would go against orders from Shaidar Haran and kill Semirhage like that, unless Shaidar Haran was getting annoyed that Semirhage was toying around too much and not focusing. Odd. By the way, if it's actually a RAFO thing, then I'll do that. I was actually just curious if this is speculatory or if it's actually something already revealed, in which case I can definitely RAFO it. If speculatory, though, I just wanted to contribute to it and ponder if others have.
  5. The reason I was so fascinated by Jordan's Semirhage was because she was like barely there, seemed so mysterious (not exactly Demandred-level mysterious, but close) and was just this monstrous tormentor. I was cool with her under Brandon's supervision up until Shaidar Haran set her free and she just got way too cocky and stupid. I had perceived her as one of the smarter and more powerful Forsaken, and so she should certainly have been smart enough to heed Shaidar Haran's words more carefully. Shame, shame. ...I haven't yet seen Graendal transform into a stupid bimbo yet, but I sense it coming. Shame, too, because she was also somewhat shrouded in mystery, although not quite as much as Semirhage had been.
  6. Sheesh, rude much. Those cocky rolling eyes add nothing to conversation or debate. Obviously I don't really believe Egwene is ta'veren as Jordan made only the main trio ta'veren. More or less, I aim at a discussion of why she isn't ta'veren, and why she's able to do everything she is. I believe the reason so many people from the Two Rivers are "special" or "gifted" is because Rand is uber-ta'veren and controls their threads somehow. That may also interfere with other characters beyond the Two Rivers whom he meets, such as Elayne, Min, and Avienda, especially as he has sex with all of them and bonds them.
  7. Yeah, what's Robert Jordan know about the Wheel of Time? Obviously not as much as True Source Creator... I. am. Robert. Jordan.
  8. Definitely. At Dumai's Wells, my jaw dropped at the weaves the Asha'man were doing because none of the "good guy" (*cough* *cough*) organizations thus far had shown any outward sign of kick-assery like they did there, as the Aes Sedai were just throwing fireballs and lightning in any prior engagement (except when Moiraine balefired Be'lal).
  9. Christopher Waltz: "That's a BINGO!" Seriously, they seem like rejects, judging by their pasts before joining the Shadow.
  10. In the direct series, yes. I should rephrase it to the universe of the WoT, then. But, psh, Egwene's ta'veren. It's so freaking obvious. Nynaeve must be, too.
  11. I've pondered on this. I do feel there will be some confrontation with Shaidar Haran, but surely even killing "it" couldn't kill Shai'ton. But, I just don't reasonably see any way Rand could actually confront Shai'ton, because if that happens Shai'ton would have to be outside the Bore...unless Rand could somehow be inside the Bore (I guess that could be possible if the Forsaken had been trapped into the Bore).
  12. ^ Artur Hawkwing. He was all ghostly in TGH, but it still counts as an appearance!
  13. ^ Not true! There are technically at least 4 ta'veren in the series, and one of them does make a "cameo" performance in TGH.
  14. Major difference between Sanderson and Jordan: Whereas Jordan would devote 4-5 chapters at a time to a single character/group's story arc, Sanderson splits it up more. It does cut down on the monotony of storylines like Perrin's, which were tedious as they would span as many as 6 chapters at a time. But it also makes the focus jump around a lot more than before. However, I'm just glad Rand has not been reduced to a cameo or near-cameo performance, which had happened a couple times under Jordan's focus, especially in "Crossroads of Twilight" and, suprisingly, "The Dragon Reborn." - in which he only really appeared in like the last act. WTF! Also, Sanderson's been giving us more Forsaken. I like that, although I have a feeling that had JOrdan wrote the last book, we'd have got about as much Forsaken as Sanderson has given us because it is, well, the last book.
  15. From Himiko's post in the thread titled "Elayne". Rand's uber-ta'veren status made all the other ta'veren born around him, and since he was brought to the Two Rivers, that means they were born there, and which also explains why so many channelers have been brought from there since TEoTW. Soooo...Egwene's ta'veren. Duh!
  16. Entreri: I do agree that the Forsaken are just pawns, and they don't realize that, which is why they're so flawed. Moridin understands, though, and I have a feeling Lanfear/Cyndane will have more importance later (I hope so, she was always my favorite). Another point I'd like to reiterate. The Forsaken are defeated because they don't really work together (in a slight way, Lanfear and Asmodean did for a time, and Demandred is something of a "player" with two of the sexiest women of all time by his side: Mesaana and Semirhage). They act in their own interests and for the most part haven't actually tried to kill Rand but have been weaving other ways to enhance the Shadow. Rahvin didn't go directly to Rand. He had control of Caemlyn and soon would all of Andor, the most powerful nation in the south, which would have definitely hurt Rand's chances for Tarmon Gai'don. He was smart, too, for he had preparations for Rand's arrival, with the traps that would bring Rand directly to him. He really only died because of Nynaeve distracting him. Otherwise RAnd would have been the one balefired to death. Sammael also didn't go directly against Rand. Rand came to him, and Sammael had a similar trap set up that brought them to Shadar Logoth (much as Rahvin had brought them into T'A'R). Be'lal also had a trap for Rand at the Stone of Tear, but he was killed because of Moiraine, something he wasn't expecting. Balthamel and Aginor may have been unprepared as they were the first cast out of the Bore (with Ishamael) and weren't prepared for the channeling RAnd did from the Eye...and Balthamel was too distracted by raping Nynaeve anyways. Osan'gar fell victim to the power of the Choeden Kal and couldn't really do much beyond that (and wasn't it Elza who killed him?). Lanfear was blinded by hate when she fell through the doorway ter'angreal with Moiraine. And Ishamael...I think he "wanted" to die, the way he kept taunting Rand in the first three books. Semirhage did try to capture Rand, not kill him, but things got out of hand with Cadsuane's ter'angreal, and later Semirhage just got cocky, but that felt a bit misplaced because Shaidar Haran warned her that she had only one last chance. You'd think she'd be smart enough to get Rand to Shayol Ghul first then torment those Aes Sedai.
  17. I agree. I love the Forsaken actually. Any chance I get to read about them, I just savor it and often re-read those parts most frequently...especially "At the Gardens" from KoD. I do hate how they're defeated too easily, but I agree with what you say. They've been flawed, and that should be expected. The only major complaint I have with any of them is what I read today about Semirhage, who had before been my fifth or fourth favorite Forsaken. But they actually have caused much havoc and could still cause more. Mesaana has split the White Tower, Ishamael/Lanfear tried to convert Rand, Lanfear/Asmodean placed the seeds that shook the Aiel Waste and the Shaido rebellion, Rahvin nearly obliterated Rand, Sammael held an entire nation under his thumb and only died because of Moridin's help in Shadar Logoth, Aginor created the freaking Shadowspawn, Semirhage had control of the Seanchan and nearly captured Rand (her second failure ticked me off a bit, though, because she did get a bit too cocky there and should have listened to Elza when she had the chance), Aran'gar did god knows what with the rebel Aes Sedai, Moridin understands that the Forsaken cannot live for eternity like the others think. Weakest links: Moghedian, Asmodean, Be'lal. Moghedian's only major accomplishment was finding the Domination Band, but she was captured too easily and has since been a toy for Moridin.
  18. The romances. GAH! Why does every character have to have a love interest. My biggest complaint is just hearing Gawyn want to break into the White Tower to save Egwene...without having any real relationship with her. Ugh! And I don't like the portrayal (from the women's point of views) of all the males as stubborn, wool-headed, idiotic, macho, etc. etc. etc. Sheesh! I don't think it's right for a guy to slap a girl or what have you, but there should be some restraint to having almost every woman character slap or talk down to at least one man in the course of the series.
  19. I just remembered Gawyn. He has to be perhaps my least favorite character. I loved that he was absent for most of the series, but here I am reading TGS. Something really interesting had just happened And then we shift over to...Gawyn. EWWW! Galad, too. Such a snooze. These "manly" men just annoy me. By extent, I don't care much for Gareth Bryne either, but at least he's more noble and likeable than those two. And Perrin's chapters bored me for a while (between PoD and KoD). They had some slightly interesting points, but mostly they were bogged down with his devotion to find Faile and with his knot making. Blegh. I also never cared for Luca. That was my least favorite part of TFoH. I know they get a lot of hate, but I like all of the Forsaken...well, not really Be'lal because I never got to know him. BUT today I finally got to and she annoyed me. I was starting to like her more and mroe because she was finally in the books after being away for so long, with a cameo performance here and there. She came in in KoD and nearly killed Rand, so my respect for her went up, although her failure mitigated it somewhat, especially as she wasn't supposed to be trying to kill Rand to begin with. But I loved her backstory, all the torments she describes, her constant reminder to her captors that she will kill them. For a while, I was so hoping to see her actually break out and just turn her captors into piles of blood, just shred them apart with the most notorious weaves imaginable, like she said she would. But then when she did get out, I was hoping she'd have common sense to make a frakking gateway. The dumb b*** instead proceeds to push Rand. My liking of the character suffered tremendously here because, although she was showing her evil, she wasn't doing it like I wanted her to. The Forsaken get a lot of hate for being stupid, and usually I disagree with this; I just see them as flawed. But this moment here, I couldn't help but call her stupid. Sad, too, because I did like how evil she was.
  20. With over 1800 characters, we're all bound to dislike at least one, or a dozen. Personally, I don't have any strong animosity toward any character. The ones I like the least actually don't appear enough to be truly hated. But I will say from the cast of characters, one I've never really liked is Domon. He's always seemed so ignorant to me, and also rather uninteresting. I don't like the Domani talk, either. Too much emphatic tense annoys me. Another annoying character was Masema, especially when he gets all preachy about the Dragon, but I think he was under Compulsion or something, judging by his thoughts before he died when he said "the Dragon came to him in the night and told him to kill Perrin." I have a feeling that what he actually saw was one of the Forsaken, given Moridin's comments in "At the Gardens." Perhaps this is revealed later. And I love to hate Elaida. She's such a b*tch! But she's actually not too bad of a character because she's intended to be flawed, perhaps to show that Aes Sedai are not without flaws as a lot of the world perceives them.
  21. I've been neutral on Egwene for a while. In the earlier books, I kind of liked her, but I stopped caring later. Now I find her chapters of her in the White Tower trying to unseat Elaida rather intriguing. I've never disliked Elayne, except for her underdeveloped love story with Rand. Her challenge for the throne of Andor was rather interesting. Perrin has been my least favorite of the original trio, and most of that oes have to do with the rather redudant saving Faile storyline that spanned like three or four books before it finally ended.
  22. And ridiculously stupid. Then again, the good guys aren't exactly shining examples of brilliance either. Most of the people in the series are so utterly stupid that most of us could go in there and be their tyrant in no time flat. Why bother reading the books if you seem to hate/dislike all the characters?
  23. I mean emotionally tipsy. Like a rollercoaster. She's always just been there to me, not really of any importance. If she had killed Galina, Sevaana, or Therava, I would have liked her more. At least she killed Masema, though. He was annoying.
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