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  1. Even though it's kind of corny, Egwene's last line to Verin is touching.
  2. Perfect ending: Cyndane joins Rand, kills DO, and then kills Creator, and together she and Rand, the Brad/Angelina of Randland, rule the WoT for all eternity. Mwhahahaha!
  3. This is also how I see it. I've always enjoyed Moiraine, who was probably my favorite character in the first few books, along with Thom and Lanfear. Prior to Verin's awesome moment in TGS, I would have ranked them as Moiraine > Cadsuane > Verin, but now I put Verin equal to Moiraine. I noticed a striking similarity in the way both go, too, or what they do before they go. Moiraine leaves Rand with a letter much in the same way Verin gives Mat a letter, both women knowing that when their recipients read them they will be dead.
  4. Honestly, I'll be slightly disappointed to find out it's "just Murandy", since he has been so shrouded in mystery that I'd love for some more awesome army building than just another nation. He damn well better be up to something terrible after all this time in hiding, which really doesn't seem to fit his personality. He seems to like attention as he always wants to be the best at what he does, so he must be up to something terrible.
  5. Honestly, I'll be slightly disappointed to find out it's "just Murandy", since he has been so shrouded in mystery that I'd love for some more awesome army building than just another nation. He damn well better be up to something terrible after all this time in hiding, which really doesn't seem to fit his personality. He seems to like attention as he always wants to be the best at what he does, so he must be up to something terrible.
  6. Yeah, but I didn't really read into it there. In fact, I've not really read into her character much at all. She's really mostly just been one of those "there" characters, not really important. I didn't actually know she was Black Ajah until we got the perspective from her discussing "the Chosen" and her fear of Halima, and then Mesaana came, which by the way was pretty dumb of Mesaana. I like Mesaana because she's rather mysterious, but why did she go to a sister in the rebel base to get Egwene killed when Egwene's in the freaking Tower!? I thought for sure Verin would reveal the identity of Mesaana. I don't know why I did, I just figured that since Mesaana will get defeated a couple chapters later, her Aes Sedai persona would have been revealed. I keep reading the description of every sister who's introduced, looking for a blue-eyed one, and only Meidani came to mind, but I know she's not Mesaana. I think I read that Mesaana's Aes Sedai persona was of the Brown Ajah, when Alviarin recognized her after Shaidar Haran pulls them both out of the White Tower in CoT. But of course Verin wouldn't have had the benefit of getting to see who Mesaana is because Mesaana always has that enchanting silver, black, and white Illusion. I love her voice of chimes.
  7. I've actually had a few dreams over the past few days about WoT. One of them involved a fourteenth Forsaken.
  8. For some reason, I wasn't surprised when Sheriam was revealed to be Black in the chapter when she meets with Mesaana. Maybe because Alviarin was Black. Makes sense.
  9. The only Forsaken whose names I can remember from the Age of Legends are...well, Ishamael (Elan) and Lanfear (oooooooh, wait, I forgot it, but it starts with an M). Rand also said Graendal's recently, but I forgot it. Oh well! ...I can remember which Forsaken are in which book.
  10. Isn't Graendal like...not dead? In which case, I consider what Rand did pretty unethical, because it solved nothing. I haven't gotten far past that scene yet, so I don't quite know how she escaped or why the Compulsion went away, but Rand did say she's smart and tricky and also rather cowardly. I guess I'll RAFO, but I know for certain she's in the prologue to ToM....cause I kind of saw that for some reason.
  11. I've known for a while now that Verin is Black Ajah. When I first heard she had a big moment in TGS, my first guess was, actually, that she was Black Ajah, but not a typical Black sister. Anyways, I went on to guess she'd be giving out names of other Black sisters. I didn't quite know how that would work out, as the Black Ajah is organized into "hearts", so as to preserve the identities of its many members. Anyways, my guesses were right, and I had, perhaps mostly unintentionally, read some comments about this prior to reaching that part of TGS. But today, finally, after three or so weeks of reading TGS, I've reached that glorious chapter where Verin drops in. And it gave me chills. By far the greatest surprise/twist since at least Lord of Chaos, and maybe even since Moiraine "died" in Fires of Heaven. Verin's shining moment was even better than I could have hoped for, with her whole death mapped out perfectly to the last hour of her life. I had a feeling that she would die once she revealed her information, but I didn't know quite how it was going to go about. Now, every time I read the books, whenever Verin comes in I'll appreciate her even more. Previously, she had been an alright character, but I always saw her overshadowed by Moiraine and later Cadsuane. Now she's definitely one of the greatest characters in the series. I'm absolutely reeling from that chapter. I shall have to reread and reread it again. It's one of the greatest moments in the entire series.
  12. But surely over the long time they've been there (how long has it been? Since the Breaking?) their skin would have adapted and tanned. Oh well. To me they'll always be tan.
  13. I find so far that it's not really so important for me to remember every single character. If a character comes around and makes just a small ripple, then he/she isn't really necessary to the plot. If he/she makes a small ripple and then later makes a big(ger) splash, I tend to remember who he or she is. But this is my biggest peeve with character names: Saein and Searin. I don't remember their exact names, but that's close enough. I can't tell who's who.
  14. The Aiel are white? In my mind, they've always been of a tanned-skin complexion. Their melanin should be rather higher than average as their exposure to more direct sunlight in a desert environment should enhance that as a biological mechanism, with the thousand(s) of years of evolution they've had to adapt to the Waste. Furthermore, their sept-based divisions also invoked aspects of the jati/varna caste systems of Hinduism, inspiring me to see the Aiel as being patented after Indians and other ethnicities of Central and South Asia. The geography and customs seem pretty appropriate to fit that area. The Aiel are very firmly grounded by tradition, which invokes characteristics of Islam and Hinduism, two religious systems whose members are strongly devoted to their traditions.
  15. ^ She's from Seanchan, so she must be the reincarnation of Artur Hawking. "Why has this been done to me? Why have I been put into this body?" - Aran'gar, 'Lord of Chaos' prologue
  16. "The Wheel of Time" has plenty of combat amongst characters, especially with so many individual wars brewing at the same time. What are the best duels or battles you've witnessed in the series? Some of my favorites: -Lanfear at the docks ("The Fires of Heaven") -Rand versus Rahvin ("The Fires of Heaven") -Rand versus Ishamael at Falme, and also the Seanchan being repelled by the Heroes of the Horn ("The Great Hunt") -Dumai's Wells ("Lord of Chaos") -The Battle Near Shadar Logoth (a.k.a. The Cleansing of Saidin) ("Winter's Heart") -Seige of the Two Rivers ("The Shadow Rising")
  17. So we're supposed to read 13 books so that they add up to 93 books instead? ...ooooooooook.
  18. But since that wasn't an option, I voted Black because it was included. ...but based on clothing, I would want to wear Green most. Maybe, as it's my favorite color...but then again, I don't really like wearing green. I prefer to wear white or red. ...and based on personality, probably Brown or White. I'd either be the studious and observant/knowledgeable type or the logical one, so those two Ajahs would fit me best.
  19. She's 18? I picture her as 22. So in my book she's 22.
  20. I'd put Rand versus Rahvin up there as one of the greatest fight sequences in the books. And although it wasn't much of a duel, Lanfear being total badass at the docks was exciting and then upsetting when two of my favorite characters supposedly "died." Well, I suppose one of them technically did die, and she's not been as awesome since.
  21. While I do agree that the "good guys" are just way too unrealistically invulnerable to defeat, I have only observed that you seem to criticize this series in every post you've made (at least every one I've seen). I ponder why you bother venturing to a Wheel of Time message board then. That said, yes, I do wish there was a bit more realism and less redudancy in always having the antagonists get their butts kicked by a "supposedly" weaker group of heroes.
  22. I was expecting Semirhage's duel to be slightly longer, too. Most of it was a blur, and by the time Rand comes around she's captured already.
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