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  1. Oh, I guess that explains why that ring I have lets me go into other people's dreams.
  2. The rising and falling towers (in the end there were only 6) preceding that dream were the Forsaken, right? That's what I interpreted them as. The one that fell but then rose highest among them all must be Moridin.
  3. I laughed at Elayne's Mesaana impersonation. I couldn't see HER disguised as Mesaana. lol ...too bad (to the point I've reached in ToM) that's the only "Mesaana" I've seen so far (unless the assassin counts).
  4. Mat was "meh" at first, but now I love reading his parts. In contrast, Perrin was pretty consistently meh. Well, actually in some of the earlier books, he was pretty good and enjoyable to read about, but he fell flat in later books and now his chapters are so tedious to get through. I've never hated Egwene. I liked her a bit in the first few books, and after a while she just got "old". I didn't care much for her parts then, but they were never bad in my opinion. Then, with KoD and TGS, I came to like her again. So far in Towers, she's been decent at best. Moiraine. I liked her up until Fires of Heaven, but she was dreadful* in Lord of Chaos through The Gathering Storm. :( *Dreadfully missed, that is.
  5. If Lanfear does ever manage to hold a position of power (well, obviously she does since she's Chosen, but I'm talking about her own world here), I"m sure she'd be an awesome leader. Sarcasm, of course, but it would be interesting. Where would she go from there? If she gained power over the Dark One or the Creator, what would motivate her? That's her biggest character flaw, and I think it's well defined. She'd make a much better ruler than Semirhage at least.
  6. I would have expected that someone as sly as her would have had the sense to transport Rand to Shayul Ghul heeding Shaidar Haran's warning that she had only one chance left. She's known that Rand has killed other Forsaken and even though she should believe there's no way for him to be able to escape, she should have been too afraid to risk it given SH's warning. She should have transported Rand there, THEN come back and get her revenge on the Aes Sedai, for I'd imagine she was probably more enraged at them, especially Cadsuane. Then she would have been a pretty cool villain, although the story would have been very different. I feel her overconfidence was misplaced. Yes she has Rand, but she had failed once, and failure again would be death, or worse (and in her case, it was worse).
  7. I agree. I know she's evil, that's obvious, but in her interactions with Rand, she felt human, playing the role of the seductress she is. I would much rather she be a grey character, with light and shadow, than just a black character through-and-through.
  8. I disliked Semirhage's death scene. She completely lost her cool and calculating demeanor and became an overconfident bimbo in that scene. For such a master tormentor, she became such a dumb and clumsy villain, and that made me disappointed in her. The ramifications of it were solid, but her actions themselves were ridiculous.
  9. I don't even know to what Ajah Cadsuane belong(ed) when in the White Tower. ???
  10. Ah, so the balefiring of Natrin's Barrow did accomplish something after all. I knew Aran'gar would die of some fault of Graendal's, but I assumed that it would happen later in Towers of Midnight, when in fact it actually happened in TGS, off-screen.
  11. That was great. I had been missing her since Fires of Heaven. Of all the Forsaken, she was the only one who would get close to Rand without trying to attack or harm him in any way, but rather trying to seduce him. I've always found her to be the best villain in the books and one of the best characters.
  12. Alright, so why do YOU like Lanfear so much? I've always enjoyed her character. Of the Forsaken, she was one who was always there in the beginning. She's also the most powerful of the females, very haughty, and very attractive. She's compelling, and the whole Lews Therin/Lanfear storyline was interesting to me. I would have liked to see where that went, and her defeat at the docks was awesome. She's always been my favorite Forsaken and one of my favorite characters.
  13. I have just read the penultimate-penultimate novel in the series, the first arc of the three-part "A Memory of Light", and like with most Wheel of Time books, I enjoyed it. Sanderson made some noticeable changes in writing style and characterization from Jordan, but the book was coherent and enjoyable, almost as much so as if Jordan himself wrote all of it instead of bits and pieces. Anyways, I noticed it featured some very awesome scenes and it makes Tarmon Gai'don that much more imminent. I somewhat reluctantly now begin "Towers of Midnight" tomorrow, and soon I'll be through my first read of the series, which does have a ring of hollowness to it but also gives me time to explore other things and re-explore the earlier novels in this series until the last book comes out. And then that will be the ultimate finality. Enough of that, I'd rather delve into the awesome and not-so-awesome parts that stuck out to me while reading for the first time "The Gathering Storm." I don't know quite where else to share my review for this novel, so as I did with "Knife of Dreams" a month ago, here I'll go. I enjoyed the book's somewhat more rapid pace. Jordan's pacing has been off at times, with some story arcs dragging on for way too long, and obviously some remnants of that echo here, but the most noticeable change in writing style was the constantly shifting perspectives. In Jordan's books, the same character or group of characters would occupy anywhere from 4 to 6 chapters at a time and then vanish for the next few chapters in the book as other groups would take up those chapters. Here, one character may receive 1 to 3 chapters at a time, and then the perspective will shift. The chapters are also much shorter, which is both an annoyance and a blessing, depending on the content within those chapters. It did well to trim down on some monotonous moments, but it also made it harder to establish any one perspective as strongly, though the Rand and Egwene parts seemed pretty well focused. Mat's storyline got interesting in Hinderstrap and his encounter with Verin, but otherwise was mostly tossed aside, although I expect more importance in the next two books. Perrin's was even more pushed aside, but I'm kind of glad for that as I don't care so much for his story arc anymore (but Faile killing Masema was great). The absence of Elayne didn't bother me in the slightest, but the presence of Gawyn did. A lame character if ever there was one in the series (and obviously there are some). Loved Verin's big reveal most of all. The Seanchan attack on the White Tower was alright and showed just how divided the White Tower really was. It was also justice well served when Elaida was captured. On Rand, Dark Rand was at times a bit too dramatic, but I did find it bitterly touching when Tam visits him. It was their first encounter since TEoTW, and it invoked feelings of nostalgia for the earlier books. That and what followed in Veins of Gold was excellent. Nynaeve also had some of her greatest moments as she takes more importance here than she has in the past few novels. Plus, she shows one of the few male-female friendships in the series in her encounters with Rand, although they get hostile, too. And I expected Graendal to come back later in the book. I know she didn't die because I earlier saw her in the ToM prologue, so I was expecting to see a chapter from her perspective, but I guess I'll RAFO in the prologue to the next book just how she managed to escape. I was also under the impression that Mesaana died in this book, but instead she continues hiding, and that continues to make me appreciate her. As far as Forsaken go, she is listed as one of the "weaker" or "second-level" Forsaken by Graendal, but I still admire her because of her mysterious atmosphere. I know she's in the Tower and thought she was masquerading as an Aes Sedai, but if so, she has somehow cheated the Oath Rod. I look forward to finding out just how that happened.
  14. You're not alone. I've been reading (inconsistently) since September 2009, with some breaks here and there, and I'm finally going to start Towers of Midnight tomorrow or the next day. I had been dreading that with the realization that there would be no more WoT books for me to read for more than a year, but then I decided I'd just re-read the whole thing again, and since it's taken me about two years with some breaks to read other things, I figure I may try to read A Song of Ice and Fire between certain books, because I definitely don't want to get to Fires of Heaven and Lord of Chaos until next summer, for nostalgic purposes, which dictates that I'll have to read other books between TEoTW and TGH and between TGH and TDR as I did the first time. Perfect opportunity for me to read ASoIaF, which I've heard is really great.
  15. I don't think the Creator needs to be featured in the last book. It would greatly detract from the realism of the books. *Sarcasm over*
  16. Um, she had to commit suicide to be able to give the information. "I will not betray the Great Lord until the last hour of my death", or something like that. She betrayed him, so she had to die, and I imagine suicide would be better off than whatever treatment the Chosen or any of the Black Ajah sisters would give her, or, more likely, whatever ramifications the oaths she took to the Great Lord would have on her in that last hour.
  17. The second Scientific Revolution hasn't yet happened. Kind of Christian Dark Ages, just without the religion. People wanting to believe in a God without proof there is one. Silly people.
  18. OR maybe Jordan got tired of Perrin's character and didn't know what else to do with him (as he had better plans for Mat/Rand), so he just got lazy for three books when it came to Perrin.
  19. He probably wouldn't perceive Asmodean as a threat, especially if he could take stronger Forsaken like Rahvin and Sammael.
  20. I'd put it on par with Moiraine's, but Moiraine didn't actually die, so Verin's takes the cake. Moiraine's "death" made me more upset, though, as I had been more attached to her for a longer period of time. Verin's awesomeness just came out of nowhere, from being a minor character who knows a bit too much to suddenly being a minor character who's freakin' awesome.
  21. I don't think Demandred is in Seanchan, or that he had much influence with it period. Yes, he had an alliance with Semirhage, but Seanchan seems to be just Semirhage's domain. Demandred may have had influences there (and if this is so, then shouldn't he also have influences in the White Tower as he was also in an alliance with Mesaana?), but I'm sure he has his own armies, as the Seanchan would have been Semirhage's armies had she not been revealed and Tuon (the real one) been killed.
  22. Faile's storyline easily could have been solved in one book. Have her kidnapped in the beginning of the book, and then toward the end of the book, Perrin saves her. Nothing of importance happened to make that story arc span more than one book.
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