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  1. I do think Demandred had influence over Masema, but that wasn't the only thing he was up to. Before Masema dies, he mentions that he had seen the Dragon come to him and tell him to kill Perrin Aybara. This was shortly after Moridin's proclamation to the Forsaken that they were to hunt down Mat and Perrin. Demandred was the only other male Forsaken, so he fits most obviously. Of course, a female Forsaken could have done it using Mask of Mirrors to make her look like a man, but I doubt it: Mesaana was too focused on the White Tower to give a rat's ass about the two ta'veren; Graendal was hiding
  2. I've had an epiphany. We are not the 1st Age, but the 4th. And the DO wins in the 3rd Age. Therefore, we do not exist.
  3. I'm definitely down for a good 13-part short story series for each of the Forsaken, as long as the good ones get like "extended" short stories. ...but I'd rather they just prequel it and feature as much of the Forsaken and their betrayals as possible. Some of them aren't really that important to carry more than a couple pages anyways (Be'lal, for instance), so there would be room for more interesting things among them (Lanfear and Lews Therin's "romance", everything they can fit about Elan (Ishamael), and Demandred's turn, most prominently those three).
  4. I want to see the Chosen (or what's left of them)actually win something for a change. If one of them kills a main character, that would be awesome. I hope it's Demandred at that, since he's been hiding the most. And whoever said he hopes Demandred is actually Taim, just so Jordan would have lied to us, I'd love that myself. I also agree that we need some cool twists, like Verin's big reveal. I'd love to see some characters shift sides, with Cyndane coming back to the Light, but Taim (if he's not Demandred) being elected Chosen or something like that. Hell, why not turn some of the most powerfu
  5. ^ So Shai'tan will be the South Park Satan?
  6. If Star Wars could have a prequel trilogy, Wheel of Time (which is much more enjoyable) should. Too bad Jordan passed away so soon.
  7. I don't know Graendal's fate yet, but judging by Moghedian and Cyndane's fates, I'd assume something similar. Moridin told her if she fails, she'll fall hard.
  8. 10 posts and already Egwene bashing. Sigh, I expected someone to mention Perrin. He had to marry Faile.
  9. Yep, Moridin is awesome. I wasn't so much a fan of him when he first appeared in ACoS (the Mindtrap chapter), but Ishamael had been alright, and then Moridin grew on me in the next few books. Now I'd put him in the top two for the Chosen, only rivaled in awesomeness by Lanfear. Moridin may be a better villain, but I have a soft spot for Lanfear.
  10. So, yeah, I got to Mesaana's defeat (sheesh I've reading slowly), and I found it silly that, before dying, as she had the a'dam on Egwene, she said she would have used this on Semirhage, given that Semi has more knowledge of the a'dam and is simply more powerful. At least Mesaana had an excuse for not killing Egwene right off the bat; she needed to find that dreamspike, unlike Semi who should have just escaped with Rand when she had the chance. Both characters are underrated, though, IMO. Semi should have had more screen time. Her blood story was fascinating.
  11. Unfortunately, only the bad guys ever get killed in these books (which is kinda unrealistic, but whatevs). But some of the deaths or near-deaths are really terrible (albeit deserved in some cases). But which fates stand out as the worse? I'd say Mesaana's brain getting scrambled has to be one of the top contenders. She's not dead, she's just dumb, literally, and it's a fate she'd have to endure until she dies. Definitely not the life of glory a Chosen would envision. Also, the gholam that gets trapped via Skimming would boast a terrible fate. I don't think it has feelings, but it would
  12. Do we not know which one, then? I'd assume that if there's one of each gender, Lanfear/Cyndane is probably a Dreamer. She's the only Forsaken I've seen access Rand's (or anyone's) dreams, and Egwene was able to do that with Gawyn. And for male, probably Moridin/Ishamael. Those two seemt he most likely candidates.
  13. I just realized that Demandred will probably be the only Forsaken not enslaved by Moridin at this point. Well, I only just got to the part in ToM where poor Mesaana's mind went messy, but I assume from things I've heard and from what Moridin warned Graendal that Graendal will be punished for failing [again]. With Moghedian and Cyndane already mindtrapped by Moridin, and with Graendal possibly facing a similar fate for yet another failure, that leaves only Demandred out on his own. He could still become Nae'blis, which would certainly fulfill Sanderson's claim that he does something terrible in
  14. On Shai'ton destroying Mashadar: If Mashadar exists in a world, then that world must be tied to the Wheel, right? In the WoT universe, all worlds would have to be tied to the same Wheel. So if Shai'ton broke free, even with Mashadar consuming mirror worlds, and Shai'ton destroyed the Wheel, wouldn't he also destroy Mashadar? Oh sure, Mashadar may be something not tied to the Wheel, but without the Wheel and with no worlds to thrive upon, what could Mashadar do, or be for that matter. But I'm fairly certain that's not going to happen. I don't think Jordan had the balls to make Shai'ton
  15. You know what would be ironic? If Nynaeve died and Lan didn't. All the books seem to be hinting at Nynaeve losing Lan, yet they imply that Lan will be the one dying. She would still lose him if she died instead.
  16. It took me to TDR I think to realize how Cairhien was pronounced. I thought something like "Care-ree-in" which made Cairhienin very hard to pronounce "Care-ree-in-in" ... sounded dumb. It also took me a while (I don't remember what book) for me to realize it was Tel'aran'rhiod. Before that, I could never remember what it was called, just something with a T and an R. ...and sometimes, deliberately, I like saying "Tarmon Gaidon" as a really fast, Japanese-esque single word, like "tarmongaidon" (tar-mong-aah-din).
  17. I still believe that, in that scenario, if Mashadar consumed the entire world and mirror worlds, there would be no Dragon Reborn to reseal the Bore, so Shai'ton could still break free, and he could still kill Mashadar. But yes, balefire seems the best option, albeit a hard one to perform. I do like the idea of Shaidar Haran and Fain duking it out, but I think Fain would still win there, even if Shaidar Haran is some Super Fade with the Dark One's tocuh in him.
  18. I'd love a prequel trilogy set in the Age of Legends. Lanfear/Lews Therin would be awesome to read about; the Forsaken becoming the Forsaken would be fascinating. Ishamael (Elan) and Lews Therin. Semirhage being captured and escaping because she scares the guards too much. Mesaana making children into puppets that do the Shadow's deeds. And, of course, Aginor making the Shadowspawn. We'd get to see the Gardens, too. ...yes, so much that could be put into a prequel trilogy. Too bad Robert Jordan died. UNLESS, he's just pulling our legs; he's not really dead and is secretly working on a preq
  19. Honestly, if all the Shadow worshippers, Darkfriends, Black Ajah, Forsaken, etc. die, it would feel "too triumphant" for the Light. That would present too many cliches. Have some survive. I don't care who (would love for Lanfear to be one). Maybe some redemptions, or some Nuremburg Trials. And could you imagine a good Fade. They should do that.
  20. I'm sure Shai'tan can destroy Fain, but not the other way around.
  21. Honestly, since I expect all (or most) of the Forsaken to die, I want some ironic deaths, especially for Demandred. I believe he's been up to something, so I want it to be revealed finally in the next book, and right afterwards (or sometime shortly afterwards) either Moridin or Shaidar Haran disposes of him. It would be ironic to have him work so hard (in the background) just to die when he finally gets into the open, and it would be even more ironic to have him slain by one of the guys on his team.
  22. Survive? How can that be. The Dark One wins, and the world dies. ...except Lanfear. She and Dark One become lovers. Perfect match for her.
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