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  1. Most of the Forsaken settled into important places as people of high esteem (Mesaana in the White Tower, Sammael in Illian, Graendal in Arad Domon, etc.). One thing that I've noticed recently on my re-read is that when Lanfear weaves a Gateway to her presumed hideout after speaking with Rand, she always make it to some place with white silk hangings and silver (several references, including FoH Ch. 6). Where was Lanfear hiding out when she departs to this place? Was she also impersonating some powerful lady in one of the nations?
  2. Please excuse my use of alliteration. Anyways, a lot of fights occur between the Forsaken and other characters in the novels. Some of them seem rather ridiculous and have made the Forsaken seem weaker, but today as I was re-reading The Shadow Rising, I came upon Asmodean versus Rand in Rhuidean and found it to be an intensely exciting fight, and it got me pondering what fights with the Forsaken are best or fan favorites in the series. Also, if you could remind me of all the fights between characters and Forsaken. I will list the ones I can recall. I know there's these fights, and you g
  3. Ok, that also makes sense then. She seems to assume the role of a lot of people, and she was one of the Forsaken watching Tear (although I wonder if perhaps they all were, really, just not all physically). Also, I read somewhere that it was Semirhage's Trollocs that attacked the Stone of Tear in TSR shortly after Rand encounters Lanfear in his bedchamber, and then Lanfear's Trollocs counter Semirhage's. Is this true?
  4. That's interesting. My first read through, I thought Mesaana didn't appear until the LoC prologue, but now it's obvious she had to have appeared, in proxy form, in TSR. I've noticed that with other Forsaken also (Moghedian as Sylvie in TDR, briefly in one of Egwene's visits to Tel'aran'rhiod, for instance).
  5. I have two questions, guys. And they both concern the same subject matter. 1) By The Shadow Rising, Danelle is already Mesaana, right? Danelle's first appearance is in Siuan's chambers when Elaida leads the Aes Sedai to remove the stole and evict Siuan from her position as Amyrlin Seat. I assume that Danelle is really Mesaana already then, in which case we can definitely see that the Black Ajah was behind Siuan's stilling because Mesaana herself was in the room with Alviarin and other members of the Black Ajah when Siuan was removed from her position. 2) Was it Mesaana who interrogated
  6. I'm impartial on the letter. The humor was too flagrant and felt forced, but it wasn't too terrible either. However, it didn't really prompt me to laugh. I don't love it, but I don't hate it either.
  7. Mat and Birgitte in Towers of Midnight: ... Mat said quickly. "But, see, there's this issue." "What issue?" [birgitte] "The Tower of Ghenjei." [Mat] "That's not an issue," she said. "You stay away from it." [birgitte] "I can't." [Mat] "Of course you can. It's a flaming building, Mat. It can't exactly chase you down."
  8. After spending the past two years reading these books, with some breaks here and there and some lags through a couple of the books, I've finally finished the first thirteen books of The Wheel of Time, and it has been incredible. So naturally I'm somewhat left feeling hollow now that I don't have another Wheel of Time book to turn to, and I won't have the last one for another two years it seems (it comes out next year, though, but I won't get around to it until summer 2013). I know I've missed some things through my first read, but a lot has stuck with me, and it feels me with so much nostalgia
  9. If there's a thread, please bump it. I know there's speculation over whether Lanfear really is pleading for Rand's help or if she is luring him into a trap. While I would love for it to be the former, in which case Meirin may be converting back to the Light, which would add great depth to her character, I suspect it's the latter. When Shaidar Haran comes to Graendal in the epilogue of Towers of Midnight, she tries defending herself by saying she can still get to Rand because he thinks her dead, but Shaidar Haran says that task has been given to someone else. It seems too coincidental then
  10. Is the Aes Sedai symbol and the Dragon symbol, with the black and white halves, an allusion to the yin-yang of Chinese philosophy?
  11. I forgot about this glaring scene until a couple months ago: Rahvin kills Asmodean, Mat, and Aviendha. I think I recall him killing Asmo, but not the other two. Then a couple months ago, I remembered the scene, or maybe I looked something up about Rahvin. Yeah, I know, how could I forget that? I'm still on my first read through. Today I finish Towers of Midnight.
  12. Ok, we all know Wheel of Time has a LOT of storylines, and some of them are pretty minor that we just completely forget about them. But do you ever, without re-reading, happen to remember something that happened and go, like, "Oh yeah! I remember that."? Well, I do. Some of you may have re-read the series so many times that nothing gets lost to you, but there are those like me who haven't read it enough to absorb almost everything in the books. I know I've forgotten quite a few things, which is one reason I'll be re-reading them for my second read through soon. So today I just randomly
  13. Yeah, he either works for (or is Compulsed by) Moridin or for Demandred. If the latter, then Demandred is really working on Moridin's behalf (since Moridin is Nae'blis), so by extent Taim works for (or is Compulsed to serve) Moridin. No real surprises.
  14. When Graendal is summoned to Moridin shortly after Aran'gar's death, Moridin gives her one Dreamspike, but he tells her there is another one already in use. Obviously this means one of the Forsaken is using it, and at first I was thinking that Moridin gave it to Cyndane, since I knew she would enter Rand's dreams at the end of the book (yeah, I kind of spoiled myself by accident). But then as I came to read about the Dreamspike in the Perrin chapters, I realized that's not what a Dreamspike does. So I connected the dots to what's going on at the Black Tower. The Aes Sedai stationed there, alon
  15. I don't mind Egwene. There have been times I've even greatly enjoyed her chapters, mostly in The Gathering Storm. Her confrontation with Elaida and her secret interractions with Sitters and sisters in the Tower, especially with Silviana, were very well-handled and exciting. She has been a bland character at times, and I do not admire her rash behavior in her meeting with Rand in the White Tower, but it isn't as illogical as some have claimed. Afterall, breaking the seals would allow the Dark One to extend his influence onto the world, so it is logical that she would be afraid and reluctant to
  16. Knife of Dreams was great (a definite jump up from the previous books between it and LoC), but I actually preferred The Gathering Storm.
  17. So far: 1. Fires of Heaven 2. Lord of Chaos 3. The Shadow Rising 4. The Great Hunt 5. The Dragon Reborn 6. The Gathering Storm 7. Knife of Dreams 8. The Eye of the World 9. A Crown of Swords 10. Winter's Heart 11. The Path of Daggers 12. Crossroads of Twilight Haven't finished ToM yet, but I'd probably put it above ACoS and perhaps below TEotW. I love them all so much, though, even parts of CoT.
  18. I swear I recall him either laughing or crying while in the age, and furthermore the fact that he was in a cage shows not only that male channelers are something to be feared, but that they're not sane enough to be left uncaged; they're too dangerous.
  19. Speaking of False Dragons, I think it was a great idea for RJ to have the first sighting of a male channeler in the books be Rand seeing Logain captured in Caemlyn. It showed Rand (and the reader) just how insane male channelers were. ...well, minus the prologue to TEoTW, but that could also show the insanity of the taint on saidin.
  20. I saw Rand and Perrin from the start. Of course, the relationship hasn't come to fruitition yet, but it's inevitable at this point. Perrin is totally Rand's bitch.
  21. Demandred could be Mazrim Taim. Ok, yes RJ said he wasn't, but when was it that he said this? Because I have a wild theory: Taim was Taim the first few times we saw him. He had some influence from the Forsaken at that point, but he was still Taim. However, we don't see him from Winter's Heart until the end of Knife of Dreams. It was said that Demandred's proxy was not seen before KoD (or was it TGS)? So, Taim was Taim, but then by the time KoD comes, he's now dead and Demandred is masquerading as him. Bingo! ...I doubt this is true, but it would be cool.
  22. Well obviously people like Mesaana, Liandrin, Galina, and Moghedian deserve their punishments, as they've delivered similar punishments to people (Moghedian sent many people to be mindtrapped) and have done other heinous acts. But they still suffer horrible fates, even if they are deserved. I like that most of them are actually ironic (e.g. Liandrin getting collared as a damane after sending Egwene, Nynaeve, and Elayne to such a fate a few books earlier; and Elaida being captured by the Seanchan).
  23. Shaidar Haran is auditioning to become a pornstar.
  24. Moridin is in ToM. He gives Graendal a Dreamspike and shows her the Dark prophecies (whatever those are).
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