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  1. I think I found it. http://www.argonaut-ent.com/ Go to the productions link then the "other productions" link at the bottom of that page. I belive it's on hold. Sorry fellas. Maybe if we get some pressure on, it can be completed soon! Or maybe, it might give away a clue to the ending... who knows. Steve
  2. http://www.wotmania.com/humordb.asp?ID=6 Oh my gosh. I haven't laughed so hard in my LIFE! Steve
  3. hey you better watch out. me and my posse of goodkinders don't want to have to defend our leader against all yall Jordanmeisters. Were part of the GRA now. the Goodkind Republican Army... lol okay that went too much. I like your type of humour dude. It's kinda that Vince Vaughn Cynical type humour. Later
  4. Now this sounds EXACTLY like what I'm looking for. Also Something I remembered from my childhood. If any of you have read a book called, The Book of Swords, could you let me know who wrote that? I've googled till I can't google no more and can't find it. But I rememeber reading it sometime ago.
  5. Absolutly agreed. I have not done a "bashing Post" yet, but I'm sure one of these times I'm going to react before I think, and I would hope taht you guys would forgive me and ignore the fact that I was being a complete moron. And I also agree that there is not grey area when it comes to goodkind for some reason. I have supported him and will continue to. My faulting however I think stems that His books (besides LOTR) were the first set of Fantasy books I had ever read, so I guess it's kinda like the Virgin Hypothesis. You never forget your first. :) Later!
  6. I have to agree with Maj on this one. I'm going to read it from begining to end, not missing a single word. I love the way RJ writes and am looking forward to seeing how much he's going to be able to wrap up in one book. If it's 2000+ pages... well then all the more time I will have to read the book and enjoy! But skipping to the end? That's like seeing your death in the futer and already knowing what's going to happen. It makes the rest of life unenjoyable because you know how it's going to end. Where does THAT get fun?
  7. The Best part is now Richard is Protected by the Power of Orden. You remember in the Begnning of WFR when Zedd first gives the Sword of Truth to Richard, And the first thing Richard wants to do is Kill Darken Rahl with it? And Zedd Says no? Well that was because since Darken Rahl had put the boxes into play, the Majic of Orden protected him untill the end. Zedd said that if he used the magic of the sword to kill Rahl that he would be destroyed before he even got close. I wonder if that is going to come into play later? especially with 6 having his power and Sammael still out there with his sword... really good book though. there were ALOT of plot twists. almost too many to keep up with but a wonderful story all the same.
  8. Yes a wonderful discussion. I have actually started re-reading my SOT books to gain a better insight into what he was actually trying to say in most of his books, mostly due to what people have said here. However, It has been fun and a little shaky at times, but i've learned alot. Hope to see you guys around on the forums more often! Steve
  9. That would be AWSOME. Oh yeah. I'll keep hoping for THAT one day. But how though? Like a story of his travels, like the Diary of Ann Frank or Girl Inturrupted, the way they were written in a "diary/journal" kinda way, or like the rest of the Wheel of time series. I personally would like to read the actual book itself. The one Rand read.
  10. Well, I voted no for one main reason. While reading "The world of Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time" by RJ and Theresa Paterson, It was LTT original plan to use both sides to seal the bore. It was opposed by Latra Posae Decume, A prominant speaker at the time, reached an agreement with every female Aes Sedai of significant strength against LTT plan, later to be called "the Fateful Concord". That is why LTT and his "Hundred Companions" attempted to seal the bore. So it is my belife that if the Fateful concord had never happened, and women were involved in the circles, that it would have completely sealed the bore, safely. So i guess that means I also am saying that the Female Aes Sedai are not only responsible for the plan not working as it was supposed to and for the current situation, but ALSO they are responsible for the Taint itself. :evil:
  11. I just had to say it. I find this amusing. Wouldn't the CREATOR KNOW who his chosen champion was? :) So If he WAS going to speak to him (not saying I think it was the creator) don't you think he would at least pick the right guy?
  12. Oh My. It seems like you really didn't read the book (Phantom). This war has been going on for a LONG time and Yes in a "best-case senario" most armies would stockpile. However, it was stated in the book several times about how they were short on supplies to feed an army of Millions. They had even reverted to Canabalisim at some time. And No, the IO is not that stupid, just VERY Arrogant. They cannot simply invade and Flatten D'Hara, because it was also discussed in the book. The Gate at the foot of a long spiraled ramp up to the city is sealed shut and will be difficult to break through, which is why Jagang has his minions building a new ramp up to the city itself, bypassing the wall and the long narrow ramp. (the People's Palace is placed on a Platu, and the PP also increases the potency of the power of a Rahl, Namely Nathan Rahl who is in the Palace at the time, and decreases the potency of any other Wizard/sorceress) Also, we do remember that TG is an author, not a military stratagist right? Sure you can get advice from a military stagagist, but given the overall number of battle sequences in the book, and that most of the last few books have been practicaly ALL military based stuff, how it might have been overlooked. True, but I belive this was already addressed... in the following quote... (Thankyou Kadere) So that really makes that argument moot. Sure people are going to starve, but That's War. Also, i have not heard one thing about the starving african kids. That statement is not as true as you would hope. Just because you don't see it as much on TV does not mean that it isn't happening. There is alot of things they cannot show you on TV because it's Classified" or might give away our troops positioning or some such other. But hey that is not the topic we are discussing here. How did we even get INTO Iraq and Afganistan in this post? I disagree with your point here Kadre. If you remember, the "Wizards Rule" for this book was... I belive that he was only making his point that it happens to everyone. We all let our passion rule our reason. Hell it has happened to me a couple of times in this Topic, and everyone here has been quick to point it out. Hell I think that quote alone will quell alot of the steam about that scene.
  13. Just a Clarification... Richards forces wre large, but the IO was MUCH mUCH bigger. comparing 100k to 1 million. He has sufficiaent numbers to splinter into seperate units and carry out the tasks specified in the time alloted.
  14. Wait Wait Wait Wait Wait... This just hit me like a ton of bricks while I was reading these posts. Lanfear DID make some sort of deal with the Finns Back in the AOL. SOOOOOOO... If that were true, Then isn't there a RULE that she cannont go through the Gateway twice? Therefor there are three explinations... 1.) That she was destroyed upon entering the gateway for attempting to go through twice. And before you shoot that down, I remember that Matt tried to go through a second time and couldn't, so maybe lanfear was sorta "piggy-backed" through the gateway, but since she wasn't supposed to be there in the first place, was immediately destroyed/killed by the finns. 2.) That she had never passed therough the terangreal in the first place. In which case would mean that she never recived any "extended powers" to begin with so it would not explain her decreased powers now. 3.) there is more than one doorway to the Finns. I know there is two we know of, one that was destroyed when Moraine and Lanfear went through, but maybe there are more than these two we know of. Remember, Lanfears domain was the World of Dreams. And that sis where we first see the silver tower thingy, by Perrin during one of his Wolf-dreams. There has got to be more than one way to get to these specific finns.
  15. Okay. Touche'. However, alot of the meaning in these passages gets lost unless you have read AND understood the entire series. Your good with coming up with the quotes, so why don't you find the supporting quotes that go along with these lines. However, this has taught me that I need to be more prepared. I will have supporting quotes for rebuttle soon. Just have to find them. (damn this research!) Steve
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