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  1. Oh man, I loved the book so much. There were a few parts that weren't written very well, but considering it was one book broken up three ways, it was still amazing. Almost everything I'd hoped for. But then I come here and find so much negativity regarding the book, I feel like it isn't worth posting here or reading the threads concerning the story. I can't get into every detail nor do I feel like defending my reasons why I enjoyed the book so much. I feel like I enjoyed something that others can't express anything but anger or whatever for. TL;DR: y'all are bursting my bubble and I choose to enjoy the last WoT book I will ever read instead of coming here and seeing people bash something that I felt was wondrous. So, Goodbye, DM. So long and thanks for all the fish!
  2. I had assumed that the voice was the DO because I read the q&a's and was lead to believe that e creator was gone, creating oth stuff. Personally, I'm glad for the subterfuge. Made it a real shock just now realizing it. Neat to think I find surprises in a 20 year old book. The debate on the prophecies looks to be just warming up, so I'm glad to have fodder to keep the discussions alive. And yes, I would not put it past the DO to say, come kick my ass. I wouldn't put anything past him in his attempts to push Rand into making decisions without thinking them through before hand. The DO can't do what he wants to do without the Dragon, so I imagined he would be eager for the chance to confront Rand.
  3. The boat thing COULD be Rand's funeral pyre, it could have looked like a boat. It came from Aiel who were unfamiliar with the term. It also could have been a vessel in the sense that they are the only ones to know about Rand's transmogrification. I think the Broken Wolf is the command of the armies by the Great Captains, not one individual leader. They were almost consumed by the Forsaken, death has known them in the sense of battles where men died and they learned experience. Their fall would have single handedly given the Shadow it's victory if it hadn't been for Mat. Also, we are speaking of Shadow prophecy here, there could be many lies and presumptions based on a difference in perspective. I'm not into trusting them as much because it's the shadow and it could be nothing more than war time propaganda, even if ancient. Ishamael was nothing if not considerate of future plans to screw with the Light.
  4. I also now wonder if Moiraine realizes she just heard the voice of the Creator...
  5. As an atheist, I was glad to see the Creator not involved in his creations. Realizing the voice was the Creator doesn't change anything, it seemed to have NO effect on Rand what so ever, so it isn't that big of a deal, IMO. It's not like he planned on the voice aiding him or telling him shadow secrets.
  6. After reading through the interview database, I'm becoming convinced its le Creator. RJ never says the Creator has NO influence on the world, but that he doesn't interfere. Nothing he or BS has said states that the Creator wouldn't talk to anyone or that the people rely on faith in the creator to keep the wheel moving, which is why they don't have churches and such. I guess I'm at the point now where I wish there has been better descriptors for the DO's voice, it would have been interesting to see Rands reaction to the DO when he spoke, instead we just get capital letter. There should have been something that said the voice sounded like the taint or that it made his skin crawl or that it pulled at Rand's heart or something. Instead, we get capital friggen letters.
  7. From LoC: To me, there isn't enough evidence to say one way or another. What would be one soul speaking to another might be rapture to a Shadowsworn.
  8. You've brought up an excellent point, one I'm considering, but when Rand confronts the DO next, in chapter 34, he communicates with the DO and there is NO description of the DO's voice, merely capital letters. Either it is shoddy writing and BS left out some crucial development about the DO's voice as Rand hears it, or the author has already covered it when Rand enters the cave. I'm inclined to believe it is the DO because if it is the Creator, his voice is described, yet we know nothing of what effects the DO's voice has on Rand. He walks into the Shadow to defeat him and there is no mention of his tone or the power of his words? I believe The Voice is the DO because the author has already described the effect of The Voice on people who hear it. I will look at Demandred's pov when he encounters the DO in the beginning of LoC to be sure.
  9. I was happy to see a vision of Two Rivers as a bustling great city, even if in a false vision.
  10. DO. AMoL, Rand walks into the pit of doom, page 431. Not only does Moiraine hear it, this also isn't the first time Rand has heard it. The Voice is the DO.
  11. My wife thought I was crazy because I would laugh out loud and say "F yes!" one minute then tearing up and whimpering the next. Man, when the white tendril emerged from Mat's chest I had to put the book down and go smoke. Losing Mat would have broken me, utterly and completely.
  12. Rand also acknowledges that he had heard The Voice before. The Voice is the DO.
  13. Rand wasn't burned out, he ascended beyond the need for channeling. He triumphed where LTT had failed and cost him his life and the life of other male channelers and was rewarded for it. Had LTT been successful, he would have probably enjoyed the same power. Well, maybe not, LTT's fault was his pride but nothing says the Dragon doesn't deserve to be a Bad A after defeating the DO. The prophecies said that he would walk the land with his sword Justice, which I didn't get until after reading the ending.
  14. Rand's relief at hearing The Voice meant that he was in the right place at the right time to defeat the DO. Also, the DO calling Rand "Adversary" unnerved me because the word Satan means adversary.
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