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  1. Top number of posts in this thread: Suttree 207 Mark D 139 Vambram 53 Mr. Micawber 48 jjstraka34 42 Agitel 39 rane008 38 flinn 37 papertiger 37 Barid Bel Medar 31 Keep up the good fight Suttree!
  2. Brandon mentioned RJ made Cadsuane amyrlin in the notes. She wouldn't be unless Egwene died.
  3. Here you go, all 3 books, time ordered per that timeline: https://docs.google.com/folder/d/0B6AKoUX7yA1edEYwNnk1N3hYMU0/edit?usp=sharing Book is so much better.
  4. The Pattern is neutral, it doesn't see "good" or "evil". I think equating it to Order and Chaos is better to understand. Chaos makes the Pattern weaker, Order makes it stronger. It tries to balance the two. A person's death isn't evil in the Pattern's eyes, it may have been necessary in the long run to restore a bit of Order to things.
  5. I admire Suttree's dedication to this forum. I'm jealous bro.
  6. Just use the DRM free ebooks, Sigil, and Calibre and use this: https://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=0ApFWTyzG9G_UdHZCUjQzVGNLeUJyMkUycXkzQlExSFE&output=html It took me maybe 5 hours but definitely worth it, the book is much better with TGS and TOM synced up.
  7. This was pretty interesting, I took it to mean it was the DO that spoke to Rand in EOTW, am I just reading that wrong?
  8. I got bored one day and took the 3 (ed: Sanderson books) books and made them into one ebook following this timeline: https://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=0ApFWTyzG9G_UdHZCUjQzVGNLeUJyMkUycXkzQlExSFE&output=html It's way, WAY better than I expected re-reading it now. I hope Team Jordan does a timeline following book and if not I can't wait for the AMOL timeline to start up so I can edit it even more.
  9. As the previous post shows, just don't bother. No one acts rational when emotions and opinions kick in. Edit: Autism doesn't help, but yeah.
  10. I'm not sure if this is serious, but this is a pretty big effortpost so I'll give the benefit of the doubt. Looks like Bela's death had it's intended result.
  11. I'm just catching up on this thread, but I can't parse this post. Is sentence #2 about someone else?
  12. There were many for me, but the whole Olver/Noal/Horn part was just absolutely perfect. Edit: To be more specific, I read that part again and cried like a baby. Him saying sorry to Mat while getting scratched by 8 foot tall beasts.
  13. Edit: Realized Berid Bel will give me probably a deserving ban on making fun of Fisher King's deficiencies, so edited out.
  14. I honestly never noticed it. And I have no desire to look back. There's pillow friends, why not? The point of showing it is to show that WoT is a real world.
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