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  1. Who was the second gay channeler? I completely missed it and only saw the line about Emarin.
  2. In the 250 pages I've read from the post I went from wishing Robert Jordan would pull a Martin and kill Faile to actually liking her, or rather understanding her. Perrin is back to being one of my favorite characters after a slight drop. Though the 3 Aes Sedai to be just seem to self-important for me to really get behind them. Elayne is rather annoying lately but Egwyne is back into my good graces I guess. It's like reading Jaime and Sansa chapters all over again. I'm also now about 150 pages from the end of tSR. Easily one of my favorite books ever, still behind ACOK, but it might be my favorite of the series. The lull in the middle disappeared really quick and it's definitely been just awesome since. Though
  3. This has been a fun read for me as well. A good friend and I bought eachother the first book in our favorite series for Christmas. He got A Game of Thrones and I got The Eye of the World. I like westeros enough that I started looking for a forum for WoT discussion and found this thread and refused to go elsewhere (I spoiled a few things myself just reading titles at westeros). I've more of less been on pace with Coz, until his lull, and now I'm 2/3 of the way through tSR. I love the world and the story as a whole, but I'm actually quite surprised how many main characters I am so negative, though I am sure it's due to be just book 4 of a much larger series. I've already bought books 5 and 6 to get through, though I'll have to switch back to ASOIAF with the show appearing in April and tons of rumors about ADWD being done floating around.
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