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  1. the first two are qhostbusters or ghostsbusters 2, forget which. And don't knwo the third.
  2. It says in book two more or less exactly what he is. Just no one notices with out reading the poem thingie that is written on the dungeon walls more carefully then most read it. And your right, he is a mix of lans cousin or older brother (I forget which) and Galads brother I believe. (It's been to long since I've read the series.)
  3. Casino Royale is the answer. Sorry I didn't get the quote exactly right.
  4. Here's a hint, it's James Bond. Refering to a charectar played by woody Allen.
  5. "He could never talk in my presence, he was to much in awe of me." That last bit might be a bit off, but, it's close.
  6. No, square. Do a google search for "final fantasy advent children preview" And you will se the best graphics every. seriously.
  7. just guess, I like Bill Murray a lot so.
  8. I voted Brigette, but only because I have already voted for Lan
  9. I always thought the bals guy was that secretary person. but now that someone brings up that it is Mesama then I can see that to.
  10. Lan did take wounds from a few people in New Spring, once when he was surprised and taking 6 people on at once, the other time when he was going against his old teacher, who he just discovered was a df, so was probly shaken a little by that. Also the person he was going against was a blademaster. Plus Lan was still in training. So yes Lan did get hurt a bit in NS, but I think this does not detrackt from his credibility as a blade master. Sorry if there are some mistakes in there, It's been awhile since I've read NS.
  11. The Interalude(SP?) guy, I just love hearing him think, "I always have a plan".
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