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  1. Where is this nugget on page 852. I'm seeing nothing about Graendal and a lot about Mesaana.
  2. Probably my most respected character throughout the entire series was Perrin. Not only does he grow, I feel the most from the first book through the last, but he in my opinion has the hardest battle to face. Many of you will probably say that Rand does, considering that he has to save the world and all, but I think that while he has a very tough inner struggle, Perrin's is greater and for the following reasons. 1. He has to figure out his sense of self: The Wolf within Perrin not only makes him stronger but it is his greatest weakness. Until he can figure out that he must the wolf and Perrin at the same time he is actually rather ineffective. 2. He never wanted to command and until he figures out number 1 he can't do that effectively 3. His battles are fought essentially with much less at his command than Rand so he can't just blast through things with no thought to what happens Just my thoughts, but overall, I feel like Perrin wins this one hands down.
  3. I'm exactly the same way on it. I love the series on HBO, love the books, but can't seem to pick them up to read them. Same with the Sword of Truth Series
  4. The Forsaken definitely don't know how to do it. Moridin mentions this specifically when he watches Avi do it. He thought it impossible. The Wise Ones can do it as Avi mentions. Likely nobody else can. The windfinders and the Aes Sedai are shocked to see it. Who else is left? Aes sedai can adjust their weaves without letting them dissipate (as Beonin does when she teaches Elaida Traveling) but I'm not completely sure if this is what you are asking. could you perhaps give an example of what you have in mind? Something to the effect of creating a gateway but then deciding to attack something with the power instead. Could The gateway weave be changed to say the weave for a lightning bolt? Also good point about the unweaving. Unless you or i have missed anyone i dont think anyone else can. However i would guess that now that they've seen it done someone else will do it. For example, Elayne.
  5. Obviously we find our that Aviendha can unweave weaves, but who else can that we know of. I have a suspicion that the forsaken know how but if they do shouldn't Moridin? Also are channelers able to change their weaves without letting one dissipate before weaving another?
  6. This has probably been asked and answered prior to this but I can't find it. Who saves Rand in Aridhol in The Crown of Swords? Is it Morridin (didn't spell that right) or the "partner" to Mohegian's rescuer? I think that it was Morridin based on the prolouge of the eighth book but that is all the further I've gotten too. For those of you at the same place I am any theories?
  7. Hi, My name is Kanable. I am a fervent reader of The Wheel of Time and have read up to 8 twice. The reason for reading only up to 8 is that due the plethra of information in the books, I couldn't remember what happened in the first book. As there is information in the 1st book that relates to the others, I felt it would be advantageous to restart. I am currently on A Crown of Swordsand hope to finish the series(what there is of it) before I leave for college. I think it will be quite fun to participate in the forums and hope to be able to contribute as well. Thanks, Kanable
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