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  1. But getting killed by a TREE is OK? And you don't just get reincarnated-you get put in a HOT chick body? How is THAT a punishment?
  2. Thanks for the answer! I'm not really familiar with all the book signing info so I appreciate the clarification.
  3. I was re-reading Crown of Swords yesterday and have a question. Why wasn't Sammael ever re-incarnated by the Dark One (like the Gars were)? Sammael was killed by the misty stuff in Shadar Logoth (not balefire, right? I've never heard anything to indicate Mashadar killed someone "beyond recovery" like balefire does... It wasn't like Sammael wasn't doing a pretty good job (for a Forsaken). He was spreading Shaido chaos all over the place. So why didn't Sammael warrant a second chance?
  4. "Be consumed by the Midnight Towers" to me speaks of Rand being finally taken over my Moridin through the link. I imagine then Alivia gets to kill Rand.
  5. Kind of raises the question of what the hell the AS have been up to the last 3000 years. Two words: Pillow Friends. :)
  6. You'll excuse me if I fail to feel sympathy for civilian deaths in a nation that launched a war that led to MILLIONS of people dying and attempted to exterminate an entire people. It's the exact same argument as "did the US really have to drop the atomic bomb on Japan?". Yeah-we did. Don't start wars you can't finish-and don't whine when your nation gets what it inflicted on countless others. You think YOUR grandparents where the only ones killed in that war?
  7. Asha'man can form gateways in the air. Logain has done it. Why not get 10 asha'man just making gateways high up in the air, angled towards the ground? Full aerial vision. They can weave/unweave the gateways faster than a raken can fly, and they could always send a fireball through the air towards the rakens if they saw any. Raken don't hold damane after all, and I imagine firing an arrow while speeding through the air tends to put your aim off slightly. The problem with the magic system of TWoT is how unlimited it is. The two obvious things - travelling and compulsion - could be applied at
  8. I wouldn't suspect any Forsaken would be dumb enough to try and take over as "head-boy". Just too obvious. But a Forsaken in the Black Tower posing as an Asha'Man who just happens to spend a lot of time out on "recruiting trips"? That's not a bad cover AND it lets a Forsaken keep close tabs on Taim and the Black Tower. After all the in-fighting we've seen from the Dark in the series I find it strange that Moridin would just "trust" Taim to keep the Black Tower on track. Seems more in character that Moridin would slip one of the other Forsaken in as a check on Taim-but like you said the
  9. You do realize that Taim was in the so-called 'farm' long before Dashiva got blasted (not BFed)? At the time that he approached Rand, there was no Black Tower. He was surprised himself that Rand found a channeler amongst the men he had gathered there prior to Taim's arrival. The fact that so many channeling men were found and agreed to come was definitely unexpected by the Shadow. Note that, once the Black Tower was on its way to become a real power in the world, Osan'gar was planted there. He was also obviously surprised when Rand dislocated him. Yes, I realize that. And none of wh
  10. I do agree that it seems odd that the Forsaken set themselves up in every major power center in Randland (Andor, Tear, White Tower, Illian, Seanchan) and yet they decide to outsource the Black Tower to an underling. Even if Taim is under Compulsion or was turned by a 13x13 after he was freed from the Aes Sedai (my theory) wouldn't Taim still have to report to somebody? It seems to me that the Dark wouldn't let the Black Tower be overseen second-hand like that given that the Black Tower is the 2nd biggest threat the Dark would face at the last battle (along with the White Tower). You will
  11. Or she would haunt people in TAR. ^ THIS. Made me LOL because it would totally be in character for Egwene.
  12. That scene with her and Perrin in T'H was a good start. Egwene spends since, what, Book 2 going there-trains with the Aiel Wise Ones for a couple of books, and becomes the greatest Dream Walker of all the Aes Sedai in hundreds of years. Perrin spends a couple chapters with Hopper and suddenly is telling Egwene "what? you didn't know you could block balefire with your hand? Gotta go noob-be careful here." I loved that scene.
  13. Did Rand get a letter from Verin? Yes, when Rand visited the White Tower the Aes Sedai who interrupted Rand talking to Suian handed him a Verin letter.
  14. I agree that Demandred is not going to appear with a single-flank attack in the climax of the series. I like the idea of a coordinated attack from the west, south, and maybe even north by Demandred (Seanchan, LoM, evil/turned Aiel) at the same time the attack is launched on Caemlyn. It'll be nice if the Shadow has a general who uses at least semi-advanced tactics in the Last Battle.
  15. ToM, Ch.31, Mat's PoV The air was thick. Thick with sounds, thick with curses, thick with scents. Smoke, pungent liquors, a steak that had been peppered so much that you could hardly taste the meat. That was probably for the best. Even in Caemlyn, meat spoiled unpredictably. I read this as it spoils when Mat goes out to where the Band is camped (which used to be farther from Caemlyn before Elayne let him move it near the end of TOM). If the Band was 5 or 10 miles from Caemlyn-then maybe stuff only spoils while Mat is visiting the Band's camp.
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