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  1. well look at the name True Power. It's the true power the power of the gods, or the essense of them since using TP of DO results in a taint of sorts which was how saidin was tainted in the first place. What lasting effect would using the Creator's TP be? the creator made the world and perhaps the DO just to bring balance into the world, then gave it rules and powered the wheel using a form of the TP which becomes OP
  2. I agree witht he fact that it would be best to turn WoT into a miniseries.....or better yet an MMORPG to boot. A movie even if it's as long as any Jackson movies would still have to be edited to "dumb" it down to those who never pick up a book. A mini series on another hand you'd only have to concentrate on one part at a time like in Dune and so put more detail into it, though again there would still be a lot of editiing but it won't be like turning WitchBlade into a series that hardly even looks like the comic book.
  3. I think people are missing the point about TP and OP being polar opposites...they're not. Think of AC and DC power. OP comes from the turning of the Wheel, the TP comes from either the Creator or the Dark One themselves, it's that power that made all of existance and the Wheel, but not what powers it and thus it is just differernt, that's also why its weakening the seals because it's a different power entirely.
  4. I must appluad you on this theory....though I havn't gotten to KoD yet so I'll have to watch for him saying that but I have two more conformations on the seals being more of a problem than a solution. Fel saying that "we must clear away the rubble before we can build" as well as the fact that we havn't seen any Forsaken actually destroying a seal......only Mohgidien(sp?) was seen looking at it in SR during a trip to Tel`aran`rhoid she didn't do anything to it that could be seen...just smiled at I if I can remember.
  5. wow man thanks for making my explanation make a butt load of sense.....and yeah now that i think on it there were indeed only 7 seals....my bad :-[ but here's my question that I hope doesn't drive away the focal point of this topic.....if the forsaken arn't used as a power source then what the heck were they doing at Shayol Gaul at that exact time that Lews Therin and co. went there to seal the Bore.
  6. Okay I think I may have an answer. Firstly, the Cuendillar disks are said to be "focus" points for the seal, but the seal itself wouldn't be contained within the disks but instead are "linked" akin to Aes Sedai linking, since there's no effect to the seal when the disks are scattered across Randland. Each disk corisponds to a particular point or "knot" like when Rand was shielded in the box and trying to escape. He found those points that were either hard or soft depending on whether the shield was knoted or not. Perhaps the seal was "knotted" around each disk and they used the Power of the
  7. I think Cuendillar is like that goop made out of corn meal and water.....yanno that stuff you played with as a kid where you put it in a bowl and tried to pound the sh** out of it and it'd feel like a slimy stone.....well I think Cuendillar is like that, instead of being indestructible it is instead taking any force acted on it and repelling it. Prolly when it's first made it's probably as hard as it needs to be and then as any type of force gets acted on it it repells it. Hence why it was useful sealing up the bore since all that power acted on it probably caused it to become indestructible
  8. Okay, here's my theory that I've finnally been able to think about. Firstly, when Lews Therin Talamon and his hundred Companions sealed the bore they were trying to seal it completely hence why they used crulendar seals since they're indestructible...however doing so created a backlash that tainted the power....I think whatever seals this bore finally and completely it mustn't be channeled at or else there will be a backlash. Secondly, I think Rand doing the mindswap thingy with Moridin is the key to closing the bore because he'll have access to the True Source that comes from DO.
  9. I think that Goodkind should never come within spitting distance of the manuscript. I've read his Sword of Truth series up to Pilars of Creation and to be blunt i found his series to be kind of abrupt in it's flow, and it changes too rapidly for my taste. Also he doesn't have the flair for detail as RJ had, I found myself struggling trying to imagine what his world must be like, and by POC I just left it alone and havn't been reading it ever since. I beleive Harriet would be the best bet at keeping the spirit of WOT constant int he last book. Kinda like the battle at Manaterin(sp?) where h
  10. Yanno reading through all these therioes and speculations about what may happen in AMOL there's one question that I'm not sure has been asked. How do you seal the Bore completely? And how can that be done when channeling at the Bore would cause serious consequences for said Aes Sedai/Asha`man. I don't have a theory since I've scratched my brow countless times trying to come up with one though I'm not sure for the rest of you nutters out there.
  11. Okay I think blood means his decendants and "stain" would mean that they would either take up a permanent residence on Shyaol Gaul or that they would be the ones to completely seal up the hole as Rand would just make another patch or something.
  12. I( think that Rand will fight against Gawyn and kill him, thus incurring the anger of the Amryin Seat as in Elaida's Phophecy
  13. I had a dream where I was eating Braukwarst with Lan and an Aes Sedai walked by and we both bowed to her. Though she didn't throw any pickles at me :)
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